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  1. Predictions for United, Episode 28, Week 3, August 2020 Absolutely Flawless [vs] Sebastian Koller & Phillip Cooper Apollo Prince [vs] BW Eddie ‘The Squashasaurus’ Roly Muckletruck [vs] J-B Cash Walker Van Cleer [vs] Doomsday w/ The House of Hell Misery & Smithie w/ Emmett Askey [vs] ???? Clifford Wilson [vs] ‘All Business’ Edward Cornell w/ The House of Hell
  2. 21CW Presents: Episode 28 Wednesday, Week 3, August 2020 Calling the action: Steve Smith and Dane Rowley Overall Rating: 71 Phil Harmonic marched to the ring with a purpose to open Kingdom… He was joined as ever, by Edison Silva and Kelvin Badberry… Phil Harmonic: “Alright Tommy Cornell… Let’s GO…!! Me and you…!! Right now…!!” Harmonic was confident… He was ready to fight Cornell 1 on 1… but when Cornell arrived, 'Rough Justice' had other ideas… Tommy Cornell: “Philly… Listen, son… I can’t fight you 1 on 1 tonight… I’m nursin’ a small injury… So I’ll take most of the night off… I’ve brought some mates along, and we’re gonna beat you three up… And Philly… Don’t worry… It ain’t gonna hurt a bit… It’ll hurt a LOT…!” Cornell looked over his shoulder, and his two friends were Harmonic’s long-time rival: ‘The Irish Stretching Machine’ Merle O’Curle… and a man who Edison Silva and Kelvin Badberry seem to get on well with: ‘The Furious Bi-Curious’ Alfonso D’Angelo… [PICS: Tommy, Merle, Alfonso VS Harmonic, Silva, Badberry] Tommy Cornell, Merle O’Curle & Alfonso D’Angelo [vs] Phil Harmonic, Edison Silva & Kelvin Badberry Dominant performance from Cornell, O’Curle and D’Angelo here. Alfonso began in the ring, and was isolated, but as soon as ‘The Irish Stretching Machine’ came in, he changed things for his team. He stretched everyone that moved. Cornell then came in and won it soon after with his ‘Guilt Trip’ side Russian leg sweep on Silva! Harmonic could have broken up the resulting pin, but he chose not to! 53 We cut to a pre-taped segment next, where Daniel Black Francis was receiving treatment in hospital for his injuries – caused by a bottle smashed over his face by Blake Belushi… ‘D-B-F’ was in a lot of pain, but he had a lot of anger in his eyes… He sat straight upright in bed, when ‘Jilted’ Loxley Robbins entered his hospital room…!! Loxley Robbins: “G’Day Dan… Look… Belushi’s hurt you physically… a couple a times now… He’s hurt me… emotionally… He was like a Brother to me… It’s time for me… to stand up to him…” Loxley pulled out some chocolates… and said he almost forgot to give Francis his gift… and wished him a speedy recovery… Loxley Robbins: “What I came here to ask, mate… is this… At We Will Rock You… Belushi… Artemis… Thurston… They’re gonna be on one side of the ring… And I need to know… Do I need to find one partner… Or two…?” DBF knew what Loxley was getting at… He was asking if the Rasta would be fit and firing in time for the We Will Rock You Pay-Per-View… Daniel Black Francis: “You wanna know if Ama be fit for We Will Rock You…? I got two words for you… YEAH MON…!! So Ama leave it up to you… Go out there… an’ find a third partna… because Ama be your second… YEAH MON…!!” Loxley smiled… realising he’d just gotten the exact answer he wanted…!! Backstage, The Lee FamiLee were practicing – of all things – climbing ladders…!! JK was up and down in seconds… with Andrew timing him with a stopwatch… He set a new record, and Andrew was delighted… Gorilla and JK have a huge Triple Threat Ladder Match coming up at We Will Rock You – against Ricky Storm and Sifu… and the 21CW Tag Team Champions: Landon Mallory and Leigh Burton… Gorilla was exhausted... Andrew Lee: “This is huge for us… Bringing Gold to the FamiLee would be life affirming…” Gorilla Lee: “We do have a small… p-p-problem, guys… I’m struggling here…!!” Andrew put his arm around his large Cousin… and told him not to worry about how slow he is up the ladder… Andrew Lee: “You don’t need to BOTH climb… JK can do the climbing… He’s fast… All you have to do is keep Storm… Sifu… Mallory… and Burton… from stopping him!!” Local Enhancement Talent [vs] Lone Wolf Dominant performance from young Lone Wolf here, against a local talent. He bludgeoned the unknown guy with fists and forearms, before dropping him with his Full Nelson Slam. 44 The Booth came to the ring next, with their much-anticipated announcement… DJ Reason: “Ladies and gentlemen… It’s the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for… the NEW ‘Booth’ Compilation Album: “WE WILL HIP HOP YOU!!” The crowd booed very loudly… not only for the terrible album name, but for the announcement itself… According to DJ, himself, Grandmaster Phunk, Dangermouth and Buck Winchester ALL appear on the album… and there are two songs in which all four combine and appear together… The crowd just, didn’t care at all… DJ Reason: “NEXT WEEK…!! We’re having ourselves a LAUNCH PARTY…!! And you’re all invited…!!” Next up, what appeared to be a preview for We Will Rock You, turned into a promo for a BIG debut for 21CW…!! It wasn’t clear exactly who it was, but the crowd began to speculate… and the internet wrestling community will soon do the same thing… “I WILL ROCK 21CW” Welsh Dragon & Aurelian Bradley [vs] Nightmare & Ruin Dragon and Bradley are so smooth in the ring, but they were up against two battering rams in Nightmare and Ruin here. Despite the obvious size disadvantage, Welsh Dragon was able to win it for his team. The 231lb masked flier hit a picture-perfect moonsault to the standing 333lb Ruin, and pulled his leg up on landing to hold the beast down for three! 52 In the back, Phil Harmonic was furious with Edison Silva and Kelvin Badberry – not for the first time…!! Phil Harmonic: “You BOTH, let me down tonight…!! I’d have beaten Cornell 1 on 1… but instead, I had YOU TWO losers on my team… You’d best make this up to me…!!” Harmonic told Silva and Badberry not to speak to anyone else backstage but HIM… and especially not Alfonso D’Angelo…!! Elsewhere in the back, ‘The Barcelona Bull’ Buff Martinez was stood with his manager Kathleen Lee… Buff Martinez: “It has been a crazy, wild, few months, since I lost tha 21CW World Heavyweight Tid’le… I can’t catch a break, right now… An’ it all leaves me, with NO match at We Will Rock Choo… I seen a promo video tonight… Choo wanna make a impact, maaan…?! Here’s how choo make a impact… Choo go after, the BEST wrestler on Kingdom… So I’ll be waitin’ in tha ring for YOU Amigo…!!” Buff Martinez will wait in the ring at We Will Rock You for this huge debut… and have his first match…!! ‘The Real Angel of the North’ Nate Manchester [vs] Stevie ‘Smasher’ Stoat Nate and Stoat both re-signed for 21CW at the start of the new era, and the draft, and they’ve now ended up on the same show. Nate has won 1 in 4 of his total matches, while Stoat has a victory over Landon Mallory to hang his hat on. Nate’s ‘Manc-Sault’ moonsault was enough to score another big win here over the veteran. 