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New Thread as I have updated British Isles, many new workers have been added in Britain and the active roster count has gone from two to eight!




I am working on updating the CornellVerse, moving it up to 2018 (2019 felt like too much work!) So far everyone in USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and British Isles has been looked at and updated, 22 new active companies have been added and there are 264 new workers. All companies in USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and British Isles have updated rosters, title histories etc. Each with their own challenges or unique set ups. I have gone through everyone's pictures too and updated them to one's made by the great community on here. I have tried to change as many as I can, as long as they're for the better, in an attempt to make as many workers as I can feel fresher. Sometimes just a changed render can make anyone more appealing.



I have tried to make some big changes, but in a logical way that could realistically be played out. I want everything to feel new, but not so out of left field that it just feels like changes for changes sake. I hope I have achieved that. Again, this is just USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and British Isles so far.




THE GAME https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ynhp15h4llpdjm/TEW2016.rar/file

THE PICTURES https://www.mediafire.com/file/rmx2113onrt72z8/Edited2018.rar/file





I don't want to give everything away, but here is a rundown of some of the top companies at the moment.



USPW continue to dominate, adding more big names to their roster including Remo, Valiant, Brandon James, Bryan Vessey and Sammy Bach among others. The top names are getting richer, but also bigger ego's and USPW has started having a drink and party culture. The top names can carry the product, but below the main event you find a lot of characters dead in the water, with no momentum and seemingly no room for growth...unless you are friends with the boys at the top!


In 2017 they scraped the women's division, and a group of midcard guys staged a mass walk-out, but they remain the biggest company in the world.




South Of The Border Pro Wrestling have continued to grow in the last two years, both domestically but also gaining popularity significantly in America. One of the reasons for the growth is the fact they were able to reintroduce a brand split in 2017, and now run two weekly tv show’s that air on prime time television in both Mexico and America.


They have had a few setbacks though, in March 2016 Champagne Lover suffered a major concussion in a match against El Alborotador Confiado. Champagne Lover would miss a year of action, and while it wasn’t his fault El Alborotador Confiado would get blamed and fired. El Alborotador Confiado would eventually release a book the next year that detailed the firing and that struggles he suffered as a result, and the book became a big hit. SOTBPW management, as well a Champagne Lover, came out looking pretty bad and while neither have suffered to much the book has affected both f their prestige, and that along with injuries has made Champagne Lover not quite the icon he was, but he remains one of the top tecnico’s in Mexico.


At the time of that injury Champagne Lover was the Campeónato del Mundo champion, so the injury made the title vacant. SOTBPW ran a massive 128 man tournament, using workers from all over Mexico and America, as well as a couple from Japan. The final came down to Pablo Rodriguez and Axxis Jr, but in a horrible ironic twist Axxis Jr. suffered a semi-severed spinal column in the final. Having to improvise, the referee counted Axxis Jr out and declared Pablo Rodriguez the winner, but he refused to take the title that way. Axxis Jr, who was set to win the whole thing and become SOTBPW’s new figurehead, would be forced into retirement. By not taking the title on the cheap, Pablo Rodriguez would be turned tecnico by the fans and all the losing quarter and semi-finalists would faceoff with the winner facing Rodriguez for the title. Soul Taker won that match, but lost to Pablo Rodriguez, who became the new Campeónato del Mundo. Thw twist wouldn’t end their though, as Referee Ramizez would immediately announce that another title match was to take place, and Multimillonario would attack Pablo from behind and quickly defeat him for the title. At the next TV show Ramirez was fired (although apparently the pay-off from Multimillonario was worth it), but when Multimillionario was set to be stripped of the title he would bring out his lawyer, Padre Carrasco, who made sure the title stayed around his waist. Multimillonario would go on the have a fourteen month title reign that rocketed him to the top of the card and made him the most hated rudo in Mexico.


In other interesting SOTBPW news La Alianza Del Terror looked like it was dead, but in 2017 El Demonio bought in a group of youngsters to be in his new stable, which now includes Samael The Accuser, Phobia, Lunatic and Hush.



In May 2017 El Sucio was caught on tape mocking disabled people and was promptly fired due to the scandal. He was since gone on to open his own new rebel promotion.



