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Better match making assistant

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Problem: The game has a ton of match making aids right now, but unfortunately most of that is pretty useless.

One thing that matters a lot in the booking is the region where you are holding your shows (especially if your company is past National size and hires fighters from all over the world).

Now, changing the region after you have booked a show is not possible, sorting the fighters by popularity is only possible within the show, and only for this particular region, and filtering fighters by popularity in any region is only possible from roster, but then you can't filter out the unavailable ones. So basically finding where to host your show so that it's highly rated becomes a super tedious task (back to excel sheets and all...)


Solution: in the match making screen to have a tool which allows you to enter a region and a popularity level (at least, at most, etc.), and the tool will show you all the fighters that are for example, at least High Level Regional in Japan and will be available for the show you are scheduling. This will maybe also require a weight class filter (either a specific one or catchweight), so that you can easily see if there's enough fighters for you to host a show in a particular region (this may even be an extension of the existing Availability tool - just add the region and popularity filters there).


Would appreciate if this was done, as it will make the booking so much easier.


Thank you.

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<strong>Solution 2:</strong> this is probably even a better one. Instead of building new stuff, just allow usage of Assistant at the stage when you are only setting up the show - choosing location, date and stuff. This way you can easily change location, date, intent and see what impact that will have on possible main events.
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