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License issue

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I bought a copy of Bowl Bound College Football quite a while ago (2011 to be exact). I had it installed on one laptop. The ability to connect to the internet on that laptop stopped, so I merely used the laptop for some of the games on it. Then that laptop finally died. I couldn't get access to any of the files on that laptop, and wanted to install BBCF on a new machine, but without any of the registration details, I was looking at having to buy a whole new version of the game.


Finally, thanks to a friend who wanted to experiment with my old laptop, we were able to get it going again. Not only that, but I had internet access on it for about an hour, before it died again. I quickly unlicensed the game from my old laptop.


A couple of weeks later, I have installed BBCF on my current laptop. Having found all the old registration information, I tried using it to license the game again. However, it came up with an error message saying that it doesn't recognise that order id. I have all of the information from the purchase (email address, postal address, name, order id, date of purchase etc). Is there anything I can do to get it licensed on my new machine?

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