As well as Axxis Jr’s career ending injury, Xtinction would suffer a broken neck in August 2016 that forced him to reture from in-ring competition too. After Champagne Lover suffered a broken ankle on the set of a TV show Xtinction would show back up, saying there was a curse in SOTBPW. It looked like he was actually talking about himself when the former Mystery Man and former Jormungand, now going by the names Aniquilación and Destrucción, would join Xtinction and Hijo Del Mephisto in beating down Champagne Lover. However, the true twist came in a six-man tag when El Héroe Mexicano turned on Champagne Lover and removed his mask behind a towel and put on a new black mask, revealing himself to be El Curso. The group now call themselves La Maldición de México.



With the brand split in place SOTBPW now has a huge and talented roster, with El Leon as a figurehead and lots of great new additons like The Amazing Bumfholes, El Critico, Silver Tiger and Marc DuBois. With only USPW on their level financially, the two could be about ready to fight it out with global domination.



TCW have continued to hold their own despite USPW taking some of their top talents and the retirements of Ricky Dale Johnson, Brent Hill and Troy Tornado, the latter breaking his neck live on PPV. The main event scene has been dominated in recent times by Rocky Golden and Wolf Hawkins, with talents being turned heel just to feud with the TCW hero's. In late 2017 Rich Money was added to the roster, leaving USPW after growing tired of the politics, and looks to be a major player for the company going forward.



The company has begun planning for the future, and in February 2017 the company when on a hiring spree looking for future stars, snapping up the likes of Jackpot Jordan, Jake Idol, Ernest Youngman, Kirk Jameson, Davis Wayne Newton, Nelson Callum and Roy Edison. Since then the likes of James Prudence, Logan Wolfsbaine, Hollywood Bret Star and Matthew Keith have been signed on too. With the Likes of Jay Chord and Greg Gauge still on the roster TCW could have one of the most exciting rosters we've seen if they can begin turning them into stars. With the wrestling industry crashing in Japan TCW has also been able to sign one of the most promising wrestlers in the world, Seiji Jimbo, as well as his mentor Eisaku Kunomasu,


Sadly, Jason Azaria is no longer with us, dying in a car crash in August 2016. An annual tournament has been set up in his honour, with Wolf Hawkins winning the first by defeating Tommy Cornell in his one-night only return to honour Jason.



SWF have found themselves in a bit of a slump in recent years after the emergence of USPW. Losing so many top stars has left them a shell of what they once were, and in November 2016 the company had no choice but to give in to Jack Bruce's demands when his contract came up for renewal, as they knew losing Bruce could have been the final nail in the coffin. So that, my friends, is how Jack Bruce became the head booker of the SWF!



The company is certainly in a transitional state right now, with long-term employees like Vengeance, Squeeky McClean, Joe Sexy and The Bumfholes among others leaving, and the company struggling to find a new identity. Comedy has become a bigger focus, and the Shooting Star title has been bought back as Bruce tries to find a way to be a better alternative to the likes of USPW and TCW.



There was also been a shift in focus towards more gimmicks, with the roster now including pirates (Hugh DeAske and Emmy) a rapper and his entourage (Lenny Brown, Cali Slick, Busta Capp and Lil Henry) Demons led by a cult leader (Rev. John Greed, Scythe, Hellion and Lassana Makutsi's new character "Effigy") and a terrible Live Action Role Play gimmick, Parker the LARPer, a gimmick that may be the worst in history and a potential career killer for Steven Parker. Oh, and the less said about the Unsafe Sad Pathetic Wrestlers (or USPW for short) stable the better.



So while there is all change in the SWF midcard, the main event scene has changed too. In June 2016 Big Smack Scott turned down a huge, lucrative contract from USPW in order to stay with the SWF, and when the fans found out he began getting face pops no matter what he did. SWF went with this, eventually turning him face and changing his name to the one's the fans had started chanting "Scotty Supreme". Riding a huge wave of momentum Scotty Supreme rose up the card at lightening speed, and eventually captured the SWF World Heavyweight title in the main event of The Supreme Challenge, and is now one of the top babyfaces in North America.



With The Japanese scene struggling, SWF was able to sign the whole of the NEO stable from BHOTWG. Led by ex-TCW star Koshiro Ino the three have become one of the top babyface acts in the company, with Ino himself becoming a genuine main event star.




NOTBPW has become one of the most influential companies of modern times, with head booker Victoria Stone-McFly proving to be a forward thinker and innovator. In March 2016 Victoria hired Joanna Rodriguez to the company, but came up with the unique idea of doing so with camera's rolling. J-Ro's medical, contract signing and first three months with the company was all filmed, 24/7, for a reality TV show called "Fighting In A Man's World". The show was a complete success and made Rodriguez an instant star and bringing more eye's to NOTBPW than ever before. If the show made her s star, it was the follow up film a year later that made her an icon, the likes not seen in wrestling since Champagne Lover in Mexico, and the whole thing has changed the way women's wrestling is seen, with more female based companies opening up in both USA and America.


