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Mod balance tips

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Hi all


After a long absence I am back to GDS (played a lot of WMMA 2 and 3 several years ago), and in particular to TEW 2016.


I am making a mod and have some questions, I would be very grateful for any advice given by the resident forum experts.


For my mod I envision a starting position with only three companies, in separate regions, who would immediately start employing workers and running shows. Over time, other companies would open up, mostly on a random basis, perhaps with some scheduled competitors in the three main regions after 1-2 years.


Background aside, here are my main queries:


1) What is the optimum range for worker #s versus company #s? To ensure that there is a good choice but also that lots of workers are not permanently unemployed.

2) I want the companies to have a good chance to grow and not go bankrupt, is there a way to tweak this? Would this be the settings for each region? I see the starting $ for each company, here I am referring more to the ease with which shows are rated as good.

3) I am using females only, starting with the females in the base game. Are there any adjustments required in terms of the benchmark abilities? Ultimately I would like a universe where the top females reach the same skill levels as the top males do in the default game.

4) Any suggestions as to the rate of new workers entering the game? Here I mean pre-defined workers, not regenerations. Say I had 500 workers in year one, how many should I plan to come in per annum?

5) When does the database actually start? I started one seemingly in 2000, with companies on random starts, but some companies came in before 2000 and were therefore already there in turn one.


I may come back with further queries (perhaps I forgot one or two), but thanks in advance!

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