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Any way to prevent pictureless generated fighters from appearing?

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Even if you have over 1000 pictures available in the free pics folder, there's bound to be the odd fighter that turns up looking like some kind of ninja-ghost, and I know it's such an immersion breaker for a lot of people. Is there any way to stop this from happening without turning off fighter generation altogether? I can think of two possible ways, but obviously I don't know how feasible they are to implement.


The first is rather than just having a Yes/No option to turn off regens, how about an option that reads 'only if picture available'? Maybe when a gen is about to appear, a quick check is performed to see if there is an appropriate picture, and if there is none, the fighter simply doesn't generate.


If this is not possible, how about some kind of in-game editing tool to delete a new fighter that appears without a pic? Even if there needs to be restrictions, like must be unemployed or only on the first day of their arrival or something.

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