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The following press release was sent to all the major wrestling news sites, but only Tampa based 911Wrestling.com posted it



From the desk of Vincent Valentine Valencia


Wrestling news fan, my name is Vincent Valentine Valencia, and you may have seen me at my locally owned Vincent's Big Deals Pawnshop. I am here to inform you that starting THIS SATURDAY the newest wrestling company in the country, Vintage Pro Wrestling will be bringing you Vintage Driven, a BRAND NEW wrestling show that will emanate WEEKLY from Stroker's Billiards in South Tampa.


That's right, every Saturday night, live from Stroker's Billiards, Vintage Pro Wrestling will be having a show. I personally encourage you all to come out and enjoy the show and the Vintage experience. Vintage Pro Wrestling's aim is to bring to you the BEST unsigned talent in the country and to get them eventually signed to the big boys.


This Saturday we will begin a tournament to crown the first ever Vintage Heavyweight Champion. Plus an exciting tag team match.


Matches signed:


"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon vs Conner Threepwood

"Native American"Ace Youngblood vs Austin Smooth

Rex Reeves vs Cip Conduit

Quentin Queen vs Willie York

Mercury Rising (Ben Williams and Riley McManus) vs The Good Ol Boys (Wooton Fitzpaine and Thimbleby Langton)


We look forward to seeing all of Tampa this SATURDAY at Stroker's Billiards. Show starts at 7pm and tickets are 5$

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5 bucks?Good.



"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon vs Conner Threepwood


Because Mask.


"Native American"Ace Youngblood vs Austin Smooth


Two of my lower prospects.But I can't bet against someone named Ace.


Rex Reeves vs Cip Conduit


Quentin Queen vs Willie York


Say his name....five times in a row and fast.


Mercury Rising (Ben Williams and Riley McManus) vs The Good Ol Boys (Wooton Fitzpaine and Thimbleby Langton)

Won't get more Badass than that.



Side Note:A Pawn Shop?Really?

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Don't usually play the prediction game but think I'll make an exception here.



"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon vs Conner Threepwood


I actually know something about Threepwood. I don't know this Night Falcon from a UCR refugee.


"Native American"Ace Youngblood vs Austin Smooth


I could see a good feud here because Smooth is in-character annoyed by this result. But Smooth strikes me as the future while Youngblood is the present.


Rex Reeves vs Cip Conduit


Tend to be biased toward veterans in the early going of game. But being a fellow Mainer, Cip is a guy I tend to make a long term project of given the chance.


Quentin Queen vs Willie York


York is a legit tough guy. As such he strikes me as no worse than a gatekeeper.


Mercury Rising (Ben Williams and Riley McManus) vs The Good Ol Boys (Wooton Fitzpaine and Thimbleby Langton)


Far more established team. I may love Ben Williams but even I am not likely to push him out of the gate.

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Vintage Driven Report By Steven Shruggs


First things first, Strokers Billiards is a complete dive. The ring was setup up by what I can only assume is their dance floor. The place has about 15 pool tables, stale beer, and bland chicken wings. Vintage officials also will have an issue going forward with ticketing. I was one of only 10 paying customers, while there were about 10 other family members at that were there for the show. However, people coming to play pool did not have pay for a five dollar ticket at the door. They got in free, thanks to Strokers management. And, by the time the show ended most of them stopped playing pool and wandered over to watch the show. So, 10 paying customers, 10 free family members, and about 20 people who got in free, but watched the show anyways.


The show started with VPW Owner Vincent Valencia thanking the sparse crowd for showing up. Valencia looked everything like his sleazy pawn shop commercials. About a hundred pounds overweight, with giant pit stains drenching his shirt, and a cheap looking gold chain. After a few minutes of stumbling through a promo, Cip Conduit came out and promised that he will become the Vintage Heavyweight Champion and there was no one that could stop him. This brought out "The Native American" Ace Youngblood with his valet the beautiful Haley Buck. Conduit and Youngblood argue about who will win the title. They are about to come to blows when Valencia orders his security team to take them back to the locker room.



Harvey Manners is the ring announcer for Vintage, and he did a great job throughout the show.