39 Blake Belushi came to the ring following the match, flanked by Vicki Company, and The Brat Pack… Blake Belushi: “I need to apologise to Daniel (Black Francis)… I took it too far, man… Bottle of beer to the face…? Again…? I should know better…" Blake looked genuinely sorry for his actions... Genuinely remorseful... Blake Belushi: "Next time... I... I’ll use a bottle of RED WINE or something…!! That’ll really do the trick…!!” The group laughed… patting Blake on the back as he laughed at his own comments… Blake Belushi: “I’ll make it up to ya, Dan… First… We can have our six-man at We Will Rock You… And second… How about, next time I see ya… I’ll buy you a beer…?! Wait, wait… IN A CAN… IN A CAN…!! But if you cross me, again… I’ll batter that can over your skull too…!! BECAUSE I’m Blake Belushi… I’m Beautiful… I’m Bad… and I’m THE BEST MAN…!!” The Underdogs (Joe Simpson & Michael X) [vs] ‘The Northern Lights (Alton Vicious & Riddick Jordan) Another win for the newest tag team in 21CW here, as Alton Vicious and Riddick Jordan continued their impressive start to life on Kingdom. Another dominant performance, and one which saw Jordan hit his flying Springboard Headbutt to Simpson. 54 21CW World Heavyweight Champion ‘Awesome’ Wade Orson stomped to the ring for the Main Event next… with his opponent ‘The MVP’ Kevin Jones waiting for him… Orson brought the 21CW Kingdom Tag Team Champions: Burton and Mallory out with him… Wade Orson: “AT We Will Rock You… I have the toughest test of my World Heavyweight Title reign… as I take on ‘Rough Justice’ Tommy Cornell… and when we do battle… our match will be a ‘NO GUILT TRIPS ALLOWED’ Match…!! That means, Cornell can’t use his famous finisher to stop me…!! Hey Cornell… I bet that ‘Hurts A Lot’, right…?!” Mallory and Burton didn’t give Orson the reaction he was after… because they stopped dead in their tracks…!! Ricky Storm and Sifu were waiting at the bottom of the ramp with steel chairs… and they chased the Tag Champs away!! As Storm and Sifu came past Orson, he covered up as if they were going to hit HIM with the chairs… He was very scared, but as usual, Storm and Sifu only had eyes for the snake that is Leigh Burton… Orson opened his eyes, and realised he was safe… before stomping to the ring to face his 289lb veteran opponent… w/ ‘The MVP’ Kevin Jones w/ Jeremy Allen [vs] ‘Awesome’ Wade Orson Strong Main Event here, and with no Burton and Mallory at ringside, Jeremy Allen ensured there was no ‘funny business’ from the crafty Orson. The only ‘business’ going on was ‘Monkey Business’ – just the way Jones and Allen like it. Allen’s interactions with the crowd were like no other, but things took a nasty turn when War Machine decided to show up unannounced! He shoved Allen into the ring post, before driving him into the ring steps with a spear! Jones saw it all go down, but could do nothing to stop Orson’s ‘Bounce Back’ Pounce from out of nowhere! Jones landed hard, and Orson crawled into the cover to steal the win! 69 After the match, War Machine slowly climbed into the ring at the instruction on his manager Cliff King… The crowd begged Wade Orson to go back to help Jones… but the Champ is too smart for that… he’s got a huge match with Tommy Cornell coming up, so the last thing he needs is to make an enemy of a guy like War Machine… Instead, he watched from the stage as War Machine picked Jones up, and dropped him with his ‘Choke Bomb’ Batista Bomb…!! War Machine left Monkey Business flattened and scattered around the ring and ringside area as the show went off the air…
  3. Predictions for Kingdom, Episode 28, Week 3, August 2020 Tommy Cornell, ???? & ???? [vs] Phil Harmonic, Edison Silva & Kelvin Badberry ???? [vs] Lone Wolf Aurelian Bradley & Welsh Dragon [vs] Nightmare & Ruin ‘The Real Angel of the North’ Nate Manchester [vs] Stevie ‘Smasher’ Stoat The Underdogs [vs] The Northern Lights ‘The MVP’ Kevin Jones w/ Jeremy Allen [vs] ‘Awesome’ Wade Orson
  4. Congratulations to @Charasmatic Enigma for once again winning the Prediction Contest for London Calling Keep an eye on your inbox for your average prize!
  5. 21CW United Presents: Calling the action: Des Greeves, Martin Bloydell and Jeff Nova Overall Rating: 67 The show opened with The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ playing over a dark, grainy, video filmed in the streets of London… featuring the huge House of Hell Stable… and their group of rivals: Joss Thompson, Leo Price, Absolutely Flawless, Aldous Blackfriar, Jonathan Faust and UK Dragon… All of the rivals of the House of Hell said things like: “It’s time to end this…” and “It all ends tonight…” and it was cut together to show who was fighting who tonight, and in what kind of match… We then cut to a bar… and found Roly Muckletruck… sipping an IRN BRU… Roly downed the res of his can… and then slammed it down on the bar… Roly Muckletruck: “It’s taime… Ta go ta WARRRRR…!! AH live by the River…!!” When we came back live, Des Greeves, Martin Bloydell and Jeff Nova were introducing us to the 37,774 fans in the sold out London Arena… an attendance record for wrestling in the Nation’s Capital, and the third highest attendance of 2020 so far for 21CW… The first House of Hell match was on deck to kick us off… as Absolutely Flawless headed to the ring without their manager Leo Price – who is in action later tonight… Solid opener here between two excellent tag teams, who could easily both be the next 21CW United Tag Team Champions. Stones can throw anyone, and he took great pleasure in flipping Lance Martin around the ring early on. However, a bit of ‘Twin Magic’ brought Kelly in illegally without the referee realising, and he turned the tide. Absolutely Flawless are just as their tag team name suggests when they get on the offence. Everything is smooth, and has meaning. But Luke Cool is dastardly, and he loves to cheat in more creative ways than Twin Magic. For the finish, Cool and Stones’ fellow House of Hell stablemate: Doomsday arrived around ringside and hit a lariat on Kelly!! Lance was distracted by it, and he walked onto a ‘Cool Cutter’ from Luke Cool! Disappointing night for Absolutely Flawless! 56 Once the ring was cleared, J-B Cash headed to the ring for an episode of his ‘talk show’ CASH REACTS… As J-B Cash headed to the ring, the table in the middle had two very distinct contracts on it… one for Kingdom… and one for United… Cash strolled to the ring, and claimed that tonight’s SPECIAL edition of his show is being renamed as ‘Clash Reacts’ – in honour of the singers of the song London Calling… J-B Cash: “Of course… I’d have sung it better… But tonight is not about me… Don't worry, don't worry... I'm not signing for Kingdom and leaving United... I'm STAYING RIGHT HERE...!! Haha ha haaaa...!! Tonight is about 21CW’s newest signing… and he’s here to sign his contract… So please welcome… ‘Million Dollar Monty’… Montgomery Croft…!!” The crowd cheered Monty’s arrival… and he strolled onto the stage with a handful of cash…!! As he sauntered to the ring, he pretended to give the notes to the people in the front row, and then took it away before they could grab it… The cocky Aussie then climbed into the ring… but not before wiping his feet on the apron… Montgomery Croft: “J-B Cash…? I’ve heard a LOT abou’ you, mate…? I hear you like cash... Almost as much as I do...!! Now... I’m here… to choose my contract… Whaddya think I should do…?!” Cash didn’t know what to say… but told Croft that he would always “go where the money is”… Montgomery Croft: “Wooooooaaa there Cash… You think I need the money…?! I don’t… If anything… I have too much… Matter of fact… More ‘Cash’… is the last thing I need…” There was a moment