With the success of J-Ro and the fact NOTBPW was able to sign USPW's top talents when the company got rid of their women's division, Victoria made the brave and risky step of making the NOTBPW divisions completely integrated. With men and women fighting on equal settings for the first time in a major company there was a real chance it could alienate fans, and three workers even quit the company over the decision. It was proven to be a HUGE success though, and for the first time the Canada company looks to be competing with the top American companies on a global scale. With the Women adding so much to the show, but also NOTBPW now having all the DeColts and the Stones on the roster, can anything stop them?



Following the success of J-Ro and her reality TV show and Film about her lfie, the profile of AAA was never higher as NOTBPW made sure to give them lots of praise and attention. This helped the company catch the eye of TV braodcaster The Women's Network, who ended up purchasing them in December 2016.


With a national TV deal, as well as the funding from a nation TV network, AAA have thrived not only due to good booking, but also their use of promotional TV shows to help boost individual workers. The two people who have benefited the most from this are Eve Grunge and Helene Svensson. Grunge was unknown as a wrestler she was a known singer and song writer, and when AAA aired a show that featured her balancing the two careers whilst putting out a third album she became a star, with the album becoming a high seller she now sits at the top of the AAA roster.


Helene Svennson was a supermodel back in her homeland of Sweden, who became inspired after watching Fighting In A Man's world, and pitched the idea of a reality TV show that featured her training to become a wrestler. The Women's Network loved it and the show began airing in 2017. Helene has had some resentment from her now fellow pro's, but her hard work has started earning her some respect.


With AAA now on national TV with some genuinely marketable and talented stars, is the time coming for an all-women's promotion to become a national company?




With the Japanese economy and wrestling scene being destroyed by a tsunami in May 2016 ex-BHOTWG president Kaneie Komine saw his chance to get back to the top. With BHOTWG, PGHW and BCG having to slash costs Kaneie found some serious financial backers and purchased the rights to the old INSPIRE company, rebranding them Inspire Diversity Group Strikes Back, or INSPIRES. Using the failed company of his enemy Tadiyuki Kikkawa on purpose as a way of proving that he could run the company better than him, he would go one step further in his humiliation of Kikkawa when he would announce him as one of his first signings for the company. That announcement was done at a press conference where Komine would announce the new company alongside the figureheads of BHOTWG, PGHW (PRIDE Koiso) and GCG (Hiroyasu Gakusha).


The reason INSPIRES was able to get these loyal workers was due to the fact that Kaneie ‘purchased’ them, offering each company money in order to let them out of their contracts. This not only kept those companies alive, but also has led to Komine being seen as the saviour of Japanese Wrestling as he could have let those companies die and picked up the scraps after. Being seen as the hero was exactly what Kaneie wanted, and he has gone on to hire many other top stars to INSPIRES, such as WEXVV ace Munemitsu Senmatsu, Masaru Ugaki, Buddy Garner, Kozue Kawashima, Tasuku Iesada and Akinori Kwakami. There have also been returns for the likes of Li Bingci, a 2016 Olympics gold medallist, and Oleg Dorosklov, now known as Oleg The Destroyer thanks to his successful MMA career.


INSPIRES his booked by youngster Naizen Uboshita, a young rookie colour commentator, who was a risky appointment, but who Komine trusted to be able to help deliver a product younger wrestling fans would be interested in. Naizen has modernised the product slightly, although it is still very MMA influenced, but there have been major changes. Instead of having no titles to fight for the company now has six. Two of those champions are tag team championships, with another change being that they now boast a great tag division. With the Japanese scene starting to recover, INSPIRES are in a great position to become number one in the country.




World Level Wrestling have managed to continue to improve in Japan, and before the formation of INSPIRES they were briefly the number one company in the whole country. This is down to a couple of things, the financial struggles of BHOTWG and PGHW, but also the fact that WLW’s mainstream product allowed them to not be rocked by the change in the wrestling industry.


