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Booking War Games - Cage Wars

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Now if we had enough road agent notes, you would be able to basically track the match by putting in midway additions, late additions, and limited involvement for when people enter. But you can't, so I generally stick with what you used along with a note for the winner and loser of the fall and whether it ends by submission or stoppage. Occasionally I'll throw in a keep strong or protect note for someone on the losing team who I want to still look like a contender after the match.
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Make sure you use workers who are either classified as Brawler or have Good or better Brawling skills. It's a Brawl-based match, so you'll get a complaint if you use someone who is better at technical wrestling than they are brawling (regardless of how high their brawling skill is).


As for the actual road agent notes, I'd go with Spectacle or Epic. Also, maybe Keep It Simple on anyone who's Safety isn't rated as Great or Higher.


Finally, Calm the Crowd on the match right before it.

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