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What are the best ways to drive an opposing company under?

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The only way to break a company is to have higher Star Quality guys so you win the monthly National Battle. This will hurt their pop and in theory, drop them down to Cult. At that point, hopefully, they will fall into negatives and go broke. That's the only way to actually buy them out. You can steal their top 5 guys to help win the war, and drive up salaries of their wrestlers you don't want. Otherwise, there's no way to have them directly lose money.
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<p>There’s really no “Us or Them” type of mentality in the game where anything you do (besides dirty tricks) can actually effect the other company (in a way that would put them out of business at least). If you’re at National you get the national battles and below you get regional ones, but they drop popularity and not money.</p><p> </p><p>

Running big shows for free against your rival’s PPVs won’t hurt their numbers. Companies can book the same venue on the same night and in general running the same region doesn’t influence how many fans go to one promotion over the other. Pretty much the only thing you have is bidding on workers you don’t want to drive up contracts.</p>

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<p>There really isn't anything you can do to topple a well established national or even high cult company.</p><p> </p><p>

As identified above, the economic system in the game isn't yet complex enough to allow for that. I realize this is primarily a fantasy booker game, and easily the best one on the market, but I do hope future editions flesh out what the cutthroat business side of wrestling.</p>

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