Both Emerald Angel and Magnum Kobe have become even bigger stars and are now too off the biggest in Japan. The main event scene has also been boosted by signing such as BHOTWG junior division stars Sensational Dragon and Marihito Masuko. WLW also hired MYSTIC Dragon from BHOTWG and he has gone through a makeover, covering himself in red paint which has given him a unique look and shot him up into the WLW main event scene. They have also added PGHW’s Ryoma Muruyama and EXODUS stars Orange Tsuchie and Tsuneyo Yanagimoto, among others, giving them a deep and very talented roster.





21CW have continued to grow over the years, and have becoming dominant in both the British Isles and Europe. When the new NetStream service opened in August 2017 they began airing 21CW shows and now the British compmany has good exposure in North America and are looking to break into that market too.


In order to compete globally they have been trying to get some workers with more star power to the top of the card. They have given a massive push the monster Grave Digger, who had a fantastic 13-months 21st Century World title run. There has also been strong pushes for the likes of Daniel Black Francis, War Machine and Brickhouse Balder. This has meant that some of the older heads have dropped down the card slightly, or in the case of Dark Angel, have left the company all together.


In recent months 21CW have been running a huge, company-wide civil war storyline. With the company declaring they had conquered Eurpoe a new stable was formed, The European Upper-class. Comprising of Buff Martinez, Brickhouse Balder, Viktor Beskov, Yuri Ilioakov, Hercules Johansson, Bam Bam Johansson, Igor Ivanoff and Ivan Ivanoff The EU began attacking members of the roster, actually taking out BW Eddie, Joe Simpson and Michael X, who have all left the company. Running roughshod over the company a new multi-national fraction formed to fight back. The Nations United stable, led by Sebastian Koller, vow to end the European threat.



With all this going on Jonathan Faust put the blame on Jeff Nova, saying his Eurpean expansion went against traditional British Wrestling values. He formed The Conventialists, a group that wants out of Europe and is dead aganst the North American expansion. While many believe it is just Faust finding henchmen to keep the 21st Century World title around his waist, many people have bought into his message, with both faces and heels joining him for their own reasons. One man who completely disagrees with Faust is Tommy Cornell, and he has created the National Pride movement, another group of wrestling who have a more modern view of wrestling and want to take the company global. The two groups have been at war for months and it shows no sign of slowing down.



With only four workers not affiliated with a stable, the whole company is fighting to come out on top. It has ended friendships and teams, with Buff Martinez turning on J-B-Cash, Stevie Stout going against Faust and siding with Cornell, Edward Cornell choosing Faust over his own brother etc it has created many twists and turns and no one can trust anyone else.






Scottish National Promotions was just a small-time promotion that had a few hardcore brawls mixed in with some high flying from the young members of the roster. This changed in 2016 when owner Mark Carnie was able to convince the Scottish National Arts Council to give another generous donation. Carnie used this money to get a meeting BBV executives, where he pitched them his idea for his new “game show”. Travelling around some of the roughest pubs in Scotland, the new show “Barroom Brawls” featured genuine drunks, psycho’s and lowlifes having genuine fights inside bars or in parking lots. The winners of these genuine fights were then given basic wrestling training, then put into a worked 32-man tournament. The show was a brutal car crash, being slated by critics, yet fans were obsessed. Despite being shown in a graveyard shot the programme was a huge hit and shot SNP into the big time. One infamous incident featured eventual winner “Dickie” legitimately beating up competitor “Psycho Eyes” because he had accidentally broke his sons nose in a previous round. Dickie was rewarded for his heinous act by being booked to win the tournament, Psycho Eyes, who broke his nose and cheek, was fired from his hospital bed.


Seeing the success of these legit tough guys hitting each other with weapons, Carnie hired most of them to contracts, and fired the less hardcore members of his roster. The success of Barroom Brawls led to SNP getting an actual wrestling TV deal, where they now have an “A” and “B” show. The viewership has remained high and Roly Muckletruck , Meathead McAullie and Scott Pride have become huge national stars. Them, mixed with Philip Cooper (who was fired from 21CW after being found with prostitutes) and Tommy Manning (a controversial English comedian) have been joined in the main event scene by Dickie and his son Blandy, with the likes of Maximum Damage providing a more experienced wrestling presence.



In October 2016 SNP became the only British promotion to feature a women’s division too. Although they have some trained professionals in mainly consists of ex-strippers and other sex workers, and features lots of bra and panties or mud wrestling matches.



The whole company is filled with menacing brutes, high sex appeal ladies and quite a few charismatic workers with good star quality. There is not much in the way of wrestling talent though.