of tension, as Cash backed away… He didn’t want any trouble tonight… Croft then revealed that he in fact did NOT go where the money is… In fact, he’s leaving a ‘better’ contract on the table to sign with the brand he has chosen… The negotiations contained other ‘perks’… Montgomery Croft: “Perk Number One… I can CHOOSE my debut opponent, whenever I want it… Perk Number Two… I will have a Title shot in 2020… and Perk Number Three…” Croft held both contracts out in front of him… Before clearly dropping the Kingdom one on the floor, and opening the United one…!! He signed it… and will now come to the red brand… but the announce team asked: what was the third perk…?? Croft made it to the ropes, but then turned back… Montgomery Croft: “Oh... Perk Number Three… There are a LOT of do-gooders around here on United… Right Cash…?? And I’ve negotiated an opportunity to SEND one of them to Kingdom…!! One o’ your little heroes, is leaving United… Opening things up for me to do whatever I want… Whenever I want to…!! Perk Number Three... I'll BANISH someone from United, and send 'em to Kingdom...!!” Viktor Beskov and Montgomery Croft passed each other on the stage, and there was clear tension between the two of them. Croft could choose to debut against ‘The Russian Bear’, or have his 2020 Title match against him… or… send him packing to Kingdom! Beskov wasn’t in the mood to tread on eggshells around the rich Australian mogul though. Tonight, Beskov had a big match, defending his Gold against a dangerous Joey Beauchamp. The two had an even and back and forth contest, but as cool as Beauchamp is, he couldn’t ‘Breeze’ past Beskov like he normally does. In most matches, Beauchamp is the best wrestler, he’s the fastest, and he has the most stamina. Normally, when he fights, he wins with his vicious ‘Breeze Block’ – a move where he locks his opponent’s arms, and delivers headbutt, after headbutt until they submit. Tonight though, when he tried that move, he soon realised Beskov was the one that had hold of him! Beskov slowly turned the move around, and locked in his ‘Red Devil Lock’ (Lifted Arm Hook) – smiling and shouting at Joey to tap! Eventually, the veteran gave up before his arm snapped! 48 After a commercial break, Grave Digger and The Black Hats were in the ring… and their opponents headed out… First, Jonathan Faust and Aldous Blackfriar… side by side, to the same entrance music… Second… UK Dragon… The veteran did his fire-breathing gimmick, and wore a beautiful cape that looked like dragon wings… The crowd waited in anticipation for the fourth man… Faust, Aldous and Dragon began to act as if they wouldn’t be joined by anyone… Dragon took his robe / cape off… and indicated that he’d be starting in the ring… against Grave Digger… who had a huge grin on his face… that got wider and wider as he began to also believe it’d be 4 on 3… However… The group were NOT alone… Dragon stepped out of the ring again… Leaving a space for his team to start the match… And ADAM MATRAVERS arrived…!! Accompanied by his wife, Phoebe Plumridge, ‘Mile High’ Adam Matravers stomped to the ring… Grave Digger looked like he’d seen a ghost… Matravers was the fourth man… a man whose career Grave Digger tried to END… Adam Matravers was starting for his team, and Grave Digger saw that as his opportunity to tag straight out, and in came one of his Black Hats instead. Matravers didn’t back down from the big 300+lber at all, and flew across the ring to engage him. He bounced around the ring, before dragging the man to his corner, and tagging in Jonathan Faust. The veteran, who used to be the leader of Hellbound, seemed to know the large lackey of Grave Digger. He was a little hesitant, and it cost him. Faust soon found himself in the wrong corner, and from then on, he was dominated by the four huge members of the House of Hell. Lots of cheating from the four big men, when they didn’t really need to, but eventually UK Dragon was tagged in. Soon after, Aldous did some great work, and Matravers flew and used the ropes to springboard himself into the four brick walls they were up against. However, UK Dragon took his eye off Grave Digger for too long. Somehow the 380lber snuck up behind the masked veteran, and then dropped him with his ‘R.I.P’ Piledriver and scored the win. 63 Kenobi High were backstage next, with their young Padawans Padraig O’Hearne and Kian Owens… The group were confronted by the cocky and talented: Bern Boys… along with their manager The Professor… The Professor: “Give me one good reason… that we shouldn’t jump you now, and put you on the shelf… VACATING those Championships…?!” Professor, Fabian Schwarz and Hans Piccard revealed they all had cains under their coats… and threatened to strike the group, and injure them… Christopher Lister, Jase Cole and Padraig O’Hearne stood firm… and eye to eye with the Swiss duo and their manager… Kian Owens paced slowly behind his team… and then suddenly, flew past them and struck Schwarz in the face with a LIGHT TUBE!! Piccard and The Professor backed away in shock… pulling Schwarz away by the shoulders… complaining that he had glass in his eyes… There was absolute chaos from both sides as O'Hearne and Cole held Owens back... Cole seemed proud of his protégé, but Lister shook his head and put his hands on his hips in disappointment… Roly Muckletruck and Beast Bantom finally got their 1 on 1 match six weeks after Beast brutally turned his back on his friend. He joined Mark Adonis’ team in the 5 on 5 Fight To End All Fights, and it caused Roly, as well as Joss Thompson and Absolutely Flawless to be suspended from United for a whole month. Roly never left Beast’s mind though – he knew the big Scot would return to haunt him. As soon as this one began, Roly ran across the ring and slammed straight into Beast. For around six minutes, Beast didn’t lay a glove on Roly. The big fan favourite flung him around the ring, and then began bouncing his head off the apron, the ring steps, the announce table and the ring post. However, things turned nasty when Roly attempted a splash to the corner post on the outside. Beast ducked it, and Roly’s left arm wrapped around the post!! Beast was able to not only avoid the move, but hurt Roly in the process, and he went on to dominate proceedings. He focused on Roly’s arm, and didn’t let him recover. He locked in all kinds of holds, but Roly refused to tap. For the finish, Beast resorted to a cheating! He pulled out a bag of COINS, and a sock from under the ring, and filled the sock with the coins!! Behind the ref’s back, he clocked Roly across the head with them, leaving him out cold. Despite this, Beast still decided to roll up his rival and use his kilt for extra leverage to cheat again! 