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Behind The Scenes Total Championship Wrestling 2016

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As 2015 was coming to an end CEO Kyle Rhodes is more determined than ever to make Total Championship Wrestling the #1 company in the world. Many things went right in 2015 while numerous mistakes were made. The company still has Rocky Golden as one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire world to build around along with Wolf Hawkins, Aaron Andrews, and Jay Chord. The biggest area of concern for Rhodes is the aging roster with company legends Ricky Dale Johnson, Bryan Vessey, and Eddie Peak nearing retirement.


The current TCW World Heavyweight Champion "The Chosen One" Aaron Andrews began his first reign as champion in November by pinning Danny Fonzarelli(with help from Eddie Peak) in a four way title match ending Rocky Golden's 4th reign. One of the hot storylines coming into 2016 will be Rocky trying to reclaim the championship.


Marc Speed defeated Bart Biggins for the TCW International Title just recently ending Biggins four month run as champion. Speed was able to make Biggins tap to an Armbreaker. Marc Speed looks poised to make some opponents suffer in 2016. His cross armbreaker is one of the most feared moves in all of wrestling.


In one of the most shocking matches of 2015 The Behemoths with Killer Shark and Titan were able to defeat New Wave for the TCW World Tag Team Championship when Guide was pinned after Scout was injured forcing Guide to try and take on the two monsters by himself.


The Top Promotions in the World right now are

1.Supreme Wrestling Federation

2.United States Pro Wrestling

3.Pro Wrestling Integrity

4.Total Championship Wrestling

5.Awesome Wrestling Federation

6.Burning Hammer of The Wrestling Gods

7.21st Century Wrestling

8.Pride Glory Honor Wrestling

9.South of the Border Pro Wrestling

10.North of the Border Pro Wrestling


The Most Popular Wrestlers in the World right now are

1.Tommy Cornell

2.Jack Bruce

3.Timothy Hawk

4.Nicky Champion

5.Rich Money

6.Tyson Baine

7.Dark Angel

8.Scott Hart

9.Sean McFly

10.Angry Gilmore

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Main Event

Aaron Andrews(H) - TCW World Heavyweight Champion

Rocky Golden(F)

Ricky Dale Johnson(F)

Sammy Bach(F)

Joshua Taylor(F)

Wolf Hawkins(H)

Bryan Vessey(H)


Upper Midcarder

Benny Benson(F)

Eddie Peak(H)

American Buffalo(H) managed by Floyd Goldworthy(H)

Human Arsenal(F)

Danny Fonzarelli(F) - TCW International Champion


Troy Tornado(H)

Giant Tana(F)



Brent Hill(H)

Bart Biggins(F)

Marc Speed(H)

Jay Chord(H)

Mighty Mo(F)

Chance Fortune(F)

Joel Bryant(H)

Freddy Huggins(H) managed by Laura Catherine Huggins(H)


Edd Stone(H) managed by Vita


Lower Midcarder

Titan(H) - TCW World Tag Team Champion

Killer Shark(H) - TCW World Tag Team Champion

Dazzling Dave Diamond(F)

Darryl Devine(F)

Flying Jimmy Foxx(F)



Eddie Chandler(H)

Matt Hocking(F)

Nate Johnson(H)

Jeremie Courtney(H)


Enhancement Talent

Elliot Thomas(F)

Seth Whitehead(H)



Jason Azaria(F) - Lead Announcer for events & TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Shawn Doakes(F) - Announcer for Saturday Night Showcase

Kyle Rhodes(F) - Color Commentator for events & TCW Present Total Wrestling

Jasmine Saunders(F) - Color Commentator for Saturday Night Showcase and backstage interviewer

Robert Oxford - Road Agent

Warloard Pain - Road Agent

Charles Hapstander - Referee

Ray Johnson - Referee

Jez McArthuer - Referee

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Weekly Shows

Wednesday, TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Saturday, TCW Saturday Night Showcase(B Show)


Pay Per Views

Jan Week 1, TCW Malice in Wonderland(3 hours)

