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Hall Of Fame 2016 Induction Ceremony

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[The show opens inside the TEW Arena with such GDS illuminaries as Beejus, jhd1 and MJStark sitting in the front row. Spotlights shine around the building before coming to focus on the podium where the host of the night, angeldelayette, stands.]


[angeldelayette:] "Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2016 Greydogsoftware Hall of Fame ceremony. This year we have had some excellent work done by a lot of good writers and creators. Everyone who is reading has had some part in making this place great. But tonight is focused on certain individuals. These individuals have made lasting contributions that will be remembered as they are immortalized in the Hall of Fame. By your votes, we will not just have three people inducted tonight. Instead, five people will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In no particular order, let's go to our first inductee of the evening."


"The first inductee has brought us such diaries as 'NYCW: Extreme Makeover Edition,' 'RIPW: The Ballad of Henry Lee' and 'SWF: You Know You Want To Give It One Star a.k.a. the Ballad of Big Smack Scott.' Please welcome to the Greydogsoftware Hall of Fame: BHK1978!"


'BHK1978's Acceptance Speech'


[angeldelayette:] "I hope that everyone is enjoying the evening so far. Without further ado, let's move to the next inductee into the GDS Hall of Fame."


"The next inductee has been very active in the mod creation community. This person brought us the 1991: Rising Storms mod and the New Graphical Order. He has also done a couple of diaries, including '1994 Triangle Match: WCW' Please welcome to the Greydogsoftware Hall of Fame: justtxyank!"


'justtxyank's Acceptance Speech'


[angeldelayette:] "This is definitely a great evening with a lot of fanfare for these new inductees. I am, personally, proud of each and every one of them. Let's keep this going, focusing on each of the new inductees."


"The next inductee has, also, been active in the mod section. This person is a member of the Thunderverse team. This person also has done some diaries that include 'Pro Wrestling WILD: It's As Bad As It Seems' and '[Thunderverse] Gureisu Pro, Wrestling is Fun!' Please welcome to the Greydogsoftware Hall of Fame: MHero!"


"So hi. This is a little bit cool, innit?


Not to try and intentionally bring things down but this has special meaning for myself. This period of time marks roughly just over a year since I completely lost it. Without going into any specifics, it was probably the lowest I'd ever been in my life.


But TEW and GDS were there, keeping me sane [Or as sane as someone who willing wrote a diary that should have just been called an Ode to Bob Shrunkle. ]. The live chat lads deserve a shout-out here. All of them. voeltzwagon, wonk (yee), R0x4ry, CodeyDBW, Tiberious, London, Smasher, DAVEFAN95 and anyone else I've forgotten to mention. They're all good dudes who were (and still are) willing to deal with whatever came into my brain and it helped immensely when all I wanted to do was hide away from the world.


I've got to give a shoutout to the entire Thunderverse team. jhd, James, MJ, Enforcer, Eastwood, sebs, Kuma & everyone else who I've ever bounced ideas off of or have helped test, they push me to be the best creatively I can be.


Without waffling on for too long (or listing a whole list of names which was the 100% legit original plan if I got into the Hall of Fame) there are a few people I want to name and give thanks to. DLyrium, DerekB, Mootinie, SWF Fan, foolinc and BigPapa42 [voeltzwagon too but damnit he's not getting two shout outs ] have all been there, ready and willing for me to wordvomit any and all sorts of ideas to them. Without them, we'd probably have never gotten any of the more sillier stuff that people love from me. The overlord of TEW gets thanks too, purely because Adam was nice enough to give me the only opportunity I'll likely have to get my shoot name in the credits of a published game (Take that four years of games development at uni!)


But enough from me! It's a massive honour to be voted into the Hall of Fame this year. I'd like to end this by offering an open invite to anyone who ever has any ideas they want to bounce off of someone for a diary or any questions about diary writing. I'm a fairly open person, I'll always endeavour to give you a response.


Party on GDS!"


[angeldelayette:] "Party on, indeed. We still have two more inductions to make this evening. Two more writers that have made their way into the Hall of Fame with your votes. With that said, let's go to our penultimate inductee!"


"Our next inductee is a rather newcomer to the greydogsoftware boards but that doesn't mean that this person's contributions are any less hailed. This inductee has brought us such diaries as 'NJPW: Kings Of Strong Style,' 'NJPW: Kings Of Strong Style II' and 'Taking the LOL out of LOLTNA!' This person is also active in the mods thread. We would like to congratulate this person and welcome to the greydogsoftware Hall of Fame: Mootinie!"


'Mootinie's Acceptance Speech'


[angeldelayette:] "We have come near the end of the evening as we are on the final inductee into the Hall of Fame. Before ending this evening, I have to say congratulations to tonight's inductees and thank you to everyone who voted. I would like to thank everyone and tell those who did not make it this year to keep your chin up because your time will come. Thank you to the new inductees and let's go to our final inductee this year."


"This final inductee is very active in the mod section here on the greydogsoftware boards. This person created such mods as 'Risky Business (Jan 1985)' and 'The Main Event: Feb 1988 RW Historical Mod!' This person was also active in the diary section with such diaries as 'Monday Nights Mean War' and 'Storms On The Horizon: WWF 1991 Diary!' Please welcome into the greydogsoftware Hall of Fame: Matt Shannon!"


'Matt Shannon's Acceptance Speech'
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<p>HUGE Congrats to all! The last three are of my personal favorites, especially that last guy. Best clown I've ever known. <img alt=":p" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/tongue.png.ceb643b2956793497cef30b0e944be28.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p><p> </p><p>

Seriously, great class this year. Good job voters.</p>

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