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[ThunderVerse] Luchador Fight Club

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Luchador Fight Club (LUCHA) is a promotion I created for the ThunderVerse setting. As you can imagine from the name, LUCHA is more than a little inspired by Lucha Underground. In fact, you might say I'm ripping parts of it off wholesale.




Coming in Fall 2016, El Palacio, the network that brought you Ride Or Die and Saturday Night Grindhouse, is bringing you even more original programming. Each Thursday, Luchador Fight Club will bring you 60 minutes of pulse-pounding, high-flying action! We don't know much about the promotion's owner, Leonardo Castille, but what we do know is he's splashing around a lot of cash to attract top luchadors and luchadoras from across the globe to his "temple" in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Don't miss the season premier, Thursday, Week 1 of September!


Backstage News:

Luchador Fight Club has been making waves across the wrestling community since opening its doors in August 2016. Network El Palacio has greenlit the show for a 36-episode season run, and the company has been on a hiring spree all month long. While they are understandably keeping most signings heavily under wraps, a few names have been announced.


Easily the biggest name announced thus far is AWF star Core. The big man inked a rumored seven-figure deal to join fledgeling LUCHA, and all indications are he will be a main attraction in the coming season.


The legendary Hart family will be well-represented in LUCHA, with both Jess Hart and Kyle Hart/Kosmo Supreme signed to deals. Rumor has it, LUCHA will not have a women's division, but rather feature a rare integrated roster, where anyone can wrestle anyone. Jess Hart is as tough as they come, so she'll likely do just fine in this environment. It's unclear whether Kyle/Kosmo will be wrestling under his given name or the name he's more well known wrestling under.


Free agent Ranjin Vidur is another big signing for the company. The former multiple time PWI Tag Team Champion was let go from that company earlier in 2016, but he didn't sit idle for long. It appears he is attempting to make a go of it as a singles wrestling star.


Yet another big name is coming out of Puerto Rico's LWA. Wilson Hancock, whose supreme talent tragically went underlooked in his time at the bigger promotions, has inked a deal to star on LUCHA.


Other notable signings announced so far are Yokai, Evan Kuja, Hell Cat, Derek Grace, Alejandro Iglesias and Ebi Kadavar. It would seem there's no shortage of talent on deck for the inaugural season.


Notable non-wrestler signings include Clay Clinton and Hank Hernandez Jr. for the announce team and Gregory Charles as head referee. Clinton, reco infamously went on hiatus from the industry a couple years back, and he had no shortage of unflattering things to say about the state of the industry. For him to come back to wrestling, LUCHA must have been an enticing prospect. Hernandez was a talented second-generation wrestler til injury forced him into retirement; it remains to be seen how he is on the other side of the announcers table.


Finally, if Leonardo Castille seems familiar, no, it's not because you've seen him in other wrestling promotions. It's actually actor Rodrigo Fox, a talented genre actor who comes to Luchador Fight Club after his character was killed off on El Palacio sister show Ride Or Die. The network must be very high on the actor, as "Leonardo Castille" has what appears to be a central role as owner and proprietor of Luchador Fight Club.


El Palacio has released the match card for the season premier of Luchador Fight Club, which premiers this Thursday!

Korah vs. Yokai


Evan Kuja vs. Kosmo Hart


Derek Grace vs. Hell Cat

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