Feb Week 1, TCW The War To Settle The Score(3 hours)

Mar Week 1, TCW Just Another Day?(2.5 hours)

Apr Week 1, TCW Where Angels Fear To Tread(2.5 hours)

May Week 1, TCW Total Mayhem(3 hours)

Jun Week 1, TCW Excessive Force(2.5 hours)

Jul Week 1, TCW Summer Showdown(3 hours)

Aug Week 1, TCW Hotter Than Hell(2.5 hours)

Sep Week 1, TCW Destructive Energy(2.5 hours)

Oct Week 1, TCW Threatening Behavior(2.5 hours)

Nov Week 1, TCW A Little South of Sanity(2.5 hours)

Dec Week 1, TCW Psycho Circus(3 hours)

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<p><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Monday Week 1 - January</span></strong></p><p>

A debate has been ongoing between Brent Hill the head booker and CEO Kyle Rhodes about the upcoming Malice in Wonderland pay per view. Brent Hill feels that we need to stick behind Aaron Andrews as the champion while Rhodes doesnt feel he is over enough to keep the belt much longer. Rhodes also hates the idea of not having his best match go on last or having the main title match not going on last. </p><p> </p><p>

An additional point of frustration for Rhodes is that we have 4 heel champions that have just recently gotten their belts. Rhodes isnt a fan of frequent title changes and wants all of the titles to carry weight around.</p><p> </p><p>

We have contract offers out to Seth Whitehead and Greg Gauge.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Tuesday Week 1 - January</span></strong></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Malice in Wonderland Preview</span></p><p>

<em><strong>Bryan Vessey vs Joshua Taylor</strong></em> - Tough as nails Bryan Vessey will battle fan favorite Joshua Taylor. Vessey has been on a mission trying to teach anyone a lesson that shows disrespect to him. The only mistake Joshua Taylor made was having the crowd behind him. </p><p>

<em><strong>Edd Stone w Vita vs Guide</strong></em> -Edd Stone battle with Guide in a single bout. Scout is injured but will be ringside. Does this mean Freddie Huggins will be ringside as well?</p><p>

<em><strong>The Behomoths vs Devine Fortune</strong></em><em><strong>(TCW World Tag Team)</strong></em> - The Behemoths take battle with Devine Fortune in a tag team title match. The size differential is major but Devine Fortune has been on a roll and has the heart to pull off the upset. Devine Fortune earned their title shot by winning a #1 contenders match against The Canadian Animals</p><p>

<em><strong>Brent Hill vs Human Arsenal</strong></em><em><strong>(Last Man Standing)</strong></em> - The machines will end this epic rivalry with an epic Last Man Standing match. These two have been at war for almost a year since their team broke up after Total Mayham last May.</p><p>

<em><strong>Marc Speed(open challenge)</strong></em> - Marc Speed has issued an open challenge for the TCW International Title. The condition is that whoever accepts the match will leave with a broken arm.</p><p>

<strong><em>Troy Tornado vs Sammy Bach</em></strong> - Troy Tornado has been taunting The Elation Sensation for a few weeks since Bach returned from his injury. Bach finally had enough and accepted the challenge of the egomaniac.</p><p>

<strong><em>Wolf Hawkins vs Benny Benson</em></strong> - In what should be a tremendous match between two great performers. Hawkins still has his eye on Joshua Taylor and the TEW World Heavyweight Championship however Benny Benson is looking to prove himself as more than just an exciting performer.</p><p>

<strong><em>Eddie Peak vs Rocky Golden</em></strong> - Eddie Peak was a main influence in Rocky Golden losing his title belt. Golden is determined to get his belt back and make everyone pay that cost him that championship. </p><p>

<strong><em>Aaron Andrews vs Ricky Dale Johnson(TCW World Heavyweight Championship)</em></strong> - The Main Event will be between the legendary RDJ against The Chosen One. Andrews is determined to hold on to his title and retire the old guard. RDJ is determined to become a 4 time TCW World Heavyweight Champion.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Monday Week 2 - January</span></strong></p><p>

