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Fantasy Wrestling?


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Hello all,


It seems it being football season, has stoked the flames of fantasy play in my office. As someone who couldn't care less about football. I thought maybe some people would want to set up a fantasy game for wrestling? Not sure of how we could structure it exactly yet, just gauging interest to see if anyone would want to try it out.

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So an update on some ideas I have come up with for anyone interested in signing up.


This will be a trial season to see how well it works out. This isn't for money just for fun.


The rosters that we can draft from are: WWE/NXT/UK, AEW, iMPACT, ROH, and MLW. This is for ease of keeping up with points and all having similar schedules.


You can draft a roster of 25 wrestlers (tag teams count as one, this number can grow or shrink depending on how many people sign up)


For the sake of the trial we will run Mon. 9/30/19 to The Royal Rumble.


I was thinking of this for a point system.



3 points for a Submission win

2 for a Pinfall win

1 for a Count out/DQ win


PPV/Special wins are double points.


What do you guys think?

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I think for a trial run it should be just 25 wrestlers no salary. Figured instead of running this through the Royal Rumble. We run it through like December 1st. Then start the next season at Royal Rumble to run through Summerslam. While we are using other cmopanies and rosters. We will use the biggest and most established PPVS to indicate the season times.
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