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Creating Child Promotions

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Instead of having to take over a pre-existing child promotion, it would be good to be able to create one - with options for differing levels of control.


UFC have had both Invicta and WEC running while they built the lighter/women's divisions, and utilised it to great effect.


But they also have a strong link with Legacy FC, and probably several others to boot.


It's not always overt, but larger promotions do exert authority over certain feeder leagues.


It would be interesting to be able to fully control/book these self-created feeder leagues, which wouldn't necessarily be profitable, or just let someone else do it and loan fighters out as appropriate while allowing them to fill their roster and offer potential future signings.


On that score, it would also be interesting to be able to appoint staff - either in-house or at a feeder league/child promotion, and monitor their success, firing or promoting where appropriate.

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