Rex Reeves vs Cip Conduit (Quater Finals for the VPW Heavyweight Title)


This was a good match to start of the show, as we had just been introduced to Conduit's arrogant attitude and we would see if he could back his claims. Both guys styles seemed to blend very well together. Reeves, while getting up there in age still brought his arsenal of high flying moves, while Conduit is a straight ahead with his moves. Reeves hit a nice looking Tornado DDT but Conduit was able to get his foot on the ropes before the three count. Reeves went to the top rope and attempted a 450 Splash, but Conduit moved. Conduit picked up the dazed Reeves and connected with a Running Powerslam for the win. Cip Conduit advances to the semi-finals next week.




"The Native American" Ace Youngblood w Haley Buck vs Austin Smooth w Allison Addison (Quater Finals for the VPW Heavyweight Title)


Now its time to see the other half of the opening confrontation in action. Both guys had absolute gorgeous eye candy in Haley Buck and Allison Addison. I have seen some stuff from Buck from videos of her in North Carolina. Addison, I had never heard of, but she is sexy as hell. It was when these two women came out, that some of the bikers playing pool, wandered over to get a closer look. Youngblood and Smooth had the match of the night, and made the 20 or so sitting around ringside get loud. Youngblood went for his patented Tomahawk Chop but Smooth nailed him with a Superkick to the chin. However, Youngblood was able to kick out. Youngblood connected with a wicked German Suplex, but Allison Addison jumped on the apron and distracted the ref. This brought Buck over, and the two ladies started cat fighting around ringside. Youngblood ducked a Smooth Clothesline and connected with the Tomahawk Chop for the win. Ace Youngblood will advance to the Semi Finals.






Harvey Manners reminds us to come out again next Saturday at Strokers Billiards for the next installment of VPW Driven.




Quentin Queen vs Willie York (Quater Finals For The VPW Heavyweight Title


Queen is a good looking kid, that I can see having a great career in the business. York, a legit former MMA fighter, but never quite caught on with any promotions. I did however see a match of his in INSPIRE a few years ago. After the splendid Youngblood-Smooth match, this match just didnt seem to click. Queen kept trying to play the sympathy card after getting manhandled for much of the match, but could never get the crowd behind him. York worked Queen's ankle the whole match, and that played into the end. York dodged a clothesline and went for a dropkick, but York caught his legs in midair and put Queen into an Ankle Lock, and Queen ended up tapping. Willie York advances to the Semi Finals for the VPW Title.





Mercury Rising (Ben Williams and Riley McManus) vs The Good Ol' Boys w Duke Hazzard


Its good to see Duke Hazzard and Riley McManus, people I've seen (along with Ace Youngblood) from MAW, one of my favorite promotions. The Good Ol' Boys were the heels in the match, but anytime you have Southern Bikers in the place, Wooton Fitzpaine and Thimbleby Langton, will get cheers. Especially, with the Ol' Boys bar room style. The match ended in DQ when Langton nailed Ben Williams in the head with a beer bottle that he got at the bar. With Wiliams knocked out in a pool of his blood, many of the bikers offered their beers to the Ol' Boys to nail him again.





After the match, with their music (Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch) blaring, and the bikers cheering. Hazzard grabbed the mic and said that no one is safe in VPW with the Good Ol' Boys in the company. Vincent Valencia came out and tried to get them to go in the back. Fitzpaine grabbed Valencia while Langton spit beer in his face. They leave the ring laughing.






"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w Haley Buck vs Conner Threepwood (Quater Finals For The VPW Heavyweight Title


I am a wrestling nerd, so seeing Threepwood (aka Jason O' Connor from NOTBW) was a treat. I don't know anything about The Night Falcon, but his physique is very familiar. I have a feeling that whoever is under the hood, he has some experience in wrestling. The fans cheered when they saw Haley Buck come back out. This was a very good back and forth match with both guys getting in some offense. However, The Night Falcon won with a Sit Out Powerbomb. The Night Falcon advances to the Semi Finals for the VPW Heavyweight Championship




As Falcon and Buck were celebrating, Willie York ran into the ring with a chair and nailed Falcon. York pulled out some brass knuckles and proceeded to pound away on Falcon. Haley Buck was pleading with York to stop, but that just caused him to chase her out of the ring. York grabbed a mic and began to make fun of Falcon. York said that he will become the first ever VPW Champion. York was going to continue to pound away on Falcon, when Ace Youngblood, The Idaho Punisher, and Vincent Valencia chased him off. The show ended with the three of them checking on The Night Falcon.




Overall, for their first show, it was decent. But, they need to do some serious promotional work to get more people to come to a shitty biker pool hall on a Saturday Night. I know as I was leaving, I was hoping that no one broke into my car and that no one would try to start trouble with me. I just didn't feel safe in that parking lot when it was dark.




