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Fresh ideas for special games

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Do you have an idea to start a fresh game that would be easy to implement? Post it here.


Personally I've been toying with a league game. It's technically possible to have the same set of fighters fight every 2,5 weeks if you:


- Change "random injury rate" to "None" in the game options

- Change "training injury rate" to "None" in the game options

- Change "recuperation lenghts" to "Off" in the game options

- Change "suspension lenghts" to "Off" in the game options

- Give 100 on the "preparation" stat of all fighters through "mass edit"

- Give "short notice" attribute to every fighter in the db (unfortunately doesn't work on generated fighters, unless you do it manually :rolleyes:)


This way, fighters can all fight on 2 weeks' notice. After 5+ in-game years, you need to refresh "preparation" to 100 through the mass-editor as it will gradually go down. If you do a league every 3 weeks, you're going to have to suspend your disbelief because it's doubtful that would ever work as it's grueling to their health. Be sure to book the ENTIRE season in the beginning, as you have to book events a month in advance! Putting injuries back on makes it practically impossible to run a credible league. BUT! you can make it a grappling league, which would be a possible concept, albeit quite boring to watch. For that, you need to:


- Give the "loves to roll" attribute to every fighter in the league (you can do it in one time through the Mass Editor if you search on "works for [league company name]"/ "add attribute" [loves to roll] / "select all" / "mass edit"). You can take it away just as easily. So even for existing "normal" games, you can have a "grappling only" or "kickboxing-only" event without much effort.

- Set "retirement age" of all fighters to "much older"


Alternatively, you can edit the "fight engine" to have each fighter's "chin" rating boosted to 100, to simulate fully padded gloves that do minimal damage (so it's more a technical battle).

Instead of granting the "loves to roll", you can edit the "fight engine" to minimize every attempt at striking by lowering all the values to the minimal amount. And perhaps lower RNC's unless you want it to dominate every match.


For the league, you can just be creative. There's the option to have "cups" with different time settings so various fighting styles have (dis)advantages. 3x10, 3x5, 1x30, etc. You can disable separations, etc. Or you can have the same format and have them go through different matchups, for consistency.


I would suggest deleting every non-relevant fighter from the database to ensure smooth loading. Ideally you recruit from the same weight class, for instance, welterweight, so everybody can fight everybody. Every fighter who can fight at that class can be recruited. You could have 6 custom TEAMS with 10 long-term slots each and 4 short-term slots. Eventually, these will be populated quickly. You can just have fighters from each team compete in leagues. Alternatively you can assign top fighters to a team and have them "draft" fighters for their team, based on existing relationships or weight class ratings.


You could even have a "Grand Prix" month where all fighters of all teams compete in a mega 64-fighter tourney, which would basically be 8 8-man tourneys where the winners have another tourney 3 weeks later. Or you can have each of the 8 teams (or best 2 if 4 teams) select their best seasonal performer (read: highest ranking member; you can rank them in the booking screen) to defend the team's honor.


I'd love to hear what you guys can come up with.





For a MMA "SURVIVOR" league, you can still have realistic settings on (with "normal injuries", "suspensions" and "recuperation" enabled), and still have a league of sorts, but without teams. There's a number of events spread across a calendar year, one every 3 weeks, where all participating fighters fight as soon as they can. The ones with injuries/suspension will have to rejoin when available. So fighters can literaly knock them out of the competition for a while by TKO'ing their rivals, slapping a suspension on them to slow them down. The fighter with most wins/points takes home the trophy. Not sure if I'll try this type of game as it's hard to predict so also hard to manage/book, but it's an idea.

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