68 Roly couldn’t believe he’d lost in that way… but he knew how lucky he’d been to get out of there without a far worse arm injury… Backstage, Chuck Frisby and Gulliver were shown watching Walker Van Cleer from a distance…!! Van Cleer was talking with Sebastian Koller… a former ally in VWA… where they are both former 4-time VWA European Champions… We couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Van Cleer mouthed the words “Good Luck”… and we could see Chuck Frisby holding Gulliver back in the distant background… Chuck and Gulliver have previously stated that they’d be watching the newcomer: Walker very closely… Match of the night here, and unsurprising. It had everything! Joss Thompson and Leo Price wore jeans, with knee pads on the outside, and took things hardcore as soon as they could. The always well-oiled Mark Adonis, and his boss Edward Cornell, wore their usual wrestling gear, and couldn’t get any offence in early on. Joss and Price used Kendo Sticks to batter their rivals, and chased them up the ramp after only a couple of minutes. Before long, we were in the parking lot, where we found most of the United roster! It resembled a Lumberjack Match, with guys like Walker Van Cleer, Cain Carlisle, Vinny Vigilante, Boulder & Flynn and Evan Alpass keeping watch so that no members of the House of Hell Stable could get involved. At one point, we got a brilliant spot where Adonis and Cornell shut themselves inside a truck, which had a camera inside it (think carpool karaoke). Price and Thompson couldn’t get in, so they began to come up with unique and innovative ways to smash the truck up, leading to them ramming another truck into the front of it – which set off the front airbags!! Adonis and Cornell were dazed and confused as they stepped out of their respective doors – and so was Leo Price, who was driving the moving truck. Doomsday DID manage to get involved at one point – slamming into Joss Thompson as if HE was a car, and sending him flying over some bonnets. The big Scot dared anyone to try and stop him, and they ALL obliged! Beating the face-painted Scot down. While they were occupied, nobody saw Luke Cool and Rolling Johnny Stones arrive with HANDCUFFS, and they shackled Leo Price’s wrist to the door frame of the open window of his truck!! Boulder and Flynn chased Cool and Stones away, but the ‘damage’ was done! Price was trapped, and Thompson realised he was going it alone for now. He had the upper hand, and tried to continue the momentum. He pulled out FOUR tables from the back of a long wheelbase, high-top white Transit van, and set them up strategically alongside it. He then pulled Adonis along for a ride. Soon after, they were on top of the van, and Joss was going to throw Adonis off the top! Boulder and Flynn returned to the outskirts of the scene, and UNLOCKED Leo Price from his cuffs!! Edward Cornell joined Joss and Adonis on top of the van. ‘All Business’ hit his ‘Black Lightning Bomb’ (Blue Thunder Bomb) on Joss!! The hard landing would have been enough to end Joss’s night, but Cornell decided to shove him off, and he fell back first through two of the tables!! Cornell celebrated, but Leo Price rose up behind him, and shoved HIM off the van too, and through the other two tables!! This left Adonis and Price up there, but Adonis got down as quickly as he could. Price gave chase, and the two fought in front of the growing crowd, until Adonis unleashed his secret weapon – the Tire Tumper!! However, as he swung it, Price ducked, and Adonis’s hand and arm went through a car window! Price managed to hit his ‘Price Drop’ Double-Arm DDT, and pinned Adonis on the concrete! 71 Next up, we got ‘The Rock ‘N’ Roller’ Sebastian Koller heading to the ring, to a big ovation…!! He hyped up the London crowd like only he can… and they gave him everything they had… Sebastsian Koller: “LONDON…!! This might not be the best crowd to do this in front of… but I have an announcement that is very close to my heart… So I hope you’ll join me… in celebrating this HUGE news… The next time, this awesome United roster, comes to you on Pay-Per-View… it’ll be Dangerous Alliances… alongside Kingdom… and I can think of NO better place to have both of these rosters collide… Than my home City… BERLIN, GERMANY!!” 21CW are heading to Germany for the FIRST EVER time…!! And with Koller on the roster, it’s a safe bet to assume the German Sensation will be heavily featured when Dangerous Alliances rolls through Berlin…!! Most of the crowd cheered… but the segment didn’t end there unfortunately… Phillip ‘Cooper Man’ Cooper strolled to the ring, claiming he was there to ‘congratulate his friend’… but Koller rolled his eyes… Phillip Cooper: “It’s alrigh’, know wha’ ah mean, Kolla...? You an’ I know… for sure… tha’ I’m not out here for trouble… I don’t look back in anger… Now… I heard ya say… Dangerous Alliances is headin’ ta BERLIN… That’s big, man…!! An’ I can think of NO BETTA Dangerous Alliance… than ‘The Rock ‘N’ Rolla’… and ‘Coopa Man’…!! So on Yerni’ed this week… Ah’ve booked us a match, know what I mean…? Me an you… in tag team action…!!” Koller again rolled his eyes… shrugged, and then said he guesses he’ll see Cooper in the ring on United… Koller left the ring, looking like he finally gave up, and will work with Cooper for the time being… Instead of working against him… One for the ages here, with Clifford Wilson competing in his first World Championship Match for almost six years. The crowd were behind him from his entrance, to the start of the match, but they quickly remembered how much they love Apollo Price and his meteoric rise to the top of the card. The 21CW World Champion wasn’t playing around tonight. He was there to try and show Wilson that he’s surpassed him in every way. He tried to run rings around the veteran, but Wilson is nothing if not experienced – and he knew how to handle Prince’s speed and flying ability. Wilson slowed the pace down, and controlled everything Prince did with a slow and methodical beatdown. He used stretches, and short-range strikes, but nothing that earned him a 2-count or submission opportunity. Prince soon grew into it, and chopped Wilson’s knee out late on! The crowd booed him for it, but he didn’t care. He locked Wilson in a brutal ‘Figure Four’ in the middle of the ring!! Wilson refused to tap!! He couldn’t roll over to reverse the pressure. He didn’t seem like he could crawl to the ropes either. Prince just kept wrenching back on the hold. Wilson REFUSED to tap!! This brought out his BROTHER – ‘The Anarchist’ Antithesis!! Antithesis had a long jacket on, and would normally pull out his Fire Extinguisher, or some other chaos-causing weapon. Tonight though, he pulled out a white rag! He waited, and waited, as long as he could – but his big Brother was writhing in pain! He had to do something, and Prince didn’t take his eye off ‘The Anarchist’. Antithesis looked to the fans, and they said “NO!” categorically, but he knew he had to. He looked at Wilson, who also shouted “Don’t do it!!” and that he could survive. But Wilson wasn’t showing him anything. He couldn’t crawl or roll over. Antithesis threw the towel in! 60 The crowd were stunned!! They knew Wilson and Antithesis were Brothers, but the two haven’t exactly been ‘close’ in recent months… They didn’t think Antithesis cared about his older Bro… Tonight, he showed he does care… but he went against Wilson’s wishes in a big way… in arguably the biggest match of his career… Apollo Prince celebrated in the ring… and ensured Antithesis couldn’t slide in and attack his Brother… ‘The Anarchist’ remained outside, and looked off into the distance… shaking his head, and questioning if he’d done the right thing… Clifford Wilson received medical treatment, but eventually he got to his feet and shook Prince’s hand… The show ended there… With the crowd giving both fan favourites in the ring a standing ovation…
