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Tricks and strategies it took you forever to figure out

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TEW 2016 is a big game. Even with all the guides here and elsewhere, it can easy to miss something about how to better work the system. When you DO figure something out, it can feel remarkably obvious.


Here's mine- I play AAA quite a bit. Things go well, and then one of the big two companies with a Women's Division swoops in and hires all my top talent out from under. USPW is bad, but they release their talent, which I sign, so it's a wash, as there's no net loss of popular stars. NOTBPW, though? When they come in, it's far more aggressive, and since they have little exposure in the U.S., anyone they release would start out as an Opener or worse were I to hire them.


Then, the little voice in my head says "Why not just float them an offer for a working agreement when/ if they drop to Cult?"




Why didn't I think of that sooner? As long as they're Cult and your company is Regional, they'll accept, and then they'll only sign your talent to PPA deals. If they do, then hey, your guys get exposure in Canada without you ever needing to run shows there.


So, what's yours?

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