Cip Conduit d Rex Reeves

Ace Youngblood d Austin Smooth

Willie York d Quentin Queen

Mercury Rising d The Good Ol' Boys by DQ

The Night Falcon d Conner Threepwood

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Press Release:



From The Desk Of Vincent Valencia



It is Tuesday, and I have had a few days to decompress and take in everything that happened last Saturday at Vintage Pro Wrestling's weekly Driven show, only at Stokers Billiards. First of all a BIG THANK YOU for everyone who came out and celebrated the birth of Vintage. If you weren't there, you missed out and I promise you you won't want to miss this Saturdays show.


The Tournament to crown the first ever VPW Heavyweight Champion is heating up with everyone involved stating their case for why they should be champion, some taking it a little too far. Willie York's brutal assault on The Night Falcon was uncalled for, and I am sure we will see these two collide down the road.


However, it wont be in a match this week. In the Semi Final Bracket, we will see Ace Youngblood take on Willie York and The Night Falcon take on Cip Conduit.


After their assault on Mercury Rising and trying to embarrass me afterwards,I have decided that this Saturday we will see a six man tag match pitting Mercury Rising with one of our newest signings Extreme Deluxe taking on The Good Ol' Boys with the Pittsburgh Specimen Justice Jolson


After losing their respective matches last week, two of the youngest and hottest prospects will do battle as Quentin Queen takes on Austin Smooth


Vintage Pro Wrestling is proud to announce the signing of two of the best veterans on the wrestling scene today, Happy Elwood and Jack Griffith. Who will pick up their first Vintage victory as they do battle this Saturday??



We look forward to seeing you all out at Strokers Billiards this Saturday as Vintage Wrestling presents Driven



Matches Signed:


"The Native American" Ace Youngblood w Haley Buck vs Willie York

"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w Haley Buck vs Cip Conduit

Happy Elwood vs Jack Griffth

Quentin Queen vs Austin Smooth w Allison Addison

Extreme Deluxe and Mercury Rising vs "The Pittsburgh Specimen" Justice Jolson and The Good Ol' Boys w Duke Hazzard

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<p><strong>"The Native American" Ace Youngblood w Haley Buck</strong> vs Willie York</p><p>

A-C-E,and young,with blood,that's good.</p><p> </p><p>

"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w Haley Buck vs <strong>Cip Conduit</strong></p><p>

He promised he'd win,goddamit</p><p> </p><p>

Happy Elwood vs <strong>Jack Griffth</strong></p><p> </p><p>

Quentin Queen vs <strong>Austin Smooth w Allison Addison</strong></p><p>

So,I'm starting to hate Quentin Queen's name</p><p> </p><p>

Extreme Deluxe and Mercury Rising vs <strong>"The Pittsburgh Specimen" Justice Jolson and The Good Ol' Boys w Duke Hazzard</strong></p><p>

Extreme Deluxe?NAAAAAAAAAAAAAH</p>

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<p><strong>"The Native American" Ace Youngblood </strong>w Haley Buck vs Willie York</p><p>

<strong>"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon</strong> w Haley Buck vs Cip Conduit</p><p>

<strong><strong>Happy Elwood</strong></strong> vs Jack Griffith</p><p>

Quentin Queen vs<strong> Austin Smooth w Allison Addison</strong></p><p>

Extreme Deluxe and Mercury Rising vs <strong>"The Pittsburgh Specimen" Justice Jolson and The Good Ol' Boys w Duke Hazzard </strong></p>

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Thanks for the replies. I hope you are enjoying it.




* Well, I don't know how well Vintage has done trying to promote, because it looked like we had the same 10 paying customers at the show, but the non-paying "element" has noticeably increased. By the time the show was over the pool tables were empty, and all the bikers had managed to migrate over to grab seats for the show. WAKE UP VINTAGE!!! THIS IS UNTAPPED TICKET REVENUE!!!




DARK MATCH: Lucas Danger vs Conner Threepwood


We get a dark match to start the show. Can a show with one cameraman, have a dark match?? Especially when that one cameraman was filming this match. Anyway, we have Conner Threepwood (why isnt he on the main show??) vs some backyarder named Lucas Danger. I am pretty sure he is part of Vintage's ring crew. Threepwood got Danger in a Boston Crab, and this yard-tard kept laughing, which pissed off Threepwood to no end. Threepwood won this match easily with a Brainbuster. After the match Threepwood gave Danger a few stiff kicks to the head.