So as well the likes of USPW, TCW, SWF and AAA fighting it out to become national there is also a new coming called Battles Of Hell, run by Dunton Hall it is a company run like a blockbuster movie or gritty drama, with adult content and characters fighting it out in the after-life while learning to work together to defeat evil. It has realistic characters in a crazy setting, with hardcore action. They sit at cult level and, other than pilot show a few months before, they are yet to run any shows.


GSW has had its fair share of set-backs in recent times, and finds itself with a roster largely made up of friends of Brother Grimm. Drug use is rampant and the quality is poor, but can they bounce back?


CZCW and MAW both suffered big talent raids, MAW eventually being bought out by USPW and made into their development territory, complete with weekly TV show. What happened to CZCW though? Were they able to survive?


FCW got a new billionaire owner, what does that mean for their future? They've managed to sign some big names, including boxer Shadrach Badell, and they are looking to plan a route to becoming a national company, will they succeed?


New companies B-Wild, Devil Women Return To The Islands all have unique and interesting rosters, but none are more unique than Kid Friendly Wrestling, a company that features Chi Sperger v Chi Sburglar, fish pulled from the sea and sock puppet champions. Oh and ZEN....well, they are spreading worldwide!


TITAN Factory Wrestling are bringing the big men back, can a company full of little Dreads take the company by storm?






Canadian wrestling is in a boom right now, with 4C and ACPW increasing their profiles, and while CGC isn't the company it once was it still has a fighting chance of turning things around. Add in the fact that Quebec Pro Wrestling has got off to a great start, and ZEN's latest promotion is making waves, Canada has a whole group of potential national companies all fighting it out in a race to the top. Don't forget the new Women's Promotion, Independent Women Wrestling, that was opened up by Corrine White and features hard-hitting, intense, realistic and often hardcore fights, IWW looks to become the future of Women's Wrestling.






With SOTBPW way ahead as the top promotion in Mexico, it is the battle for second spot that is really heating up. There are currently three regional promotion.


OLLIE are in West Central Mexico and have been taken over by Nicolas Lopez and are set to begin airing a new TV show on Los Deporte Hoy called OLLIE Para La Gente. Their main tecnico’s are veterans Nicolas Lopez and Marcos Flores, with El Hijo Espada Roja not far behind. With the likes of X-Calibre and El Mítico Jr further down the card they have some truly exciting talent on the tecnico side. However, it is the rudo’s in OLLIE that could well be the future, with Gino Montero and Mr. Lucha III leading the pack and the two might just be the best talents outside of SOTBPW in all of Mexico. With the likes of the talented Extraordinario Jr, the great character of Extranjero Loco and the up and coming tag team of Snake King and Demon King just behind them the future looks very bright for OLLIE.


The Phoenix Wrestling Company was opened by Phoenix I in July 2017 and are a regional promotion based in Northern Mexico. The company has financial backers other than Phoenix I, most notably El Alborotador Confiado who is also their number 1 tecnico and figurehead. Thanks to Phoenix I’s name value and El Alborotador Confiado mainstream appeal following the success of his self-help book/autobiography PWC has already managed to land a TV deal, and PWC Flight Of The Phoenix will begin airing in 2018 on Canal Tres. Along with El Alborotador Confiado PWC also has tecnico’s Hijo Del Relampago who is back from Japan, veteran Atlantis Jr and the tag team Phoenix IV and Edo Phoenix IV. On the Rudo side you have youngster Blue Phantom who is making a huge name for himself, the tag team of Hellspawn 666 and Slayyer and the American star who made his name in Japan, American Elemental


Finally, you have the Skull Society, a company that is almost cult-like, with every worker and every fan having to wear a mask to protect their identity. The company was founded be El Sucio after his scandal got him fired from SOTBPW and he wants the promotion to be as risqué, controversial and disgusting as possible, and the rebel fans love it! Featuring no good guys or bad guys, it’s almost a case of whoever is the most despicable gets the loudest cheers. Founded in July 2017 and based out of Southern Mexico, the company is already regional largely based on the publicity their often-offensive stuns have caused. They have no tv deal, but run weekly shows as well as monthly events anyway and are quickly gaining a massive following, despite being made up of largely unknown workers, outside of El Sucio himself. Skull is seen as the place for outcasted workers to find a home.


Outside of the regional promotions you still have CILL and EMLL keeping alive, and new promotion Mexican Hardcore Wresting is beginning to make waves. Originally just a group of six friends hurting each other for fun in an abandoned factory, the company is now legit and was even taken over by Herb Mackintosh in 2016, and while most of the workers are still largely unknown, they do have a few experienced pro’s now like Pyromaniac, Butcher Bartez and Hugo Garrido.






