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You don't always get a chance to place a focus on specific superstars in the 'What's going on in your game'? and 'Random Screenshots' threads so wanted to set up a new thread that may or may not catch on.


Really, it is what it says in the title. A chance for you to maybe tell us about/promote one of the stars of your diary/dynasty/save that is standing out above the rest. Maybe you want to hype and brag about their accomplishments or their awesome booking? Who knows.

This is almost a combination of both threads. I'll start;



Default data. Currently in Nov. 2016.



Name: American Warrior (Formerly known as Roger Cage)

Age: 33

Best Match: American Warrior def. Tommy Cornell via Count Out @ SWF Thunder TV, October 2016 (93/A)

Story So Far: Debuting on Supreme TV back in January, American Warrior has quickly caught fire with the fans and has swiftly sprung to the main event scene alongside some of the new acquisitions to the roster. Entered into a program alongside Valiant & Gino Montero who were embroiled in a feud with The Crippler, Big Smack Scott & Joe Sexy.

All 6 men feuded long and hard until Supreme Challenge 36. Warrior teamed with Montero to defeat Big Smack & Joe Sexy in a losers leave SWF match.

After SC36 Warrior was drafted to the Thunder brand in the ensuing brand-split where, along with Valiant, he has been feuding with Tommy Cornell, Steve De Colt and others. Hasn't had a match rated less than B since May (Currently in November). Started at D- and now B+ popularity across America, Warrior will continue to wave the banner of the power and paint babyface for years to come in the SWF and is sure to become the C-Verse's version of Sting. Yet to win a championship, it's only a matter of time before there's gold around his waist.

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<p>Default Data; Currently in April 2019</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Worker:</span> Davis Wayne Newton</p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Age:</span> 31</p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Best Match:</span> Davis Wayne Newton d. Logan Wolfsbaine & Nick Booth to retain the CCW United States Championship <strong>(67/C+)</strong></p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Story So Far:</span> Aside from the very first show (when I booked opposite FCW), Davis Wayne Newton hasn't missed a show for my created small company, CCW. After a rough 2016, going 2-3 (the company ran shows every other month 2016-2018), Newton has found his stride as other workers have been snatched by the big leagues or left the company, going 11-4 from 2017-2019, including becoming the 2nd United States (Main Event) champion, a reign which currently continues (8 defenses, 1.5 years). He recently wrapped up a feud against "Hot Stuff" Hudson Drake to end 2018, and looks to settle things with current rival Marcel LeFleur at The Great American Wrestling Show in May.</p>

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Default Data: May/June 2018


Nadia Snow

Age: 30

Best Match: Nadia Snow def. Melody by DQ (USPW American Wrestling, July 2016; 81 rating)

The Story So Far: Nadia returned to USPW in 2016 with a huge chip on her shoulder as far as Alicia Strong was concerned. Blaming Alicia for her departure from USPW earlier in her career, Nadia went right after her and even beat her at Independence Day Slam that year.


But it was winning the Women's Title in a four-way match at Born In The USA that turned her into a Full. Tilt. Diva. Even losing the belt to Alicia in a 2/3 falls match at Thanksgiving Thunder a month later didn't chill her out.


Winning the title for a second time (also at Born In The USA!) only made it worse. Now she comes to the ring and throws a party for herself after every PPV defense. They have all ended with someone else coming to the ring and trying to beat her up. (Melody succeeded.) She will likely have multiple opponents at this year's Independence Day Slam.


Title History: USPW Women's Champion (2, current); AA Tag Team Champion (2), AAA Top Contender

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WWE in 2006


Name: Dolph Ziggler


Age: 25


Best Match: Undertaker defeats Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown (77)


The story so far: Ziggler debuted on RAW in January, quickly entering a fued with the veteran Ric Flair, losing 3 times to him over 2 months, but rapidly improving his skills and overness. He unexpectedly won the first Cruiserweight Classic, then won the Cruiserweight title the next night, jumping to SmackDown shooting from an opener to an upper midcarder within 2 months. He is now poised to win the Intercontinental Title at the next PPV, with Flair joining him as his mentor and manager.


