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Scaler for "Prime Age" and "Retirement Age" based on Era.

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I think it's become evident in the last couple years that our previous conception of "Typical Prime Fighting Age" is a little outdated based on old training camp philosphies and such. More specifically, I believe improvements in sport science in MMA has increased the lifespan of a fighter's career--No longer are we seeing high-level fighters decline sharply when they're 34 years old--Fighters like GSP, Cormier, ect., are performing at remarkable levels still thanks to better and safer training methods.


I think a modest effect of this can be reflected in the Eras of the game, wherein later eras can add an extra couple years to the prime and retirement ages of fighters. Implementation is tricky, though, as it is a matter of:


1. Flat increase or a % Increase of some degree. A relative % increase is better but how dies one calculate it?


2. Cut-off point. Should every active fighter receive this, or just those who have not yet reached their "Prime" age? This would mean a database-wide check would need to be done at the start of each Era as well. Or maybe just new fighters would receive it? This would result in a pretty limited impact, however.

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