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Hi - for those of you that are not happy with FLB's departure or want to have an extra year to play with those high-profile fighters before they retire, or want to combine your default game with Pride vs UFC mod or for whatever other reason think that the current default database starting in 2002 is not good enough, I made a 2001 version of it.


Basically, it is a WMMA4 original database, converted to WMMA5 format, with fighter personas and attributes added on top of it (note: added but not removed, so there might be some inconsistency with 2002). Background attributes also weren't changed as I felt that most changes were there to reflect fighter development over the year 2001.

New fighters from the current default database have been added, all "Yet to Debut" had their rankings and scores cleaned up.

The following fighters had weight issues and therefore had their respective weights and weight cutting skills changed to match the WMMA5 version:

- Cong Dun

- Gideon Navarro

- John Rivero (moved to GAMMA Heavyweight from Light Heavyweight as a result)

- Kyle Sagal

- Lito Alcala

- Lucas Mueller

- Osmosis Benn

- Patrick Thomas

- Paul Duffell

- Phil Ball

- Pirmin Zubriggen

- Raniere de Lima

- Tarcisio Dantas

- Washington Nogueira Santos

- Yevgeni Sipatov


You can download the mod here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x42xumi29nw6hys/Default2001.zip


Any feedback is welcome

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