  6. Oh wow, thanks everyone Well done to all the winners!
  7. Predictions for LONDON CALLING, Week 2, August 2020 Grudge Match: Jonathan Faust, Aldous Blackfriar, UK Dragon & ???? [vs] Grave Digger & The Black Hats 21CW UK Championship Match: ‘The Russian Bear’ Viktor Beskov (c) [vs] ‘The Breeze’ Joey Beauchamp Grudge Match: Absolutely Flawless [vs] Rolling Johnny Stones & Luke Cool Grudge Match: ‘The Squashasaurus’ Roly Muckletruck [vs] Beast Bantom Streets Of London Street Fight: Joss Thompson & Leo Price [vs] Mark Adonis & Edward Cornell 21CW World Championship Match: Apollo Prince (c) [vs] Clifford Wilson BONUS QUESTIONS: 1). Who is the fourth partner in the team to take on Grave Digger & The Black Hats…? ______________ 2). Which match will be the Match of the Night…? ______________ 3). What will the Overall Rating of the show be (within 5, one point, spot on two points)…? ______________
  8. 21CW Presents: Episode 27 Wednesday, Week 2, August 2020 Calling the action: Des Greeves, Martin Bloydell and Jeff Nova Overall Rating: 78 (highest rated episode of EITHER TV show to this point) We opened the final stop on the road to London Calling, with Joss Thompson… BACK from his suspension… and ready to take on The House of Hell stable… but tonight… he wanted to call someone out… Joss Thompson: “There’s only ONE MAN… I need out here right now… So… LEO PRICE… My best friend… GET OUT HERE, MAN…!!” It didn’t take long for Leo Price to come to the ring… and he shook his friend’s hand with a big smile on his face… Joss Thompson: “WE… Have our first tag team match together for over TEN YEARS… at London Calling this weekend… Soooo… I thought you and I should have a little ‘tune up’… ANY two ‘House Of Hell’ members wanna come out here and face us…?!” Price looked surprised… He didn’t have any wrestling gear on him, but began to remove his tie and watch…!! Luke Cool and Rolling Johnny Stones headed to the ring looking like they were sent out by Edward Cornell to DESTROY Joss and Price… Leo Price & Joss Thompson [vs] Luke Cool & Rolling Johnny Stones Leo Price wrestled his second match since returning from retirement, in suit trousers and smart shoes – opting to remove his pressed shirt and fold it gently and leave it on the ring steps. The match ended when Joss Thompson hit his ‘Clean Cutter’ and pinned Luke Cool. 61 Joss Thompson: “At London Calling… Leo Price and Joss Thompson… versus Edward Cornell and Mark Adonis… will be a ‘STREETS OF LONDON STREET FIGHT’…!!” The crowd cheered… Leo Price picked his shirt up and carried it gently to the back… smiling about his first win of the year…!! Can he and Joss overcome Cornell and Adonis on the Streets Of London this weekend…?! w/ w/ Smithie & Misery w/ Emmett Askey [vs] The Bern Boys w/ The Professor Smithie and Misery couldn’t get going here. Sustained offense from their two young Swiss opponents, meant they were on the back foot throughout. A late ‘hot tag’ to Misery lifted the crowd, but Misery just looked not bothered at all (which the crowd loved). Despite the late comeback, Misery was eventually pinned following the brilliant ‘Lights Out In Lucerne’ (Slingshot Suplex into Flying Forearm). 51 In the back, Aldous Blackfriar and Jonathan Faust were in a dark room… lit by two or three candles in the background… The fan favourite pair were talking to the shaky camera… Aldous Blackfriar: “This is not a drill… this is the apocalypse… Please exit the arena in an orderly fashion…!!” Jonathan Faust: “To Grave Digger… and his men with Black Hats… It is clear to us, that you fear NOTHING… But when you stand across the ring from US… SATAN… and a GOD… You will know fear… You will know… your impending DOOM…” Aldous then confirmed that they had chosen their tag team partners to take on the massive foursome… The second of which, they will reveal to the world AT London Calling… But the first… BOOM!!!!! A huge fire ball lit the room up behind the pair… It set some more candles ablaze, so the lighting improved a little… Then this man appeared… UK Dragon lost four weeks ago to Grave Digger… and hasn’t been seen since…!! The veteran is a great partner for Aldous and Faust, but the announce team asked who else they’d be able to convince… A busy man: ‘Million Dollar Monty’ Montgomery Croft, appeared on United next…!! The crowd cheered him as he strolled to the ring and took a seat in the front row… The announce team then confirmed that he WILL be at London Calling this Saturday… where he will SIGN his 21CW contract… AND… choose which brand he’ll be working on going forward…!! The Martin Twins: Kelly and Lance headed out for their match next… and gave Croft a look as they passed his seat in the crowd… Absolutely Flawless [vs] Vinny Vigilante & Evan Alpass Great showing from Vinny and Alpass here, but they were soundly beaten in the end when Kelly Martin hit his ‘Perfect Driver’ (Death Valley Driver) on Vinny Vigilante. Absolutely Flawless will take on Cool and Stones at London Calling on Saturday!! And they’ll go into that match on the back of a win following their one month suspension. 47 Backstage, Sebastian Koller was shown packing his gear away in the locker room… looking as though he’d just done a workout in the gym that’s always set up backstage… When in walked Phillip Cooper… Koller rolled his eyes, but Cooper told him to hear him out… because he had something BIG to say… Phillip Cooper: “Listen… Kolloh… You an’ I are similah… know wha’ ah mean…?! Bowffe (both) experienced… Bowffe formah Champians… An’ if ah know ya, like ah think ah know ya… Then you don’ trust Clifford Wilson… Because I don’…!!” Koller rolled his eyes again… Sebastian Koller: “Lissen… Cooper… I don’ care…!! Please, man… Leave me alone… okay??” Koller left the room… and Cooper stayed… hands on his hips… It’s unclear why Cooper has such a problem with Clifford Wilson, but it’s fairly obvious that Koller is annoyed with ‘Cooper Man’… Elsewhere in the back, Melanie Florence had her ‘Guest Right Now Guys’: Dutch newcomer Walker Van Cleer… Walker Van Cleer: “Thanks Melanie… It’s been a great start for me here on United… I’m fighting again next week, and…” Before WVC could finish his thought, Chuck Frisby walked up… backed up by ‘The Icelandic Body’ Gulliver… Chuck Frisby: “Three wins from three… You’ve been incredibly lucky so far… but don’t forget… you owe it ALL to me…!!” Chuck reminded Van Cleer that the ‘Chance Against Chuck’ is the reason he’s here… he then told the Dutch youngster that he won’t let him out of his sight… Van Cleer said he could always have a re-match…!! w/ ‘His Satanic Majesty’ Aldous Blackfriar w/ Jonathan Faust [vs] J-B Cash Great match here, with the experienced Cash teaching Aldous a trick or two out there. But Aldous is so good, and he’s riding a wave of momentum right now. In the end, Aldous ducked a Cross Body block from the second rope and then locked in his ‘Gloomweaver Clutch’ Tazmission – forcing Cash to tap out! 65 Backstage, 21CW World Champion Apollo Prince bumped into veteran Clifford Wilson – his opponent at London Calling this Saturday… Apollo thanked Wilson for the assist last week… but the former ‘Dark Angel’ reminded him that he won’t be so kind in their World Title Match… Clifford Wilson: “Hopefully I’ve proved to you, that I CAN be trusted… but know this… At London Calling… I’m coming… For your Title…!!” Apollo stood closer to Wilson… and things got tense… Apollo Prince: “I’m countin’ on it… old man… Bring your best… Because I want to beat the best…” Prince stuck a hand out for a respectful handshake… but there was a lot of tension… Wilson shook it, and the two fan favourites – who have been getting on well of late – glared at each other as we cut away… We headed to ‘The Temple’ again next… and found the 21CW United Tag Team Champions: Kenobi High teaching their ‘Padawans’ Kian Owens and Padraig O’Hearne some things… Christopher Lister was rolling around in the ring with his protégé, O’Hearne… while Jase Cole and his protégé Kian Owens watched on from the outside… Cole then slid into the ring to stop the fight, and began to explain a couple of bits to O’Hearne… In the background, Kian Owens reached under the ring, and pulled out a Light Tube again…!! Cole and Lister had quick reactions, and promptly told Owens to put the Light Tube down…!! Christopher Lister: “Ready… to use a Light Tube… You are not… Your time… Come it will…” Owens