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Running Back By Committee

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I have NO quarterback, haven't been able to recruit a good one in a little while.


But I have 3 stud backs and a good OL. I'd like to incorporate 2 of my backs into my system so that they split carries. But I can't seem to figure the starter's percentage to make this happen.


I'd like for my starting back to get 20 carries and my reserve back to get 20 carries a game as well. How would I go about setting my playing time to make this happen?

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It make take a little work on your part. Two things to consider..

- Do you use the general play settings or the detailed Playbook?


If the playbook, then you have to choose the plays with the target being the player you want. You also have to look at how many RB's you have in your depth chart. If 3, then I would try 40% as a starting point for "playing time". Try that for a few games and see how that works out and make adjustments from there, up or down, to get towards the carries you want.


Keep in mind that your OC's "GamePlan" rating determines how well he listens to your directions. A low Gamplan rating, he can throw 60 times instead of running 60 times.


Also, even if he follows the gameplan for carries, if you begin to get blown out the game will go to a passing attack to attempt a comeback.

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