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Starting from scratch - Historical replay from 1946

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This project will be based on the FBB2013 historical database modified by me after spending more than 100 hours of research over the last few years. All players are carefully reviewed to remove duplicates, missing players are added, also each of their bios, natural positions and ratings are amended to reflect their real-life performance to the best I can. Real coaches are also added based on information from online sources and some house rules will be in force to balance the game play a bit. I even added the CBA which will come in from 1978.


I will try to keep the reporting format simple. After consideration I decided to run this project in the "sandbox" mode that I will not run any team. The report will mostly be season-based, though sometimes breaking news will jump in if interesting enough.


[Edited in 2020: decided to restart this project, see my other thread.]

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