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StrikeFirst: If Alpha and GAMMA are merged to 1

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Hello this is a diary I've been contemplating on making for a while but I've been really focused on the actual game world and what has happened in it the game was started in 2002 like most other c-verse games and is currently in the year 2005 so my first post is going to be a detailed summary of everything that went on in 2002. Once Im caught up to 2005 I'll post pictures and treat this like a real diary that I would love participation from as this is a massive project and would love different thoughts.


StrikeFirst Rundown


Owned by Conrad Mitchell with HBO financial backing.

HBO has enormous coverage in all countries.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada (Like to think the shows are based in the MGM Grand but im not 100% sure which casino HBO partners with)



1. Outside of default suspensions there really isn't anyway to get fired outside of poor performance or suspended. I feel like outside drama adds to the show with which StrikeFirst will be a show.

2. Continual PED, TRT, And drug suspensions will get you fired. (It would take like 3 or 4 in reality to make me consider maybe less considering circumstance.)

3. A losing overall record (We really need a boat load of fighters for this to work the way I want it to. Some really good fighters are going to underperform and depth is the key.)

4. New titles are earned through one night Corronation Tournaments. These are 4 man/woman tournaments only (This applies for Interim belts as well.)


Championship Guidelines


1. Testing positive for TRT or Steroids while winning a title is the only way to be stripped.

2. You only lose a title by getting defeated. (No defence restrictions)

3. Champions with no clear challenger may fight other title holders.

4. If a champion is so dominant within his/her division an interim champion can be made while the real champion Fights other title holders. (Helps create new stars and establishes an obvious challenger to the title)

5. No one can hold 2 belts at once all champ vs champ fights are catchweight bouts with no titles associated. (Think of the real title holders as each Divisions represenative and the interim title holders as the runner up.)




Year 1: 2002 The Birth of StrikeFirst and the year of the One Day Title Corronation Tournaments


Starting in January StrikeFirst CEO and Owner Conrad Mitchell buys out ALPHA-1 and GAMMA with the help of the HBO Network (yes based on the real HBO) creating the best roster of talent ever up to this point in MMA and creating a massive wave of interest in the product as a whole. Along with this massive change StrikeFirst also signed all the top fighting prospects it could find from Bantamweight to Super Heavyweight making the World Rankings essentially the StrikeFirst Rankings apart from a few strays from BCF who are signed exclusively at this point.


Oh and did I mention HBO plans on making StrikeFirst a weekly TV product which makes having a massive roster a necessity but at this point it's a Bi-Weekly Product until fighter popularity catches up with the demand.


In Order to corronate the first StrikeFirst Champions the First 5 shows were primarily dedicated to 1 day tournaments to determine the first champions here's how each division shaked out in year 1.


Super Heavyweight:

Ali Shivari won the inaugural Super Heavyweight title Corronation Tournament beating George Pickering in the final. #1 Super Heavyweight Palmer Lette got hurt leading up to the event but managed to hold on to his #1 ranking and also made way for an obvious first challenger to Ali. In their corresponding fight Palmer defeated Ali by KO in round 3 to crown a new champion but left Palmer with a very lengthy medical suspension that didn't see him fight for another year. Which was fine as the Super Heavyweight division was really top heavy at this point and needed to build up another legit challenger.



The winner of the Corronation Tournament at HW was Hassan Fezzik who defeated Lefter Oktay ( Who defeated James Foster in round 1) Hassan would then defeat his first challenger Mason Archer who defeated Terron Cabal

With a super impressive 3rd round Knee to the face. Archer would go on Hiatus for 2 years before returning. But during this time Maurilo Satinho has defeated Armen Sarkisian and Tim Boyer with relative ease to earn a title shot vs Fezzik in early 03'.


Light Heavyweight:

By far the most drama filled division in year 1. The winner of the corronation tournament Zvonimir Asanovich got popped for a positive TRT test resulting in a year long suspension and an immidiate vacating of the title. Later in the year another Corronation tournament was held this time won by Tadamasa Yamada. No title defences were held but a challenger emerged in Affonso Villar who has stayed undefeated.



Middleweight has become the backbone division of Strike over it's 3 year existence but it started out rather predictibly as Matthew Dean was the first champion defeating Carlos Da Guia but then later in the year he fell to Heiji Endo who won by unanimous decision. By years end Middleweight was our most competitive division with many directions it could go in.



Noach Van Der Capallen took the crown vs Julio Regueiro and won Fight of the Year for their efforts and to this day is still viewed as the best fight in StrikeFirst History. Later in the year he defended the belt vs Gabriel Gallego with a early first round tko victory.



The Lightweight title was won by Fiyero Lermontov defeating his biggest rival Sukarno (You'll read about it later) in the final and then defended his title vs Brandon Sugar. Fiyero won 2002's Fighter of the year award and was ranked #1 p4p at various points in the year.



Li-Kong Ho won the inaugural Featherweight title but then lost the belt to Philip Ziskie at this point Featherweight was very competitive sadly this wouldn't last long.



Within the Bantamweight division it seemed like it was mostly top Heavy but that quickly changed as Tossopol Puangchan who wasn't ranked at all and was a last minute fill in for the Bantamweight Corronation Tournament and ended up winning the whole thing by knocking both his opponents early in the fights. This allowed him to defend rather quickly and took on the guy he replaced Willy Bassett and disposed of him rather quickly. This staged up a beutiful matchup in 03 between him and Ollie Rockmetteller


Year End Awards (Ones that are relevant to the overall story)


Fighter of the Year: Fiyero Lermontov

Female Fighter of the Year: Pamela O Neil

Fight of the Year: Noach Van Der Capellen vs Julio Regueiro

KO of the Year: Mason Archer (By Knee vs Terron Cabal)

Sub of the Year: Gourges Nouri (Rear Naked Choke vs Caca De Andrade)




2003 Preview


Women's Feather, Bantam, and Flyweights are introduced.


Database enhancements are made (more fighters and companies along with the creation of Super gyms/Teams)


New Champions


The Ultimate Fighter is born


4 shows a month. (This doubles and triples in the coming years.)


And a couple of massive rivalries are forged



If you have any questions feel free to ask and ill gladley answer at the top of my next post.

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