* The show opens with Willie York coming down the ring. He runs down The Night Falcon, and reminds us all of his vicious attack from last week. He says The Night Falcon reminds him of a bad LSD trip from his youth. York says he is a true professional. He didn't spend all those hours training in a true sport, MMA, just to have some goofy little bitch stand between him and a title.






Happy Elwood vs Jack Griffith


There was one time when Jack Griffith was a can't miss prospect but personal issues derailed that. I am all for giving guys second chances to right the wrongs from their past, but I just don't think a biker bar is the right place for Griffith at this point in his life. I will give Griiffith this, he was in great shape. Elwood opened the match trying to shake Griffith's hand, establishing that he is a good guy. Griffith raked his eyes, establishing that he breaks the rules. After some back and forth action, Griffith connects with a big boot. As the ref was checking on Elwood, Griffith removed the top turnbuckle pad. Griffith would try to irish whip Elwood onto the exposed steel, but Elwood reversed it. Griffith stopped short but before he could turn around, Elwood drop kicked him, and he went head first onto the exposed steel. Elwood rolled up Griifith for the win.





* Ring Announcer Harvey Manners tells the crowd that Vintage now has a Youtube channel where you can view matches. Yippeeee.





Quentin Queen vs Austin Smooth w Allison Addison


Both these guys have excellent chemistry working against each other, and put on a 15 minute match that was clearly the match of the night. Smooth went for a German Suplex, but Queen flipped in midair and landed on his feet and the followed up with a Bulldog on Smooth. Queen went to the top rope, but Addison shook the ropes, and Queen ended up crotching himself on the top. Smooth climbed up with Queen, and connected with a Top Rope Hurracanranna. However, Queen kicked out at the last second. Smooth threw Queen out of the ring, in frustration, where Addison started kicking him. As Queen was getting to his feet, Smooth attempted a Baseball Slide, but Queen side stepped him and then connected with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex on the floor. Queen rolled Smooth into the ring, climbed to the top rope, and connected with a Swanton Bomb for the win as the crowd explodes in applause.






* After the match Quentin Queen is celebrating a hard fought victory, when out from the back, Cip Conduit runs into the ring and chop blocks Queen's knee. Conduit begins viciously working over Queen's knee. Conduit pulls Queen over to the turnbuckle and forcefully wraps Queen's leg around the turnbuckle post. Vince Valencia and his crack security team come down and try to get Conduit off Queen. Valencia grabs a mic and demands to know what Conduit is thinking. Conduit says this night is about him advancing to the finals of the Vintage Heavyweight Title Tournament, and not about Queen celebrating like he won the Superbowl. Conduit promises that after tonight, all anyone will remember is that Cip Conduit is in the finals, and not about some mid card match.





* Duke Hazzard comes out before the Six Man Match. He demands to have Vince Valencia come down to the ring. He obliges. Hazzard says that Valencia has delusions of grandeur if he thinks he can stop The Good 'Ol Boys. Vince doesn't have the power, influence, or balls to try and discipline The Good 'Ol Boys. And, his attempt to so far, have been laughable. Vince tries to speak, but Hazzard cuts him off. Hazzard says that if all he has is Mercury Rising and Extreme Deluxe, then Vintage is in for some serious trouble. He then spits his chewing tobacco into Vince's face, before leaving to the boos from the crowd, but the cheers from the bikers.





Extreme Deluxe and Mercury Rising vs "The Pittsburgh Specimen" Justice Jolson and The Good 'Ol Boys w Duke Hazzard


I have never heard of Justice Jolson, but the dude is HUGE. He has to be a bodybuilder who is on some serious gas. After The Good Ol Boys attack on them last week, Mercury Rising got a ton of cheers for them when they came out. I will say that something just seemed very off about Extreme Deluxe, just by the way he was swaying when he was walking and just standing on the apron. Ben Williams and Riley McManus seem to be working together behind the scenes, because they did incorporate some nice double team moves into the match, like Double Missile Dropkicks and a Spinebuster/Backstabber combo that looked wicked. Justice had very limited involvement in the match but he got the win for the team. Extreme Deluxe went to the top rope and attempted a Flying Crossbody, but Justice caught him, and connected with a Fall Away Slam, held on and rolled through it, and the conneced with a Fishersman Suplex. As the bell and, Duke Hazzard pulled Ben Williams off the apron, and got Williams to chase him around the ring. Hazzard rolled into the ring, with Williams right behind him. Williams ran right into a Justice, who gave him a Bear Hug, and held him there. The Good 'Ol Boys then double teamed McManus. They ended up hitting McManus with a Jack Daniels Special (the name of their finisher; a combination Powerbomb and Flying Leg Drop move). With all three knocked out, The Good 'Ol Boys pull out three Confederate Flags and drape them over the lifeless bodies of Extreme Deluxe, Riley McManus, and Ben Williams.







