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MMA/UFC Style Company

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<p>Realism and Hyper Realism are the product definitions you'd want, with high intensity (80+%), but low(-ish, <50%, I'd say) danger. You'd probably want a higher than 80% match ratio, too.</p><p> </p><p>

For stats, you'd want to go with high brawling and technical skills. Puroresu would probably be okay, too, but less sure about that one. Everything else (as far as top row stats) would be negatively viewed. If you're trying for an MMA-style product, you don't want flashy, jumpy stuff or weapon-based stuff. Good performance, charisma, and SQ are always helpful no matter your product, so yeah. </p><p> </p><p>

If you're looking to make people buy into it as a shoot (it won't be), you'd want to hire mma crossovers (obvs), brawlers and technicians, mostly (again, maybe puroresu, not really sure). Regular wrestlers and Entertainers with good brawling and technical skills will also work. Every other style should probably be avoided at all costs.</p>

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