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Weekly PPV Deal or 6 Region Commercial TV Deal?

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Long time lurker here, got a dilemma that I couldn't find an answer to (usually you can find them on here, great posts and info).


So I'm playing a slightly modded WCW Lives mod, in which I started TNA in 2001 (it's kinda fun and a bit more challenging trying to make a #3 company in the USA with WCW and WWE still around).


Anyways as a background to the question, (paint the picture so to speak). I've been running weekly PPVs as I used the WCW lives popularity start settings for TNA, 14% (except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico 8% and South East at 34%, I started the game and gave myself 500,000 since TNA didn't start out of some dudes bar. Now I had some luck and bought WXW in Germany and Battlearts in Japan over the course of this last year, and have TV options in Europe and Japan...frankly I'm more popular in Japan now than USA lol.


Now the question is, should I keep running Weekly PPVs in the USA or switch to the one commercial tv option I have, Urban America (which has 6 areas coverage in the USA), or keep grinding till I unlock a bigger commercial option that covers all of mainland USA? If I've done my homework properly, unless I have a TV deal in the USA my Weekly PPVs count as a "tiny" in size. I'm wondering if I'd make more cash and still grow the company into cult status with a 6 region commercial TV deal and a monthly PPV vs Weekly PPV with full mainland coverage..

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