* Harvey Manners reminds everyone that every Saturday at Strokers Billiards, you can see all the great Vintage Wrestling action.






SEMI FINALS: "The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w Haley Buck vs Cip Conduit


The majority of the fans seem to be behind this Night Falcon guy. I am just trying to figure out who it is. As far as heels go, Cip Conduit plays the role perfectly. It's not so much with the things that are obvious, like his tactis when the ref isn't looking, but he seems to understand when and how to slow the match down after a quick exchange to get fans to rally behind the babyface. The Night Falcon attempted a Spear, but Conduit pulled the ref into the way. While Falcon was checking on the ref, Conduit low blowed him. Conduit went outside and grabbed a chair. He came back inside reared back to nail Falcon, but Haley Buck grabbed the chair out of his hands. As they were arguing, Conduit didn't see Quentin Queen limp into the ring with his own chair. When Conduit turned around, he was cracked on the top of his head. Queen rolled Falcon on top of Conduit, and the ref counted three. The Night Falcon advances into the finals of the Vintage Heavyweight Title Tournament






* After the match, Cip Conduit has a melt down in the ring and attacks the Vintage Security Team before promising revenge on Quentin Queen






SEMI FINALS: "The Native American" Ace Youngblood w Haley Buck vs Willie York


After everything that happened in the previous match, I think that match should have closed the show. Not taking anything away from this match, but it just didn't seem as action packed as the Falcon-Conduit match. Youngblood did manage to connect with a Tomahawk Chop from the top rope, but York got his foot on the ropes during the pin count. However, York was a machine and kept working on Youngblood's ankle throughout the match. There were a few close calls, when Youngblood would roll through ankle lock attempts in small cradle pins, but York was relentless. Youngblood, however refused to tap after multiple ankle locks. Then The Night Falcon ran down and started to pummel York as payback from last week, however that caused the ref to call for the DQ. After getting whipped into the steel steps, York managed to get away, and ran out the fire escape. The Night Falcon went to check on his friend, Ace, who was understandably upset at Falcon for interfering in his match, but Haley Buck calmed both men down and they ended up shaking hands before heading to the back. Willie York advances to the finals next week and will face The Night Falcon for the Vintage Heavyweight Title.







Conner Threepwood d Lucas Danger

Happy Elwood d Jack Griffith

Quentin Queen d Austin Smooth

Good Ol Boys and Justice Jolson d. Mercury Rising and Extreme Deluxe

The Night Falcon d Cip Conduit

Willie York d Ace Youngblood by DQ





Thoughts: The crowd seemed louder and more rowdy, which got the wrestlers more energized, it seemed. Honestly, I might have to go to their Youtube channel just to re-watch that stellar Queen-Smooth match. Like I said, I would have preferred that the main event be The Night Falcon vs Cip Conduit, especially with Conduit playing his role so well. I am not a fan of a show ending in DQ, even if it sets the seeds for some mistrust between Falcon and Youngblood. Maybe I am reading to much into that, but if Vintage does end up doing some sort of split between these two, I just hope they don't rush it. Really, turns on your 3rd-4th-5th shows?? It wouldn't make any sense.

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Well, Vintage Wrestling fans we finally have the finals for the FIRST EVER Vintage Heavyweight Championship set. Last weekend,both Willie York and The Night Falcon advanced to the finals. This Saturday, only at Strokers Billiards, we will see the FIRST EVER Vintage Wrestling Champion crowned. Will it be The Night Falcon or the man who said he is the ONLY professional in Professional Wrestling Willie York??? You have to come out to Strokers Billiards to see the action unfold.



This brings me to my next point. Both Semi Final matches were marred in outside interference, not to mention a certain faction that is running amok, so I have come to the following decision. I am naming The Idaho Punisher as The Head Of Security. If anyone feels the need that they need to get involved in anyone else's matches, they will have to answer to The Punisher.