Title History: 1x Cruiserweight Champion, 1x (and inaugural) winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, soon-to-be 1x Intercontinental Champion


Easily my biggest booking success story so far, from a nobody to a star. The cornerstone of the cruiserweight division over the first 6 months of 2006, has now handed the reigns over to CM Punk as the face and top star of the division.

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WWE in 2017


Name: Goldust


Age: 47


Best Match: ECW Title "House of Fun" match at Wrestlemania 32 against Edge. Scored - 80


Best Storyline: His feud with Edge for the ECW Title. Goldust had a Hell in a Cell match with Kane at Bad Blood that caused him to lose his grip on reality. He thinks he's in a horrible dreamworld and was convinced that recovering his ECW Title from Edge would be the thing to cure him. Edge didn't want anything to do with him for months, until Goldust came to the Rumble with weapons taped to his body. He handcuffed himself to Edge but fled in terror when Kane made his entrance, eliminating himself and Edge at the same time.


Goldust went from a 64 popularity when we started the game to an 84 now across multiple regions. Midcard to Main Event.

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WWF November 1998


Jason the Terrible


The story: Let's be honest here. His name does fit his stats. He is terrible, although not super terrible. Smoke and mirrors can protect him.


I don't think I've ever signed this dude before. Got lucky because I decided to create the ministry of darkness earlier than real life. APA was not going to be part of it because they're a babyface. They're happy sitting backstage, playing poker, drinking beer and smoking cigars. While protecting the Hardy Boyz. I was looking out for crazy people and Jason happened to be on the hidden gems list.


He has been the threat if The Undertaker needs somebody to be sacrificed. We even had a feud between Kane and Jason. Two mutes going at it because they wanted to prove something to their master. The Undertaker was happy about this. Got Jason's popularity to mid-card. People now know who he is outside of Puerto Rico, Mexico and Japan. Still playing the game now, switching between here and present day.I plan to keep the ministry around and more disturbing antics to come. Jason will be part of it.


Ya know, there is a spot open at Wrestlemania 15. The Undertaker's opponent hasn't been decided. Jason could be the guy.



Best match: (76) 10 minute wild brawl vs Kane.

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1987 Golden Age mod by the Mod Squad, Currently in March 1988


Worker: Gary Young


Age: 36


Best Match: The Mega Powers (Hogan & Savage) vs. King Harley Race & Gary Young (81) on an episode of The Main Event.


Story So Far: Gary Young was someone I remembered watching in the twilight days of World Class as it transitioned into the USWA (back when they ran both Memphis and Dallas). Remembered seeing him on the GWF as well. Anyway, the UWF lost a bunch of money after the Oil Crisis narrative, and they had to let some guys go. I wasn't going to sign Gary unless he was unemployed. After he was let go, I decided "Eh, why not?" I was initially just going to have him be a job guy, doing jobs in dark matches for guys who I didn't have room for on TV that particular week, as well as doing jobs on Superstars. But then I found he had great chemistry against Ricky Steamboat during a dark match. Steamboat had regained the IC Title by this point, so I decided to do a rematch, but this time on TV and with the title on the line.


That's when old school WWF storylines started inspiring me and I decided to have Bobby Heenan take him under his wing much like he did Terry Taylor, claiming that to prove that he was the best and smartest manager in the WWF, he would take an average guy who had potential like Gary Young and take him to the top... except without the crazy Red Rooster gimmick as the Box of Gimmicks had not arrived at Gimmicks 'R' Us yet.


While he was already in the low 40s in the southern regions of the US, he was in the low 20s to low 30s everywhere else. He is now shooting up into the mid to high 40s throughout the US, and currently autopushes to Opener (maybe Lower Midcarder if I sign enough one-night job guys for a show). He was a virtual unknown in Canada and has already shot up into the 40s thanks to some good matches with over workers, as well as some good segments with Heenan. I'm not looking for him to be a total breakout star, but he just might prove to be a pretty good hand that I wasn't expecting. And who knows, maybe Bobby Heenan will strike gold with this one unlike Terry Taylor in real life.

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Rising Storms, WWF Week 2, May 1994


Brooklyn Brawler has been the man of many gimmicks. He was Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz, after that he became Tom "The Trashcan" Taylor when he had great chemistry with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese. That team ended when Droese didn't want to work B shows or house shows during renewal negotiations. So Brawler now works as Kwang. He may be Max Moon next, I am not sure yet.

