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So i just traded around half of my roster to get 5 people from another company and just because they are apparently holding a show on the same day, they get all of the wrestlers from my roster and i get zero of theirs, how is this fair? i don't have my champion or any upper mid carders to now book in a decent 2 hour show
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Is the company you traded to a bigger company than yours. I believe the workers chose priority to the bigger company that they are with on a deal whether traded or ppa instead of the smaller company that contracted them, so if you are a regional ROH company and Trade with National NJPW, their workers will put priority to NJPW shows and so will the workers you traded over.


To avoid this, try and schedule your events away from the people you trade with.

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Exactly. Workers will always make priorities, and if your company is lower than the other, then the other will get first priority. Therefore, the golden rule is to make sure (if you're not first priority) to reschedule your show or event, so they don't clash.


I had that problem with AAA and Impact, where the workers I borrowed for my Impact shows wouldn't be available. So I moved the TV taping one day back, and made sure none of our events clashed.

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