The Vintage Heavyweight Championship isn't going to be the only Championship match on Saturday. In what I am dubbing Championship Night, Vintage Wrestling will also crown the FIRST EVER Vintage Tag Team Champions AND the FIRST EVER Vintage Internet Champion.


As much as I don't agree with their tactics, and I don't want it to seem like I am rewarding them, The Good 'Ol Boys will do battle with Mercury Rising to see who will be crowned the FIRST EVER Vintage Tag Champions.


After a conference with other Vintage Wrestling Officials, we have decided to have a TRIPLE THREAT match to determine who will be crowned the FIRST EVER Vintage Internet Champion. Ace Youngblood will take on Conner Threepwood and Happy Ellwood.



We also have 2 other exciting matches signed as Quentin Queen will take on Jack Griffith and Cip Conduit will take on Extreme Deluxe!!!!


We always are looking at ways to bring you, the Vintage Wrestling fans, the BEST experience every Saturday night. In accordance with our partners at Strokers Billiards, we have a GREAT DEAL for fans purchasing tickets at the door. Every ticket purchased at the door can now be used to receive ONE (1) FREE DRAFT BEER OR SODA. So come out to Strokers Billiards every Saturday Night!!!!




Matches Signed:



"The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w Haley Buck vs Willie Yorl



Mercury Rising vs The Good Ol' Boys w Duke Hazzard



"The Native American" Ace Youngblood w Haley Buck vs Conner Threepwood vs Happy Ellwood