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Guest Asaemon





WCW July 1994...




"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan entered WCW in 1994 and made his debut at Bash At The Beach defeating Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight title. After spending the rest of 1994 trading the World title with Ric Flair during an epic feud, that unveiled Curt Hennig as the "Mysterious Masked Assailant"; Hogan was finally confrontated by the legitimate "No 1 Contender" and reigning WCW United States champion Vader at Starrcade 1994. After Vader won the 1994 BattleBowl to become the "Official Number One Contender", Hogan cannot continue to duck Vader and have to face the "Rocky Mountain Horror" at SuperBrawl V in 1995.


During the whole 1994 Vader accused Hogan and Flair on avoiding to face him; and that Flair did owe him a rematch!


At Starrcade when Hulk Hogan is celebrating his victory against Curt Hennig, when suddenly Vader runs in and attacks Hogan from behind with devastating clubbering offense and drops him with a Release Powerbomb.


Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel makes the announcement that due to the attack on Hulk Hogan, Vader is suspended from WCW until his match with Hulk Hogan at SuperBrawl V in February. Since Vader is suspended the WCW United States Title is vacated and a tournament is held to crown the new champion.


While suspended by WCW, Vader starts his international "Roadkill Tour" destroying opponents all over the world. No one can escape the Monster’s wrath and anyone who gets in his way is destroyed and sent to the hospital for his trouble.




We move on to January 1995...




World Champion Hulk Hogan is facing dominant monster heel "Big" John Tenta at The Clash Of The Champions in Las Vegas.


Ringside, Vader, is looking mighty boss in his quadruple XL suit and wrestling mask.


After the match is over, and when Hulk Hogan is celebrating his victory. The unstoppable 450 pounds monster heel Vader hops into the ring and goes nose-to-nose with Hulk Hogan. The fans erupted for this face off. Vader no-sells Hogan’s punches and beats him into the canvas clubbering blows. Vader then gives him a brutal Release Powerbomb.


The Armstrongs, Jim Duggan and Stars 'n' Stripes run in to save Hogan, but are immediately brutalized by the "Rocky Mountain Monster" and his devastating offense. Then Sting come out to save Hogan, but is also destroyed by Vader's brutal offense. Finally Doug Dillenger, WCW Security and Police storm to the ring and Vader leave triumphantly, while Hogan gets medical treatment by the medics.


In February 1995 the dream match will finally come true at SuperBrawl V "The Biggest Brawl Of Them All". SuperBrawl V is going to be the biggest event in wrestling history.


At SuperBrawl Hulk Hogan and Vader collides inside the Thundercage with the WCW World Heavyweight title on the line. Hogan has a strong record in WCW with only one tainted loss against Ric Flair. His opponent Vader also has a strong record and is undefeated in WCW, except a Triangle Threat match where Ray Traylor was pinned by Sting. Internationally Vader has only one loss in 1994 against UWFi champion Nobuhiko Takada and is undefeated in 1995. Vader is the only man to hold three World heavyweight titles in three continents simultaneously, making him the closest thing professional wrestling has ever had to a true world champion.


WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan says that everything is on the line at SuperBrawl V. He says whoever wins will have the piece of wrestling for the 1990’s.


Vader's manager Harley Race says that while Hogan may be the man and what makes pro wrestling tick, when you have to stand across the ring from the 400+ pounds Vader and know that it's no longer about winning, it's about surviving, that's fear, and at SuperBrawl V, Vader is going to rock the house.


Vader says the fans saw fear in Hogan’s eyes at The Clash. Hogan is willing to take on any challenger to avoid facing the "Rocky Mountain Horror" and after months of being ducked...


It's finally Vader time!

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Bray Wyatt: WWE 2014

Currently January 2017



2X WWE Champion

Money in the Bank holder

Main evented WrestleMania

Reached 100 popularity in US


Best Matches

Bray Wyatt vs. AJ Styles (WWE Championship; Roadblock 2016)

Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens vs. John Cena and Christian (Random Smackdown 2015)


Both A*

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