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Best mod from 1984-1991?

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I use to play Risky Business (Matt Shannon), Hive or Genadi's mods from this time, but it looks like that haven't even posted since 2018. They all say work in progress as well. Are any of them complete in a sense that they're playable? Is there anyone with a complete game from this time period? I see a couple Mod Squad members got banned, which is unfortunate because idk if Genadi finished his update to 2016. Matt Shannon said he was taking a break and that was in 2017. I don't even see Hive or Justtyank. *sigh*


Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks Jaysin. Is this where the mod squad is working now?


That website is run by Togg. The Mod Squad shut their website down after the massive fight that happened, I want to say 6 months ago? Hive and Just are doing mods for 2020. No idea what is going to happen with the rest of their mods. It'll be strange to play TEW without booting up The Superfly Effect mod (a fully modded version by Genadi, that is).

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