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Goldenverse Render Donation

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I am one of the kickstarters of the Goldenverse mod.


We have some renders that are exclusive for the mod (R0x4ry ones) but most of our renders are collected from other renderers including Ieffinrule, Asaemon and ThomasRiordan...


But the renders are actually starting to end and what i am trying to say is...




we would be glad if people donated some renders they made to help our mod come true, even 1 render can make the diference. and we dont only accept "original" renders, Cornellverse rerenders and Alts are also helpful.


If you donate at least 1 pic (Render, Alt, Anything) you will be credited as an official mod maker ;)


Thanks! :cool:


PS: CV Rerenders and Alts are also accepted :)

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