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What I wouldn't mind seeing is a little more activity in terms of having to make decisions surrounding interactive dialogue. A few examples might be:


- A fighter gets robbed by a decision - the fighter or his manager demand the fight is overturned (which may or may not involve approaching the athletic commission) [they may then potentially demand a rematch as a follow up]

- A fighter hasn't fought for some time - the fighter or his manager request a date or a show as a guaranteed timeline (may issue an ultimatum) [may ask for release if denied?]

- An incident occurs between two fighters - both petition for a date or a show as a guaranteed timeline (refusal may make the fighter inclined to refuse future 'alternative' offers)

- A fighter suffers a non-critical injury ahead of a fight - may approach matchmaker and ask if they should still fight (may demand bonus) [may request guarantee their job is safe in the event of a loss]

- A fighter announces their intended withdrawal from a fight (possibility that a further payment or incentive/promise may save the fight)

- A fighter reacts to a recent title/big opportunity fight announcement (may make a request to face the winner) [may feel jilted and announce they will no longer sign with the company]


Things like this.


Doesn't have to be frequent, and there should always be a non-committal option, but this would be fun!

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