Extreme Deluxe vs Cip Conduit


Quentin Queen vs Jack Griffith

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<p>...</p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="41673" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div><strong>VINTAGE PRO WRESTLING: DRIVEN 3 REPORT BY STEVEN SHRUGGS</strong><p> </p><p> </p><p> We are once again live from Strokers Billiards for some more exciting Vintage Wrestling. I don't know if Vintage officials read this or not, but once I paid for my ticket, I was informed that I can take my ticket to the bar and get a free draft beer, so at least they are trying to entice people to pay for a ticket to the show, instead of just letting people saying they are only there to play pool, in for free.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Dark Match: Lucas Danger vs Austin Smooth w/ Allison Addison vs. "The Pittsburgh Specimen" Justice Jolson</strong></p><p> </p><p> Ring Announcer Harvey Manners announced this as a "Special Unscheduled Treat For The Strokers Audience", but let's get real here, it was a dark match. So, last week we had Conner Threepwood in the dark match and now this week we have Austin Smooth and Justice Jolson?!?!? When you consider their matches from last week, a dark match is not where I would expect to see Smooth or Jolson in the following week, let alone against a yard-tard like Lucas Danger. But, I suppose, Vintage is trying to get Danger some ring time against some established guys, I don't know why though. The dude is horrible. The match ended when Smooth superkicked Jolson to the outside and then connected with a Smooth Destroyer (aka Canadian Destroyer) for the win.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * The show opens with The Night Falcon and Haley Buck coming into the ring. Falcon hypes up the Vintage Heavyweight Championship match later on tonight. He says that Willie York is a bully, and tonight he vows that justice will prevail in the end. He brings up last week, and how he let his temper get the best of him, and he ended up costing Ace Youngblood a shot at the title. He wants Youngblood to come out, which he does. Falcon says that he wants to publicly apologize for his actions. Youngblood tells him that it's all water under the bridge, and that at the end of the night, Falcon will have the Heavyweight Championship and he will have the Internet Championship</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Rex Reeves vs. Cip Conduit</strong></p><p> </p><p> Well, this is unexpected. The match was advertised as Extreme Deluxe vs. Cip Conduit. I asked one of my friends on the Vintage ring crew, and he told me that all he knew was that Deluxe did show up but after 15 minutes he stormed out of the building. This is a rematch from the Quaterfinals match they had on the very first show. Conduit, still seething from Quentin Queen costing him a place in the Finals, made short work of Reeves and won with a Full Nelson Slam.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * The next match was Quentin Queen vs Jack Griffith, and Queen was introduced first. As Queen was giving the fans at ringside high fives, Cip Conduit runs down for the back and attacks Queen. Conduit grabs a pool stick from a biker, and cracks Queen over the head with it. The Idaho Punisher runs down and puts Queen in a headlock and forces him to the back.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Quentin Queen vs Jack Griffith</strong></p><p> </p><p> Griffith dominated this match after the brutal assault on Queen by Conduit. Queen tried valiantly to fight back, but almost every attempt was thwarted by Griffith. Queen did connect with an Enziquiri and then connected with a Swinging Neck Breaker, but only got a two count. Queen whipped Griifith into the turnbuckle and attempted a splash, but Griffith moved and Queen hit hard into the turnbuckle. Griffith took a running start and connected with a Bicycle Kick on the dazed Queen for the win.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * Ring Announcer Harvey Manners reminds us to check out the Vintage Youtube page, and to redeem your tickets for a free beer. At that, some of the bikers complain that they don't get free beer. Manners then asks if we are ready for some Championship action.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Vintage Internet Championship: "The Native American" Ace Youngblood w/ Haley Buck vs. Conner Threepwood vs. Happy Elwood</strong></p><p> </p><p> For a majority of the show the fans were not into the matches, this match got the fans back into the action. I don't know what an Internet Championship is, is it defended on the internet?? On the Vintage Youtube Channel?? I just assume it is a lower tier championship for the midcard wrestlers. Each guy was able to hit their finisher at one point or another during the match, but just couldn't get the pin. The end came when Youngblood connected with a Samoan Drop on Threepwood, while Elwood was climbing the top turnbuckle. Youngblood quickly ran over and shook the ropes, causing Elwood to crotch himself on turnbuckle. Younblood turned right into a superkick from Threepwood, and he rolled out of the ring. Threepwood then went over to the prone Elwood and connected with a Brainbuster. Threepwood went for the pin, but Younblood pulled Conner outside, and threw him headfirst into the steel steps. Youngblood rolled back inside and connected with a Tomahawk Chop on Elwood for the win. Ace Youngblood wins the Vintage Internet Championship.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * As Youngblood is celebrating, Threepwood rolls back into the ring and low blows Youngblood. Threepwood procedes to connect with three consecutive Brainbusters before The Idaho Punisher and security get Threepwood to go to the back.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Vintage Tag Team Championship: Mercury Rising vs The Good 'Ol Boys w/ Duke Hazzard</strong></p><p> </p><p> The Vintage fans kept trying their hardest to cheer on Mercury Rising, but the bikers have adopted The Good 'Ol Boys as their team, and they all left their pool games to cheer on The Good 'Ol Boys. Unfortunately, there were more bikers than Vintage fans, so it seemed like The Good 'Ol Boys were the bayfaces and Mercury Rising were the heels. Wooton and Thimbley used some old fashioned tactics by cutting off the ring, and working over Ben Williams. Whenever Williams would get close to tagging in Riley McManus, they would either distract the ref or punch McManus off the apron, and then double team Williams while the ref was admonishing McManus for trying to get into the ring. Eventually, Williams ducked a clothesline and then followed up with a dropkick that caused Wooton to the outside. Williams made the hot tag to Mcmanus, who cleared house. McManus connected with a Sit Out Powerbomb on Wooton, but Duke Hazzard jumped up on the apron and distracted the ref. McManus went over to Hazzard, and neither he or the ref saw Hazzard throw Wooton some brass knuckles. McManus knocked Hazzard off the apron, but turned around into a brass knuckle punch from Wooton. Wooton then tagged in Thimbeley, and they connected with a Jack Daniels Special for the win. The Good 'Ol Boys win the Vintage Tag Team Championships.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * After the match, Duke Hazzard demands that Vincent Valencia come into the ring to raise the Good 'Ol Boys hands in victory. Vincent Valencia comes down with The Idaho Punisher in tow. Reluctantly, Valencia raises the Good 'Ol Boys hands. Hazzard then demands that Valencia announce the The Ol' Boys as the new champs. Vincent Valencia says that that announcement has already been made, and refuses. Hazzard whispers something into the ear of the Idaho Punisher, who then relays the message to Valencia. Vincent Valencia looks pissed, and then announces the Good 'Ol Boys as the new champions. Hazzard and The Good 'Ol Boys laugh, and then leave, but instead of going to the back, they go to the bar, where they celebrate with the bikers.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Vintage Heavyweight Championship: "The Masked Avenger" The Night Falcon w/ Haley Buck vs "The Professional" Willie York</strong></p><p> </p><p> The match started with a wild brawl all around Strokers. Slams onto the concrete floor, whips into the walls, heads getting rammed onto the bar. By the time order was restored and both men were back in the ring, both men were bleeding. York from the head, and Falcon from his arm. After about 10 minutes of back and forth action, the ref got bumped to the outside. York went and grabbed a chair, but before he could re-enter the ring, The Idaho Punisher came out and try to get York to put the chair down. York went to put the chair back, and then nailed The Punisher with a head shot. York slid the chair into the ring, got back in, an attempted a piledriver onto the chair, but The Night Falcon reversed it into a back drop. With The Idaho Punisher down, no one could stop Ace Youngblood from running into the ring with his own chair. Youngblood told Falcon to irish whip York to him, and he would nail him with the chair. Falcon whipped York towards Youngblood, but at the last second, York reversed it and Youngblood nailed Falcon by mistake. York dropkicked Youngblood to the outside, and then connected with a piledriver onto the chair just as the ref was crawling back into the ring. ONE....TWO....THREE... Willie York wins the Vintage Heavyweight Championship.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> * After the match, Willie York high tails it to the back. Youngblood and Haley go to check on The Night Falcon. Youngblood tries to explain that it was an accident, but Falcon is pissed off. After a few minutes of arguing, Haley gets both guys to shake hands.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> QUICK RESULTS:</p><p> </p><p> Austin Smooth d Justice Jolson and Lucas Danger</p><p> Cip Conduit d Rex Reeves</p><p> Jack Griffith d Quentin Queen</p><p> Ace Youngblood d Conner Threepwood and Happy Elwood</p><p> The Good Ol Boys d Mercury Rising</p><p> Willie York d The Night Falcon</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Thoughts: This was the best show so far, but that's not saying much as they have only had 3 shows to date. I am so confused as to why they have some of the guys they do in their dark matches. So, it appears that the major storylines going forward are going to be Cip Conduit-Quentin Queen, The Good 'Ol Boy-Mercury Rising with some stuff with Vincent Valencia, Ace Youngblood-Conner Threepwood, and Willie York-The Night Falcon with some tension between Falcon and Youngblood. Vintage did offer a free drink with a purchase of a ticket, but so far the results were the same. I think maybe they had 12 paying customers this week, instead of the usual 10. Hopefully the free drink offer will start to show some results.</p><p> </p></div></blockquote>
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What a great show for Vintage Professional Wrestling last week, as we crowned 3 brand new champions. A big congrats go out to Willie York for winning the Vintage Heavyweight Championship, Ace Youngblood for winning the Vintage Internet Championship, and as much as I hate to admit it, congrats to the Good 'Ol Boys for winning the Vintage Tag Championships.