laid the Light Tube down… and stepped away from it… Viktor Beskov & Joey Beauchamp [vs] BW Eddie & Antithesis The 21CW UK Champion: Viktor Beskov, teamed with his London Calling opponent Joey Beauchamp tonight, and they took on Beskov’s two other rivals: BW Eddie and Antithesis. Whenever Beskov was in the ring, he revelled in taking out each one of the men responsible for his best friend Yuri Iliakov’s injury. Beauchamp was isolated for a long time though, and ‘The Russian Bear’ had to do a lot of waiting on the apron. For the finish, as Beskov had just planted BW Eddie with a brutal GTS, Beauchamp tagged himself in, and scrambled into the cover! Antithesis could have saved his partner, but chose not to! 56 After the bell rang, Antithesis left the ringside area… and BW Eddie rolled out under the ring to the floor… Joey Beauchamp went to shake Beskov’s hand… but the big Russian decided to hit a short-arm lariat, and then lock Beauchamp in his ‘Red Devil Lock’ (lifted arm hook)… Beauchamp was in agony, and Beskov eventually let him go… before holding his Championship up above his head and sneering at his opponent for this Saturday… ‘The Squashasaurus’ Roly Muckletruck [vs] ‘All Business’ Edward Cornell In the Main Event, we got the highest rated TV Match of 2020 so far in 21CW, as Roly Muckletruck got to work trying to squash the leader of The House of Hell stable: Edward Cornell. ‘All Business’ was in trouble, so it was no surprise to see Mark Adonis make an appearance. However, Roly managed to slam into him and knock him off the apron! Doomsday also showed up, but he too was smacked into by Roly. When he got back into the ring, Cornell looked to gain control, but Roly hit a Brick Wall Clothesline, and flattened Cornell! The Black Hats then arrived, and climbed on the aprons. The referee told them all to leave, but he didn’t see Beast Bantom slide into the ring behind Roly! Beast hit Roly with a SOCK, and knocked him clean out, before grabbing Cornell and laying him across the big Scot! The ref spun around and counted to three, and Cornell somehow won the chaotic fight! Beast then revealed that the sock he used, was full of COINS! 81 After the match, The Black Hats then stepped through the ropes and threatened to take out Roly… but he got some help… Almost the entire locker room hit the ring and brawled all over the place… Pure chaos from everyone involved… It broke down to Joss Thompson being in the ring with Edward Cornell… but he never quite got his hands on his former friend and long-time rival… Doomsday pulled Cornell out under the ropes, and The House of Hell stumbled up the ramp to safety… The show closed with the fan favourites in the ring, watching the large stable leave…
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  10. Predictions for United, Episode 27, Week 2, August 2020 Leo Price & Joss Thompson [vs] Luke Cool & Rolling Johnny Stones w/ The House of Hell Smithie and Misery w/ Emmett Askey [vs] The Bern Boys w/ The Professor Absolutely Flawless [vs] Vinny Vigilante and Evan Alpass Aldous Blackfriar w/ Jonathan Faust [vs] J-B Cash Viktor Beskov & Joey Beauchamp [vs] BW Eddie & Antithesis ‘The Squashasaurus’ Roly Muckletruck [vs] ‘All Business’ Edward Cornell w/ The House of Hell
  11. 21CW Presents: Episode 27 Wednesday, Week 2, August 2020 Calling the action: Steve Smith and Dane Rowley Overall Rating: 72 We opened the show with Phil Harmonic stomping to the ring with Edison Silva, Kelvin Badberry and a microphone in his hand… Phil Harmonic: “Tommy Cornell… Win or lose tonight… I will fight you again next week!!” Harmonic was interrupted though, by ‘The Irish Stretching Machine’ Merle O’Curle…!! Merle told Harmonic that their s**t isn’t over… Just because he’s trying to fight Tommy Cornell… He said he’d be watching this match really closely…!! From the announce desk… Harmonic wasn’t happy… w/ Aurelian Bradley & Welsh Dragon [vs] Edison Silva & Kelvin Badberry w/ Phil Harmonic Dominant win for Silva and Badberry here, despite how talented Bradley and Dragon are. Late in the match, Harmonic reached over the top rope and pulled Dragon’s mask half off his face behind the referee’s back. Dragon couldn’t see Badberry flying at him in the corner, and he was squashed up against the turnbuckle. He never recovered, and Silva soon made him tap with sleeper! 45 After the match, Merle O'Curle grabbed Harmonic to slam him on the announce table, but Badberry shoved him over, and Harmonic got out of there as quickly as he could... We cut to a pre-taped video from last week now… as Daniel Black Francis was shown climbing out of the van he stowed away in last week… and was ready to fight…!! At first though, Francis didn’t see Blake Belushi and The Brat Pack… and he looked around the vehicle… disappointed that they were just, gone… but then he saw them… walking away from the scene in the distance… Francis ran as fast as he could, and he slammed into the back of Thurston Darcy III… who crashed head first into Artemis Eyre-Rochester…!! Artemis’ nose is still heavily protected by the face shield… and he was badly hurt by the collision… Francis then brawled with Belushi, slamming him into a wall… It was all Francis, until The Brat Pack regained the composure and jumped him… This allowed Belushi to escape fairly unscathed… To be continued… Back live, Ricky Storm and Sifu were stood with Mo Adebola… Adebola asked what their plans were, for the upcoming We Will Rock You pay-per-view… after being challenged by The Lee FamiLee to a Triple Threat Ladder Match… along with Landon Mallory and Leigh Burton – the current 21CW Kingdom Tag Team Champions… Ricky Storm: “We accept the challenge… We’d love nothing more than to batter Mallory and Burton with Ladders…!! But first… Tonight… I want Cousin… Konrad.. of the Lee FamiLee… I owe him one…!!” Sifu: “Ooooovverr…” w/ w/ Michael X w/ Joe Simpson [vs] Dangermouth w/ The Booth Great showing from Dangermouth here, who continues to learn his trade as an in-ring competitor. On the mic, he gets it. The fans hate him, and he plays up to it well. In the ring, he needs a lot of work still. He won this one though, with a lot of help from The Booth at ringside and with Michael X carrying him from an in-ring perspective. 49 After the match, The Booth remained in the ring… with DJ Reason grabbing a microphone… DJ Reason: “NEXT WEEK… The Booth make a big announcement… Stay tuned… because it’s going to ROCK everything…!!” Next up, Jeremy Allen and Kevin Jones came to the ring… Allen looked like he was trying to talk Jones out of something… Kevin Jones: “WAR MACHINE…!! YOU can’t just DO… whatever you WANT… and get away with it… So… It’s about time me and you had a fight… Let’s see if you can do whatever you want, to ME…!!” Allen tried to calm Jones down again… but ‘The MVP’ wasn’t hearing it… Until Cliff King headed onto the stage… WITHOUT War Machine… Cliff King: “Gentlemen… Kevin… Listen to yourself… It is sad that a former 2-time 21CW World Champion has resorted to sticking up for a has-been like Jeremy Allen… War Machine could rip his leg off and feed it to him… but you Kevin… You’re different aren’t you… You’re a BEAST when you wanna be… Well… tonight… You two ‘minor annoyances’ can have a tag team match… against these men…” King pointed over his shoulder… and out came the ‘security team’ for Blake Belushi – who King introduced as Alton Vicious and Riddic Jordan – the tag team known globally as: The Northern Lights… Jeremy Allen & Kevin Jones [vs] The Northern Lights Sadly for Jeremy Allen, he was not 100% tonight. The Northern Lights saw a wounded animal, and targeted him brilliantly. Jones put up more of a fight – but he was knocked over outside the ring by Riddick Jordan, while Alton Vicious hit his ‘Vicious Snap’ Spinebuster on big Jeremy Allen. 