Japan was hit by a tsunami in May 2016 and that has caused many changes to the wrestling landscape. PGHW have suffered the most, losing almost their entire main event scene. With the likes of Kozue Kawashima, PRIDE Koiso, Masaru Ugaki and Akinori Kwakami going to INSPIRES and Eisaku Kunomasu, Raymond Diaz and Seiji Jimbo heading to TCW the company was struggling to stay alive. Yoshimi Mushashibo has fought through injuries he really shouldn’t have and isn’t looking like the wrestler he once was, and owner Nobuatsu Tatsuko and head booker Shuji Inukai have had to come out of retirement just to give the company some star power. All three PGHW loyalists are even working for free just to get them through these tough times.


BHOTWG are not far off, but they have managed to retain the likes of Hiroaki Nakasawa, Eisaku Hoshino, Kinnojo Horri, Elemental III and Tadakuni Toshusai. They also added Tetsunori Yasuda in 2017 once they felt they were clear of financial ruin. They are not the powerhouse they once were, but they still have a roster capable of turning things around.


There has been a lot of changes in GCG but the likes of Takayuki 2000 and SUKI have remained loyal, and in 2017 Jack Marlowe made his return the company, wanting to help them after they lost the likes of Hiroyasu Gakusha, Toshiharu Hyobanshi and Jimmy Cox to INSPIRES.


Sadly, BCG was forced to change hands when Yoshifusa Maeda was left penniless following the economic crash. The company was purchased by Masayugi Shiga, who hired Sanetomo Shiraishi as head booker. The move has been a disaster, as Sanetomo seems more concerned with pushing himself and his friends than pushing the more talented youngsters the company has on it’s roster. BCG has become an old-mans club, and is suffering as a result


WEXVV has done ok for itself, apparently being in a depression makes fans want to watch people beat each other up with weapons. They may have lost their ace, but they have some good new stars. Poor Henry Lee though, what a horrible injury he suffered to end his career.


EXODUS have managed to keep going due to their almost unlimited funds. Sadly though they had to mourn the death of Japanese Phoenix, who was one of the victims of the tsunami.


Five Star Championship Wrestling came up with a unique way of overcoming the financial crises. Sensation Ogiwara convinced Crusher Ichihara to open a new promotion, called WINNOW. 5SSW then split their roster in half, keeping the over 30’s and sending the under 30’s to WINNOW. They then reduced the numbers on their roster to save money, and now the two companies have a working agreement, where WINNOW give the youngsters experience, before they move on to 5SSW. This has given the women in Japan a great opportunity to improve their skills.


Oh, and we also have ZEN: Yamaguchi, a company over run with evil cyborgs and robots from the year 2444 who have come back in time to kidnap Henderson Whoopass, who may be the key to world domination. Freedom fighters have also come from the future to save him and now we have a battle for multiple ages on our hands!



British Isles



In 2017, tired of seeing 21CW dominate Britian and SNP bring shape to British wrestling, UK Dragon tried to find investors for his new vision. He wanted a new company in every region of Britain, that all worked together, shared money, workers and prestige. His vision became reality in June 2017 when The Great British Faceoff was launched. Featuring UK Dragons Proud Welsh Wrestling (with high-flying and daredevil wrestling), Dark Angels Championship Wrestling from Wigan (a realistic and pure product), Derrick Merrick’s Camden Underground (a mix of modern and pure with some daredevil product), Philip Bescott’s Big Top Wrestling (a good mix of modern, daredevil with some mainstream, traditional, comedy and pure product) and finally Robert Etchinson’s Scottish Backhold Wrestling (Very realistic, with pure and some hyper realism product).



The five companies want to save British wrestling and give the next generation of true wrestlers somewhere to work.



Britian also became the latest home of ZEN as they opened ZEN: London. This ZEN features some of the original New Zealand companies stars as it is owned by Devilfish, boked by Man O’War and features Lone Shark. With it’s own British Dojo there are many young British high flyers too.





I just want to thank everyone who has made any graphics, and if I have forgot anyone let me know! But thank you to the following:














I hope a more detailed post might get some interest, and I hope some people enjoy it! PLEASE let me know any mistakes you notice, from spelling mistakes to grammar, to employee histories or the likes.


I hope you enjoy what I have done. Any feedback is very welcome.

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