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Any updates on new games?

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Is there any update on anything that anyone who puts out games on GDS is doing? I know Adam last put out WMMA 5 which came out half a year ago. Arlie put out a game 5 years ago (I believe he makes the basketball and football games). And Derek put out Imperium years ago and it seems all mention of his racing game is gone. Is there any update to anything happening with any game at all? I like the games this company puts out but I feel you have to really want to stay a fan and customer with the marketing that has been gong on as of late.
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You've sort of answered your own question - as you noted, there hasn't been any marketing of new games, and this because there's nothing noteworthy to say at the moment. There are no new games scheduled to be released in the near future. I don't know what the other developers are currently doing, but my next game has already been confirmed as not being until 2020 at least. When we do have new / upcoming releases they'll be announced with mail outs and stories on the web site as normal.
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