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WWE: Winds of Change (RW / Nov 2019 - )

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Tonight at Hell in a Cell, the build-up of a massively over Bray Wyatt as "The Fiend" was about to reach the apex, a WWE Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell. The build of Bray Wyatt's character started out as something weird and slowly turned into a beacon of hope as the WWE Universe all whispered: "Please don't mess this up." In a rare show of excellence, WWE did not mess it up. Until tonight.


In a championship match that shows Seth Rollins use a good tenor so Stomps, The Fiend would not stay down. This marked the beginning of the end for Wyatt's build. With each Stomp, Wyatt got up. After the first two or three stomps, it was exciting. After that, the crowd turned. Expecting to see Rollins hit Stomp after Stomp, then pick up a pinfall victory. Rollins received a two-count for his efforts, which sent things crashing to the ground in flames.


At this point, Rollins used every weapon possible to attack The Fiend. From a chair headshot, though well-placed to a down Fiend using the mat to absorb the blow, to a ladder, and toolbox, Rollins spent the next five to ten minutes going to town on a motionless Fiend in the middle of the ring. With sledgehammer in hand, Rollins smashed all of the weapons into The Fiend's face, causing the referee to stop the match.


Despite The Fiend eventually putting Rollins into a Mandible Claw after the match was over and attack him on the outside of the ring, the crowd remained turned on the idea, chanting everything from "bullshit" to "restart the match" and even "AEW." Hell in a Cell ended with a bloody Seth Rollins lying on the outside of the ring, The Fiend on the stage, and the lights going dark with Bray Wyatt laughing being overshadowed by roaring boos.


After the event, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was livid backstage, pushing the blame solely on Rollins and Wyatt. Despite Triple H and Pat Patterson's efforts to calm Vince down, it didn't help at all. As Vince lit into Rollins and Wyatt after the show, the unexpected happened. Rollins, in a fit of frustration, threw the WWE Universal championship on the ground and walked out of the company.


In a surreal environment backstage, workers stood by silent, unsure of how to respond, with Wyatt expecting to take the full brunt of McMahon's frustration at this point, but it didn't come. As Triple H ran down Rollins to try to talk him down, McMahon's face turned pale, and he simply turned around from everyone and walked away.

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October 7, 2019: The Day After


As WWE workers begin to arrive at the arena for RAW, there is one notable absence; Vince McMahon. Backstage, Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn are running around trying to get things in order. WWE Universal Champion has yet to show up to the arena, and creative plans for the night are already being rewritten.


As more workers begin showing up, Triple H arrives at the arena and meets with Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and Paul Heyman behind closed doors. After a while, they exit with Paul Heyman going to meet with Tyson Fury, while Stephanie McMahon gets on her phone and walks in the other direction. Triple H claps and encourages everyone to get ready for the show. However, he advises Bray Wyatt he will not be needed tonight, much to the confusion of the workers in the immediate area.

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October 11, 2019: SmackDown on FOX and Day 1 of the WWE Draft


Eric Bischoff is backstage with several WWE workers with Triple H walks up. The two discuss tonight's show and the importance it has on the WWE. As the two are talking, WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins walks up, and Triple H informs Bischoff that Rollins has been talked down and will remain with the company. Bischoff pitches an idea for Rollins and Wyatt, which is shot down by Triple H almost immediately. As Triple H and Rollins walks away, Triple H pats Bischoff on the back and smiles. During this episode of SmackDown, we saw Bayley debut a new full-heel persona as she defeated Charlotte for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. In a segment that Bischoff was not aware of, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman cut a promo in the ring. They were interrupted by Rey Mysterio, Jr., and MMA star Cain Velasquez. Velasquez was able to shock Lesnar, take him off his feet and land a few shots before Lesnar escaped the ring. A furious Bischoff decided to move forward with his unapproved idea with Bray Wyatt, and The Fiend attacks Seth Rollins in the SmackDown main event.


Backstage, Triple H approaches Eric Bischoff furious about his decision to defy his orders. Bischoff tells Triple H that he never planned to have Bischoff run things because it's still a sore subject from when WCW was beating WWF. Triple H almost gets physical and is legitimately held back by Road Dogg, Billy Kidman, and a couple other producers in the area. Bishoff, opting to not even engage Triple H further, leaves the arena with a phone to his ear.


Stephanie McMahon approaches Triple H, who tries to vent about the situation. She shuts him down and tells him there are more significant concerns with her Dad, and the couple leaves the arena without delay.

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Multiple Choice on Vince's announcement


A) I'm reopening the Body Building fed and will be concentrating on that and the XFL rather than wrestling


B) I'm replacing Pence as Vice President of the USA


C) I believe we should push Lars Sullivan as our next unbeatable champ


D) I'm bugnuts crazy


e) All of the above

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The camera fades in on WWE CEO, Vince McMahon sitting at his desk in his Stamford office, much like the President of the United States would address the nation.


"WWE Universe, thank you for watching Crown Jewel live from Saudi Arabia. I'd like to take this time to talk to you as Vince, and not the Mr. McMahon you've been used to seeing and hearing about. For almost 38 years, the WWE has pioneered sports entertainment under my direction. Between crippling the territories in the 80s, setting a new standard for TV entertainment in the 90s and buying out my competition in the 2000s, WWE has remained a fixture in the sports entertainment world. To remain a fixture in light of additional sports entertainment competition, we're making some changes that will greatly increase the quality of product here at the WWE."