44 Backstage, inexplicably Alfonso D’Angelo was seen talking to Edison Silva and Kelvin Badberry… Alfonso could be heard congratulating the two men on their victory from earlier in the show… when Phil Harmonic walked around the corner… Harmonic was furious that his two stooges were talking to Alfonso, and told them to leave – immediately… before snarling at D’Angelo and leaving himself… Next up, Ricky Storm and Sifu were in the ring waiting for Storms opponent – Cousin Konrad… However, before Konrad and The Lee FamiLee could arrive… Free Agent Montgomery Croft headed onto the stage…!! The crowd cheered Croft loudly… as he strolled out in a very expensive suit… He glared at Storm and Sifu… and then took a seat in the front row of the audience to watch the big fight… w/ w/ Ricky Storm w/ Sifu [vs] Cousin Konrad w/ The Lee FamiLee Great fight between these two, and while Cousin Konrad is new around here, he has years of experience on the European circuit, and has honed his craft as a ‘Stone Cold Killer’. Storm fights like a crazed Tasmanian devil, hitting various spinning kicks and strikes, but Konrad managed to block a lot of them, and counter some submission attempts. In the end, Konrad locked in his ‘Swedish Grapevine’ (Kirifuda Clutch) and Storm eventually passed out! 66 After the match, Sifu was jumped out of nowhere by Wade Orson, Leigh Burton and Landon Mallory… Cousin Konrad saw what was happening outside the ring, and tried to intervene, but he too was taken down by Burton and Mallory – having just competed in a match… The Lee FamiLee looked as though they weren’t going to help out… until Cousin Konrad got involved… The fight looked as thought it’d be 3 on 3… with Sifu and Konrad down… Orson told his troops to back up a little… Inside the ring, Ricky Storm had regained his composure but all he saw was Gorilla Lee stood over his fallen tag team partner: Sifu… Storm snapped, and slid out of the ring to attack the big Gorilla…!! Andrew and JK spun around to intervene, but they were jumped from behind… Pure chaos ensued, but Orson and co. ducked out of it after a few well-orchestrated attacks… leaving Ricky Storm and Sifu fighting AGAINST The Lee FamiLee…!! Steve Smith: “Oh those three are cunning…!!” Dane Rowley: “They pulled out some cunning stunts there Steve… They’re dafty CRICKS…” Steve Smith: “Careful Dane… Control yourself there pal… What they’ve done here is actually very clever… They know… The Lee FamiLee and Storm and Sifu together, will make sure they LOSE the Tag Team Titles in that Ladder Match… But to set Storm and Sifu and The Lees against each other, is incredibly smart…” Dane Rowley: “It’s smart… but I don’t have to like it…” We cut back to the scenes involving Daniel Black Francis and The Ozzie Invasion next… with D-B-F still looking for Belushi… Artemis and Thurston were staggering and slowly following Francis, but every now and then, he’d turn around and kick one of them and knock them to the ground… The scene resembled two zombies chasing a wounded man in a post-apocalyptic world… Suddenly, out of nowhere, Blake Belushi appeared and clocked Francis over the head with a GLASS BOTTLE…!! The scene went silent, as Francis laid out flat on the dusty concrete in an abandoned area of where they were… Belushi picked up the remains of the bottle he’d used… and looked panicked… before walking up to the camera man and shoving him down so we couldn’t see what happened next…!! Leaving it all to our imagination...!! ‘Jilted’ Loxley Robbins [vs] Lone Wolf Loxley Robbins won’t have seen what just happened, as he was preparing for his match against Lone Wolf. It’s a good job he did prepare, because Wolf is a dangerous opponent. The young brawler loves a big punch or two, and he’s vicious between the ropes. Loxley managed to stay in it though, and fought back with the fans behind him. He hit his amazing ‘Butterfly Powerbomb’ to pin a game Lone Wolf. 64 The packed show wasn’t over yet… There was the small matter of finding out who would be the next Number One Contender for the 21CW World Heavyweight Title… as Tommy Cornell and Buff Martinez made their entrances… w/ ‘Rough Justice’ Tommy Cornell [vs] ‘The Barcelona Bull’ Buff Martinez w/ Kathleen Lee Cornell and Martinez have done this dance multiple times in 2020, and they used every trick in the book to counter each other’s familiar offense. The crowd were really into it too, cheering loudly for both men. Dualling “F**k him up, Tommy” and “Buff The Bull” chants echoed throughout the arena, and many would agree that this would make an amazing Title Match should one of them one day win the Big One again. Things were looking good for Buff – despite his still injured shoulder causing him problems – that was until the Champion, Wade Orson arrived. His friends Leigh Burton and Landon Mallory also popped up on the apron, the other side of the ring and distracted the referee. The distraction from the 21CW Kingdom Tag Team Champions allowed Orson to sneak up behind Martinez, and hit a very familiar move! He hit Tommy Cornell’s ‘Guilt Trip’ (Russian Leg Sweep), ON Buff, and then pulled the fallen Tommy on top of ‘The Barcelona Bull’. Orson jumped out of the ring, and Cornell rolled OFF Buff, not aware of what had happened. Cornell would go on to hit his own ‘Guilt Trip’ and win his way, but it wasn’t a ‘clean’ win at all. He won because of Orson and his friends, who had had an amazing night – without officially competing in any matches! 74 Cornell had his hand raised to close the show… but he couldn’t celebrate properly… given the way the finale went down…
  12. Hello, if you are one of the people receiving this message, I just got the go-to to ask for your permission to use your renders that were seen as free pictures in the AltCverse 2022 mod. I plan on using this on a mod I am creating called The GoldVerse 1985, which is supposed to be a series of mods (1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and in between 2025-2028). So I'm basically asking permission for all of these mods. So will you be allow me to us some of your renders for workers in that mod? (Side Note: It said lloyd created this but I'm checking if you are lloyd because you were the most popular one to pop up)

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  13. Predictions for Kingdom, Episode 27, Week 2, August 2020 Aurelian Bradley & Welsh Dragon [vs] Kelvin Badberry & Edison Silva w/ Phil Harmonic Michael X w/ Joe Simpson [vs] Dangermouth w/ The Booth Kevin Jones and Jeremy Allen [vs] The Northern Lights ‘Sensational’ Ricky Storm w/ Sifu [vs] Cousin Konrad w/ The Lee FamiLee ‘Jilted’ Loxley Robbins [vs] Lone Wolf ‘Rough Justice’ Tommy Cornell [vs] ‘The Barcelona Bull’ Buff Martinez
  14. 21CW Presents: Episode 26 Wednesday, Week 1, August 2020 Calling the action: Des Greeves, Martin Bloydell and Jeff Nova Overall Rating: 63 We opened the show with the triumphant return of Roly Muckletruck…!!! Who was followed out onto the stage by Lance and Kelly Martin, and their manager Leo Price…!!! The crowd sang along to Roly’s Scottish jaunt, as he proudly strolled to the ring drinking an IRN BRU, and handing out cans of his favourite drink to the front row… before climbing into the ring and grabbing microphones… Roly Muckletruck: “Pure Dead Brilliant…!! To be back…!!” Roly soaked in the cheers… and held up Lance and Kelly’s hands… The group, that included Joss Thompson, have been absent from 21CW for the entire month of July… thanks to losing the ‘Fight To End All Fights’… 5 on 5 war… in which Beast Bantom TURNED on them, and joined the other team… Roly Muckletruck: “Did ya miss me… eh…?! Ah missed youz… No Ah dunny know about youz boys… bu’ Ah’ve been watchin’ Uni’ed since we’ve been gone… An’ Ah’ve also called in a few favours… Played some tricks on yer boy Beast Bantom… Got in his heid a li’le… eh…?!” Leo Price: “What you’ve done to Beast so far… is no more than he deserved… but now that you’re back… the three of you… have to take it to the next level… SO at London Calling… Lance and Kelly Martin will take on Luke Cool and Rolling Johnny Stones…!!” Roly waited… and then came the ‘big one’… Roly Muckletruck: “An’ also at London Calling… Me and Beast… Man Te’ Man…!! It’s time…!!” Price then confirmed that the group hadn’t heard from Joss Thompson in the last couple of weeks… According to Price, his best friend took it pretty badly that he lost his first match back in 21CW… The crowd were a little confused… and Thompson didn’t come out… Evan Alpass [vs] ‘The Anarchist’ Antithesis Solid opener here, in which both men hit some nice offense. Alpass is growing into his skin, and starting to show his skills, but Antithesis is crazy, and Alpass found it hard to show off tonight. ‘The Anarchist’ ended up clocking Alpass over the head with his Fire Extinguisher while occupying the referee with a steel chair – and then covered him so the ref couldn’t see the blood coming from his eyebrow! 