I want to start off with some housecleaning. We here at Vintage Wrestling are a completely drug free company. So when someone comes to the show obviously under the influence of drugs, we have to take appropriate actions. That being said, Extreme Deluxe will not be apart of Vintage Professional Wrestling going forward. We hope he gets the help he needs. Our drug stance also carries over to after the show, if you are still at the venue. Strokers Billiards is our partner, so when someone is caught using illicit substaces in their parking lot after the show, we see that as a huge sign of disrespect. So, going forward, Lucas Danger will no longer be involved in Vintage Wrestling, in any capacity. I personally hope this is a wake up call for Lucas Danger, as I like the kid.


Now, on to the good stuff. This Saturday at Strokers we have a great card for you fans.


Willie York will make his first defense of the Vintage Heavyweight Championship in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!! The Night Falcon and Jack Griffith have been signed for this exciting match. How will the Willie York-Night Falcon play out, and can Jack Griffith use that hatred and come out on top with the belt??


After attacking Ace Youngblood after he won the Internet Championship, Conner Threepwood has been signed to take on Youngblood with the Internet Championship on the line!!!!


Vintage newcomer Ricky Turner will team with Rex Reeves to challenge The Good 'Ol Boys for their Vintage Tag Championships. After a running amok for several weeks, can Reeves and Tuner finally put the Good 'Ol Boys in their place?? I personally hope so


After a spectacular match two weeks ago, we wil see the rematch between Austin Smooth and Quentin Queen!!!!


Cip Conduit has been inundating Vintage offices all week with demands for a match this week, so this Saturday Cip Conduit will take on Happy Elwood!!!!




Matches Signed:



Vintage Heavyweight Championship: TRIPLE THREAT

"The Professional" Willie York © vs The Night Falcon w/ Haley Buck vs Jack Griffith


Vintage Internet Championship:

"The Native American" Ace Youngblood © w/ Haley Buck vs Conner Threepwood


Vintage Tag Team Championship:

The Good 'Ol Boys © w/ Duke Hazzard vs Rex Reeves and Ricky Turner


Quentin Queen vs Austin Smooth w/ Allison Addison


Happy Elwood vs. Cip Conduit

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