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Do AI companies successfully poach guys on exclusive contracts?

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Seems like it rarely does happen. 99.99% of the time, it seems, fighters stay with the companies they first signed their exclusive contracts with until the company no longer wants them, even when a Low-International GAMMA tries to poach from a High Regional or Low National company!


Just my thinking here.

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I'm about 3 years in on my default universe game, playing as a created company set up to essentially rival GAMMA. At this point any time one of my national+ popularity fighters reaches the end of their contracts they're seeing offers from GAMMA and ALPHA-1 every time (and BCF as well now that they've hit national). Most of the time I see a big fighter from other feds expire they have at least 3 offers as well. However a lot of the time if it's not me poaching or getting poached it does seem like guys end up staying with their current company, but I'm only 3 years in so I don't think I've had enough time pass yet to judge how much fighters move around.
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