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real world mod suggestions

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I am looking for suggestions on a promotion to start with from either the Clash of the Titans or Montreal Aftermath mod. I will use a current mod if nothing from the 90s mods jumps out at me. I want to just play around as a head booker of a regional size or smaller company, preferably in the United States. This is just something I want to do for myself as I don't have time to commit to a dynasty report. I wanted to use a mod from the 90s because that is what I'm most familiar with and I want to get some experience with a smaller promotion before I try to take on the challenge of a promotion like WWF or WCW.


Anybody that uses the Clash of the Titans or the Montreal Aftermath mods that has an idea. Right now I'm leaning toward Smokey Mountain Wrestling or maybe Global Wrestling Federation. I'm open to other suggestions though.

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