Kyle Rhodes was up all night running different scenarios through his head. First thing in the morning he called Brent Hill into his office so they could go over plans with Aaron Andrews and The War to Settle the Score. Rhodes is convinced that right now the only person he has on his roster capable to bringing in big money is Rocky Golden. He really wants Hill to work on creating younger stars and start working some of the veterans down the card. As far as fallback from Malice in Wonderland, Joel Bryant was upset about being left off the card. Jeremie Courtney, Eddie Chandler, Nate Johnson, Dazzling Dave Diamond, and Matt Hocking also felt they should have been used in some capacity. The biggest question right now is whether or not to rush the Rocky Golden vs Aaron Andrews match for War to Settle the Score or follow the original plan of having it main event Total Mayhem.</p>

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TCW Presents Total Wrestling on The Pop! Network

Location Southwest USA(9700)

Date Tues, Week 1, 2016


Pre Show

Jeremie Courtney & Troy Tornado defeated Bobo the Clown & Giant Tana when Courtney was able to deliver a Face-First Suplex on Bobo the Clown. Courtney & Tornado showed excellent chemistry working together.



Main Show

Aaron Andrews is in the ring giving a promo about being the new face of the company that has been chosen to lead the new generation when Ricky Dale Johnson comes out to the ring and lets him know that he needs to earn that title and not give it to himself. As Andrews is getting ready to speak again Rocky Golden's music hits. He grabs a mic and informs Andrews that the current regime is far from over.



Benny Benson defeats Freddy Huggins by pinfall w a Shockwave from Next Year. Huggins was accidentally slapped in the face by his manager Laura Catherine Huggins



Floyd Goldworthy cuts a promo letting everyone know that he has signed The World Tag Team Champions(Behemoths) to a contract and that he now has the most unstoppable monsters in wrestling in his stable.



Triple D, & The New Wave(Guide & Scout) defeat Goldworthy's Giants(American Buffalo, Killer Shark, & Titan) when Killer Shark was disqualified for going into a rage attack and refusing to stop assaulting Scout. Scout re-injured his wrist.



Marc Speed defeated Rayne Man by submission with a Cross Armbreaker. Speed refused to released the hold when the match was called and broke Rayne Man's arm.



Marc Speed issues an open Challenge for Malice in Wonderland warning anyone that accepts this challenge will leave the ring like that as he points at Rayne Man being helped to the back.



Brent Hill defeated Matt Hocking by Pinfall with a King of the Hill.



Human Arsenal with a promo on Brent Hill "We have battled for almost a year Hill, the last man standing match coming up this weekend will once and for all put this to rest. This match will define our careers.



Jay Chord defeated Shay Kinsella by pinfall after pulling a foreign object from his boots.



Sammy Bach promo on his upcoming match with Troy Tornado at Malice in Wonderland when Bryan Vessey interrupts issuing a warning that he came back far too soon and he better be watching his back.



Joshua Taylor defeated Joel Bryant by submission with a Butterfly Lock as Wolf Hawkins took a place in the announcers booth. Taylor seemed very focused and paid very little attention to Wolf.



An inspirational hype video plays featuring Ricky Dale Johnson. From the devastating injury at the hands of American Buffalo to returning and claiming the #1 contender slot and preparing to face The Chosen One. Ricky Dale Johnson cuts a promo telling the fans how happy he is to be back but he has a lot of unfinished business to take care.



Devine Fortune(Chance Fortune & Darryl Devine) defeat The Elite(Eddie Chandler & Nate Johnson) when Chance Fortune defeated Nate Johnson by Pinfall with a Stroke of Luck



Eddie Peak defeated Danny Fonzarelli by pinfall illegally using the ropes for leverage.



Eddie Peak & Rocky Golden end the show with a staredown



OVERALL 76(increase in 16 regions)


Summary:A flat show. Just trying to get things to make sense leading into Malice in Wonderland at the end of this week.


TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Benny Benson over Freddy Huggins

Triple D & New Wave over Goldworthys Giants

Marc Speed over Rayne Man

Brent Hill over Matt Hocking

JayChord over Shay Kinsella

Joshua Taylor over Joel Bryant

Devine Fortune over The Elite

Eddie Peak over Danny Fonzarelli



TCW Saturday Night Showcase

Edd Stone over JOJI(great chemistry)

The Elite over Cowboy Buck & Triple D

Matt Hocking over Jai Smith

Mighty Mo over Buff Norton(Jay Chord accidentally hit Buff Norton costing him the match)


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Malice in Wonderland

Location Mid South, USA(19,000)

Date Sun, Week 1, 2016


Rocky Golden promo on his revenge match against Eddie Peak later tonight, also sees Ricky Dale Johnson and wishes him luck against Andrews



Joshua Taylor defeated Bryan Vessey with a surprise rollup as Vessey was distracted by Sammy Bach



Sammy Bach hits the ring stopping a post match attack by Vessey



Edd Stone defeated Guide when Guide was counted out coming to the rescue of Scout



Guide helps Scout to the dressing room after Vita hits Scouts broken wrist with a ringside chair



Goldworthy hypes the tag team champions(Behemoths) warning Devine Fortune that they should have stayed home tonight. Devine Fortune cuts a promo excited about the opportunity on the big stage tonight.



The Behemoths defeated Devine Fortune in a TCW World Tag Team Title Match when Killer Shark pins Darryl Devine with a Big Bite.



Hype Video and Pre match interviews from Brent Hill & Human Arsenal



Human Arsenal defeated Brent Hill in a Last Man Standing Match with numerous Ammo Dumps. Hill doesnt answer the 10 count.



Danny Fonzarelli hits the ring to respond to the open challenge issued by Marc Speed.



Danny Fonzarelli defeated Marc Speed by pinfall with a Retro Rocket winning the TCW International Title.



As Danny Fonzarelli is celebrating his title win, Marc Speed attacks him from behind getting him in a Cross Armbreaker. Bart Biggins injured and all gets to the ring but the damage has already been done.



Troy Tornado & Sammy Bach with prematch promos on their upcoming match



Sammy Bach defeated Troy Tornado by submission with a Bach on your Back



Vessey attempted to go to the ring but was stopped in his tracks by Giant Tana



Wolf Hawkins & Benny Benson with dueling promos on their upcoming match



Wolf Hawkins defeated Benny Benson by pinfall with a Full Moon Rising. Wolf Hawkins and Benny Benson dont click



Eddie Peak & Rocky Golden storyline recap and prematch promos discussing tonights match



Rocky Golden defeated Eddie Peak by pinfall with a Rocky Road



Rocky Golden hypes his victory over Peak and promises to be ready for whoever wins between The Chosen One and RDJ.



Buff Norton & Jay Chord defeated Flying Jimmy Foxx & Mighty Mo when Jay Chord defeated Flying Jimmy Foxx with a cradle piledriver



Aaron Andrews & Ricky Dale Johnson storyline recap and prematch promos on their upcoming title match.



Laura Catherine Huggins hypes her brother and says he deserved to have a match tonight. She is thinking about suing Total Championship Wrestling



Aaron Andrews defeated Ricky Dale Johnson in a TCW Heavyweight Title Match with a Flying Body Press following interference from American Buffalo



OVERALL 77(increase in 1 region)

SUMMARY: Very disappointed in the Main Event between Andrews and RDJ. I expected closer to 80. This is not a good sign for Andrews holding the title much longer.


Malice in Wonderland

Joshua Taylor over Bryan Vessey

Edd Stone over Guide

Behemoths over Devine Fortune

Human Arsenal over Brent Hill

Danny Fonzarelli over Marc Speed

Sammy Bach over Troy Tornado

Wolf Hawkins over Benny Benson

Rocky Golden over Eddie Peak

Buff Norton & Jay Chord over Flying Jimmy Foxx & Mighty Mo

Aaron Andrews over Ricky Dale Johnson interference from American Buffalo


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