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SWF: Attitude Era

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After many months of being overshadowed by United States Pro Wrestling, Supreme Wrestling Federation owner Richard Eisen seeks change for his once dominate wrestling company. USPW has been able to capture the hearts of families around the world with there low risk PG product, but Eisen has something in mind. Something that can revolutionize the industry and

give new life to his now struggling promotion. Something he calls the Attitude Era...





January 10th, 2016

SWF "When Hell Freezes Over" quick results


- Remo Defeated Rogue and Angry Gilmore in the main event for the SWF World Heavyweight Championship. The match came to an end when Remo hit Rogue with "The Destoyer" for the finish. Angry Gilmore was visually unhappy with the finish, it seems like a one on one feud between Remo and Gilmore is in the works.


- Jack Bruce Defeated The Crippler by Disqualification.

After a great match between two skilled workers The Crippler took Bruce out with a chair and beat the living hell out of him forcing a DQ. This feud seems to be just heating up and The Crippler came out of this looking like a true star.


- Joey Morgan Defended his SWF North American Title against Paul Huntingdon. This match definitely stole the show, Great pace and timing between both wrestlers. Morgan took the win with an "Empire Spiral".


- Brandon James Defeated Valiant in a good contest with very little heat building up to it. James got the win when he nailed Valiant with the "Big Money Move".


The show also saw The Awesomeness retain the SWF World Tag Titles over The Bumfholes, Joe Sexy defeating Jungle Lord and Mikey Lau getting the surprise win over Squeeky McClean.


January 25th, 2016

Richard Eisen announces the signing of Phil Vibert to a deal which will have him working along side Jerry Eisen as head of creative. Fans around the world begin to wonder what this means for the company. Eisen says that he believes Vibert and his son can create a product that appeals to everyone and make the SWF the top company once again.


February 1st, 2016

SWF has released several names on its roster including Brett Biggins, Captain Atomic, Everest, Justin Sensitive, Kentucky Bill, Robbie Retro, Monty Trescarde and Squeeky McClean. The general feeling is that these releases are the fall out of repackaging the SWF brand.


February 7th, 2016

The Supreme Wrestling Federation announced the signing of some big independant names this week including Bulldozer Brandon Smith, Ernest Youngman, Findlay O'Farraday, Greg Gauge, Hells Bouncer, Lisa Bowen and Remmy Skye. They have also signed Aldous Blackfleur, Austin Smooth, Dean Waldorf, Giant Brody, Marv Statler and The Architect to developmental deals.


February 15th, 2016

Supreme Wrestling Federation "Nothing To Lose" quick results


- Remo Defeated Angry Gilmore to retain the SWF World Heavyweight Championship. Great ending to a good feud between these two. Remo has effectively took Gilmore out of the World Title picture and awaits his next challenger.


- Jack Bruce Defeated The Crippler in a No Disqualifications Match. These two put on a classic match utilizing weapons to there advantage. Bruce got the win after hitting the "New York Minute" onto a chair. Other notable spots were a flying elbow from the turnbuckle to the announce table from Bruce, and The Crippler hitting Bruce with the "Tombstone Piledriver" onto a chair.


- Joey Morgan successfully defended the SWF North American Championship against Rogue. Good match between great talents. More was expected from the two of them but it was still a solid showing. Minnesota avoided Rogue's "Crashing on" finisher and delivered the "Empire Spiral" for the finish.


- Brandon James Defeated Valiant in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Brandon James walked away with the victory after throwing Valiant of the ladder into a pile of tables (Ouch! Great Spot). After the match we saw the debut of Hells Bouncer, who laid Brandon James out with a huge "Damnation Drop". Hells Bouncer tells the crowd he has arrived and will show the SWF that he is a force to be reckoned with, starting with Brandon James.


- Paul Huntingdon Defeated Mikey Lau and Jungle Lord to become the first SWF Intercontinental Champion. Lau had knocked Jungle Lord out of the ring with a huge superkick but walked right into Huntingdon's "High Society" finishing move for the three count.


We also saw Ernest Youngman Defeat John Greed, Greg Gauge Defeat Jimmy Hernandez and The Awesomeness lost there SWF Tag Team Titles to The Platinum Blondes.


February 16th, 2016


Richard Eisen announces that next week we will see Phil Vibert make his Supreme Wrestling federation debut, Vibert is best known as the brains behind Danger and Violence Extreme Pro Wrestling. The company had a reputation for its vulgar promos and hardcore wrestling style. Fans can only speculate on what this means for the SWF going forward.

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Supreme Wrestling Federation Roster


American Machine

Angry Gilmore

Bear Bekowski

Big Smack Scott

Brandon James

Bruiser Findlay

Bulldozer Brandon

Des Davids

Eric Eisen

Ernest Youngman

Frederique Antonio Garcia

Greg Gauge

Hells Bouncer

Hollywood Bret Starr

Huey Cannonball

Jack Bruce

James Prudence

Jefferson Stardust

Jimmy Hernandez

Joe Sexy

Joey Morgan

John Greed

Jungle Lord

Kurt Laramee

Marshall Dillon

Mikey Lau

Paul Huntingdon

Randy Bumfhole

Remmy Skye



Sammy Smoke

Skull Debones

Steven Parker

The Crippler


Zimmy Bumfhole


Supreme Wrestling Federation Tag Teams/Stables

American Demolition - Bulldozer Brandon and Bruiser Findlay

American Machines - American Machine and Des Davids

Amazing Bumfholes - Randy and Zimmy Bumfhole

Awesomeness - Jefferson Stardust and Huey Cannonball

Pain Alliance - Big Smack Scott and Kurt Laramee

Platinum Blondes - Frederique Antonio Garcia and James Prudence


Supreme Wrestling Federation Managers/Valets

BJ O'Neill



Krissy Angelle

Lisa Bowen

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