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Lack of Hot Associated Storyline

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So I was in a testing mood tonight and came across something interesting. Maybe other people could do the same, or maybe Adam could provide some insight too if he wants.


I turned off all user preferences and decided to run the same match (Faith vs Remo in the CV2010 mod) over and over and each time the rating was pretty much 80.


However, when I put slow build on I believe I was always dinged for a lack of storyline. I don't think I've ever seen anyone talk about this before, but it's something that people frequently ask about. Then I found something more interesting. The "Spectacle" match aim (Slow Build added automatically) was dinged too. But "Epic" (Slow Build added automatically) gave me no penalty for storyline, and seemed to actually raise the rating of the match a little bit. So I'm fairly certain the penalty (and bonus?) is linked to the slow build and Spectacle notes.

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