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TCW 1997: True Hollyweird Story

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Total Championship Wrestling is a new promotion founded by teen billionaire JK Stallings Jr. for the first month of its existence it operated under the name Hollyweird Grappling Company with Sam Strong as head booker. Seeing Sam play the politics game quickly soured the young Stallings. Replacing the wrestling legend is one of the most feared men in all of pro wrestling history: Professor Nero. Nero is one of the most respected men in the industry and his name alone instills fear in the Southern states. As HGC, the company operated as a sports entertainment promotion, but with the addition of Professor Nero, the company has shifted to a more wrestling friendly product. Nero promises stiff competition between heavyweights and the already highly anticipated Cruiserweight Division featuring Luchadores, cruiserweights and Japanese juniors.

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