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What Web Browser do you use for this site?


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The name of the thread says it all. I was wondering what web browser do people on here use to view this site.


The reason why I ask is because when I use Microsoft Edge and I try to type something there is a huge delay with the words I type coming up on the screen. When I use Firefox, I am told the site is not secure and it will not allow me to post. Which is odd because I used to use Firefox on here all of the time to view this site and I never had a problem. It seems like this started happening about four months ago.


Right now I am using Chrome and that seems to be the best option. I guess I will stick with Chrome from now on.

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<p>I have used nothing but Chrome for about the last seven years. When I go onto friends computers and they don't have chrome I freeze up for a moment as if I don't know what to do next haha. </p><p> </p><p>

That being said if you use an ad blocker does that stop that site from getting revenue from said ads? It must right since otherwise why would so many sites make you want to take it off?</p>

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