"NXT: UK will be head up by WWE and UK veteran, William Regal. Mr. Regal has more than a solid background the style of wrestling the UK and Europe can offer the WWE fans. Mr. Regal will continue to be a key component of our overall talent acquisition team in the UK as well as in the abroad."



"NXT will also see a change, as Paul Heyman has been tasked with running all NXT TV, pay-per-view and live events. Paul Heyman's credentials are widely known, and with NXT's move to USA on Wednesdays, Paul's creative genius will allow NXT to not only succeed, but break even more barriers while doing so."


"These changes will provide a better product for you, our WWE Universe..."


Vince McMahon looks down at his desk for a moment, and back up to the camera directly in front of him with a tear in his eyes.



"Effective immediately, I am stepping down as CEO of the WWE. While this was not an easy choice to make, it's the best choice for the WWE Universe, to have fresh hands running the ship as I shift my role into that of an adviser. Over the past few weeks, I have worked with the Board to ensure this change would not disrupt the product we provide for you. Stepping up to take my place in running day-to-day operations of the WWE, is my Son-in-Law, Triple H! Paul has shown that he can take an idea, and turn it into a revolution."


"In the last few weeks, I've had time to think about the impact I have left on this company, and the WWE Universe. I can confidently say that I am fulfilled with what I have been able to provide this industry. What am I going to do moving forward? I have no intentions on slowing life down, not for a moment. While I may not be CEO of the WWE anymore, it doesn't mean that there isn't something...larger...for me to run. WWE Universe, thank you for your time and let's look forward to what 2020 will bring. It will be...life changing!"


As the camera fades to black, the following appears on the screen:


McMahon 2020

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Roster Coming Soon




Mod Info

» TheWho87's August 2019 Update


Game Info

I wanted the most authentic game world I could get, in my own opinions. So, I did a lot of tweaking and changes before starting the game.


Game World Tweaks

» Title data for WWE (incl. NXT & NXT:UK), Impact, ROH, AEW and NWA are updated as of post-Crown Jewel on Oct 31.

» Updated Worldwide Wrestling Industry to 'Average and Rising'

» Created a '2019+' Era, where the trends include 'More Women', 'Big Increase' for 'OtherSport' Generated Fighter Types, Small Increases for 'Traditional' and 'Mainstream' products, Big Increase for 'Cult' product.

» Added 'Bleacher Report Live' as a subscription broadcaster, with the same attributes as FITE TV.

» Removed Championship Wrestling from Hollywood from the NWA

» Updated the YouTube broadcasters to be listed as 'YouTube Premium'

» Added YouTube and Facebook as 'Free-To-Air' broadcasters


WWE-Specific Tweaks

» Reduced popularity to the bare minimum for International.

» Reduced Prestige by 10%

» Reduced Momentum to a D

» Adjusted the Product minimums and maximums to account for 'Cult/TV-14' product.

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Added various non-active wrestlers to 'Legends' contracts (Written, non-compete, Nostalgia Act Usage) with most being 'Out-of-Ring' only. I did set some to 'Any' usage for potential future ideas.

» Increased popularity and some attributes of a handful of workers that seemed to be 'watered down'

» Spent 1,289 hours updating the WWE 24/7 title from August through Crown Jewel.


NXT-Specific Tweaks

» Slightly increased popularity globally

» Increased Momentum to C

» Adjusted the Product minimums and maximums to account for 'Cult/TV-14' product.

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research


NXT:UK-Specific Tweaks:

» None


Impact Wrestling-Specific Tweaks

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Set AXS TV and Impact Wrestling to be owned by Anthem.

» Set Home Area to South East (USA)

» Adjusted popularity to be 5% lower than NXT


ROH-Specific Tweaks

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Adjusted popularity to be 5% lower than Impact Wrestling


NWA-Specific Tweaks

» Added NWA as a company with an 'Old School Wrasslin'' Product

» Added NWA Power

» Added PPA contracts based on online research

» Updated titles and assigned NWA World Title as a non-alliance title

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Set popularity to 20 in home area, 0 elsewhere


AEW-Specific Updates

» Updated Cody Rhodes to a written contract w/AEW Loyalty

» Updated Brandi Rhodes to a written contract w/AEW Loyalty

» Updated Kenny Omega to a written contract w/AEW Loyalty

» Updated Matt Jackson to a written contract w/AEW Loyalty

» Updated Nick Jackson to a written contract w/AEW Loyalty

» Updated Chris Jericho to a written contract

» Updated Jon Moxley to a written contract

» Added Jake Hagar to a written contract

» Updated Jake Hagar's Other Sport to 'MMA'

» Added Tony Schiavone to a PPA contract

» Added AEW/NJPW Working Agreement

» Added AEW/AAA Working Agreement

» Added 'All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite'

» Added 'AEW Dark'

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Increased popularity to be 5% higher than NXT.

» Added Tag Teams based on the recent Tag Team Tournament

» Increased popularity and some attributes of a handful of workers that seemed to be 'watered down'


MLW-Specific Updates

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

» Adjusted popularity to be the same as ROH.


OVW-Specific Updates

» Set company to active

» Added PPA contracts based on online research

» Updated titles

» Updated PPV & TV deals based on online research

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