54 We learned that the Main Event tonight would be a star-studded affair… and a quasi-rematch from last week’s Main Event… Apollo Prince and Clifford Wilson will team up once again… but they’ll need to find a partner… Their opponents will be Edward Cornell and Mark Adonis again… and their partner J-B Cash, who delivered a cheap shot to Prince last week… No news yet on who the partner of the fan favourites will be though… Walker Van Cleer [vs] BW Eddie Another solid match, and BW Eddie continued his losing streak – much to the joy of the fans, who hate everything about him. The Dutch newcomer WVC won his third match to go 3 and 0, with his ‘High Elevation Cross Body’. 53 We cut to the back next, and found ‘The House of Hell’ stable… all together…!! Edward Cornell: “Last week… I pinned the Number One Contender for the 21CW World Title… It’s only a matter of time, before I take my Title BACK… and the House of Hell begin our domination of United…” There was a knock at the door, and in walked Cornell and Adonis’ partner for tonight… J-B Cash… Who has previously teamed with Grave Digger at Partners In Crime… Cash attempted a fist-bump with Grave Digger, but the big man was having none of it… J-B Cash: “You uhh… You wan’ed to see me, Cornell…?!” Edward Cornell: “Mr. Cash… Please… Come in… Don’t mind them… I know they’re scary, but they’re just here to protect the interests of The House of Hell… Now… let’s get down to ‘Business’… Here… have a seat…” Cornell was a little bit ‘too’ accommodating to Cash, who looked terrified… Doomsday… Grave Digger… and The Black Hats all glared at him as he slowly lowered himself into the chair, and we cut away as Cornell explained that HE would be pinning Apollo Prince tonight…!! Elsewhere in the back, 21CW UK Champion Viktor Beskov confronted his rival, Joey Beauchamp…!! The two coming face to face… and nose to nose… Viktor Beskov: “Feelin’ confident, are we… ‘Breeze’…?! Let’s see how confident you are… come London Calling… When it’s me an’ you out there… in tha ring… 1 on 1…!!” All of a sudden, Joey Beauchamp flew forward, and headbutted Beskov…!! But it seemed as though ‘The Breeze’ was shoved from behind, because both men fell to the floor… However... It was soon revealed that Beauchamp didn’t get shoved… He was hit over the back of the head… by a Fire Extinguisher… ‘The Anarchist’ Antithesis stood over Beauchamp’s fallen body… and then waited for Beskov to climb back to his feet… Dazed and confused, ‘Russian Bear’ staggered until Antithesis clocked him with the weapon too… before stomping off… happy with his handy work…!! ‘Captain Crash’ Cain Carlisle [vs] Local Enhancement Talent Cain Carlisle is on a roll right now. This match marked his fourth win in a row, and his fifth in the last two months. He hit his ‘Mark of Cain’ Coffin Drop to win it, on around 4 minutes. 57 In the back, Sebastian Koller walked through a corridor and bumped into the veteran Clifford Wilson… Wilson and his partner for tonight Apollo Prince, are looking for a third partner to take on Edward Cornell, Mark Adonis and J-B Cash in the Main Event later on… But while the fans thought that Wilson would ask Koller to be the third man… Wilson instead just walked on after a short acknowledgment and mutual respect… Phillip ‘Cooper Man’ Cooper was shown lurking in the shadows… and he popped out from behind some crates… Phillip Cooper: “Now then, Sebastian… That were dead MAD, that… Wilson and Prince are gaggin’ for a partner… an’ he jus’ flat out ignored ya, lad… Tooooold you…” Koller shook his head, and it was his turn to brush Cooper off… but the hat-loving Manc smirked as Koller left the scene… Last week, we saw Darin Flynn pull The Professor’s trousers down to his ankles…!! As a direct result, tonight we’ll see, Flynn and his partner Beau Boulder taking on Professor’s project: The Bern Boys in tag team action… w/ w/ Beau Boulder & Darin Flynn w/ KT Devonshire [vs] The Bern Boys w/ The Professor Another good match here, but the two Swiss youngsters were incredibly focused, and didn’t allow the would-be detectives gain any momentum at all. With The Professor’s help, (he hit Boulder with his Cane), Fabian Schwarz rolled up Flynn to win it. 53 In a pre-taped segment, the 21CW United Tag Team Champions Kenobi High were at their training school… with their proteges: Kian Owens and Padraig O’Hearne… A sign above the ring read ‘The Temple’… and there was a large free-standing punch bag directly in the middle of the ring, the same colour, and a similar height to the ring posts… Christopher Lister: “Last week… We were booed by the 21CW fans…” Jase Cole: “As is their right…” Christopher Lister: “Quite… But understand it, I did not… We do everything right… We are peacekeepers… There is no passion, there is serenity… There is no chaos, there is harmony… There is no death, there is… The Force…” Lister and Cole agreed that the group must spend some time training the ‘Padawans’… but as they were talking, Kian Owens found a light tube under the ring behind them…!! He held the light tube up, but Lister told him, he’s not ready to use it yet… Next up, we learned that Jonathan Faust and Aldous Blackfriar will be taking on Grave Digger and The Black Hats at London Calling…!! Faust and Aldous will need TWO tag team partners… and next week, they will name those partners…!! [PICS: Smithie/Misery w/ Askey VS Frisby and Gulliver] Smiling John Smithie & Mark Misery w/ Emmett Askey [vs] Chuck Frisby & Gulliver Fresh off their match last week against Kenobi High, where the crowd cheered them, Smithie and Misery stepped into the ring with a team the fans hate in Chuck Frisby and Gulliver. Once again, the ‘bored’, and ‘miserable’ duo didn’t really want to be there, and the crowd loved everything they did. Misery stepped out of the way of a flying cross body from Frisby. Smithie refused to run the ropes for an attempted ‘Spear’ from Gulliver. However, their antics only wound Frisby and his bodyguard up. Gulliver ended up hitting ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (Codebreaker) FOUR TIMES on Smithie – much to the dismay of the live audience. 44 Finally, it was time for the Main Event… Edward Cornell and Mark Adonis welcomed J-B Cash to the ring as their third partner… but made it clear on the microphone that he is NOT a member of the House of Hell stable… 21CW World Champion Apollo Prince came out next, followed by his opponent for London Calling: Clifford Wilson… The two men waited, and then their third partner arrived… To the shock of just about no one… Returning after a one month suspension… JOSS THOMPSON…!! Apollo Prince, Clifford Wilson & Joss Thompson [vs] Edward Cornell, Mark Adonis & J-B Cash Chaotic Main Event here, and one which didn’t last very long. Cornell, Adonis and Cash isolated the Champion Prince, and kept him away from his corner - but he soon found a way to tag Joss Thompson in. The big American started throwing fists, and throwing people around – but he never quite got his hands on Edward Cornell! For the finish, Clifford Wilson took a super kick from Cash, FOR Apollo Prince, and saved his teammate from the move. Prince was then able to plant an elbow on Cash, leading to Joss Thompson hitting the ‘Clean Cutter’ and scoring the win. Both Cornell and Adonis could have saved Cash, but they decided to leave him to the wolves and leave the ring and head up the ramp. 53 After the match, Joss Thompson grabbed a microphone… Joss Thompson: “Hey ED… Where do you think, you’re goin’ to huh…?! I’m not done with you, pal… Not by a LONG shot… you thought you got rid of me…? I was gone for a MONTH… At home… like a caged animal… Well now…? I’m outta my cage, man… and I’m ready to tare you… limb… from limb…!! So at London Calling… I’m teaming with another ANIMAL… Me and my best friend ‘The Lion’ Leo Price… are gonna team up one more time… against YOU… and ADONIS… In a Streets Of London STREET FIGHT…!!” The crowd exploded… It’s been 12+ years since Joss Thompson and Leo Price teamed up… Streets Of London Street Fights are normally bloody affairs, with multiple weapons and carnage… To put these four in the match is going to end badly, for sure… Adonis ran Price down with a CAR not too long ago… and Joss hates Edward Cornell… Joss also cost Cornell his World Championship… An intriguing match for London Calling… that won’t be for the faint hearted…
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