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Multiplayer game


Hi i am looking for 3/4 people to take part in a real world Mod Game.


We would be using Skype and Would need to book at least 1 show a week.


We will all start with our own regional promotion. with $250,000

You must create yourself as a worker. (Non Wrestler)




New Worker Frequency: Very High

Relationship Frequency: Medium

Strict Storylines: Enabled

Company Battles: Enabled (but disabled for the first 6 months)

Injury Frequency: Medium

Kenny Deaths: Disabled

Regeneration: Disabled

Dirty Tricks: Enabled

Chemistry Effects: Enabled

Restricted Areas: Semi


User Prefrences

Fog of War: Disabled

Show stats as Grades: User Choice

Owner Goals: Enabled

Small Roster Penalties: Enabled

Repetitive Booking Penalties: Disabled

Crowd Management: Enabled

Gimmick Effects: Enabled

Worker Morale Effects: Enabled

Locker Room Morale Effects: Enabled

Dirt Sheet Match Breakdown: Enabled

PPV Buy Rates eMailed: User Choice

TV Ratings eMailed: User Choice

Industry Effects: Enabled

Pre Booking Reminders: User Choice

Match Ratios: Enabled

Left Off Show Complains: Enabled

Match Aim Requirements: Enabled

Momentum Effects: Enabled

Sex Appeal Requirements: Enabled

Worker Overuse Penalty: Enabled

Lifestyle Effects: Enabled

Show Main Event at Top of Lists: User Choice

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Shameful stealing of rules :p hehe


Good luck with the Multiplayer :D


If you struggle with sign ups... I'd be happy to join as backup. I have 2 Multiplayer's going atm, but plenty of time on my hands for more :)


Hi Pal, Yeh i thought i mentioned you in my post as i thought it is a great template for any multiplayer game :)


and thanks will let you know.


Hoping to start it up on Wednesday.

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