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Modern Warriors: GDS Forum Community Mod

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Ladies and gentlemen,


Here is the next edition of the legendary mod, which Tag01 initiated, Modern Warriors.

This time in the author's performance, my humble person. However, I don't dare to be called the author, because we create this mod together.

The following have changed (compared to the October update):

- Removed insignificant retired fighters.

- About 70 new fighters have been added.

- Sorted faces and bodies pics. No duplication and unnecessary, unassigned pics.

- BAMMA are closed

- The results of shows (mostly) of each organization and the fighters records appearing on them have been updated(27.11.2019).

- Minor changes like adding several relationships, teams, champions, referees etc.

- Rest I don't remember. ;)


List of added fighters from my last update

No. Name Gender

1 Aalon Cruz

2 Aleksa Camur

3 Aleksandr Grozin

4 Alen Amedovski

5 Alex da Silva

6 Alex Munoz

7 Amiran Gogoladze

8 Andrew Mills

9 Antonio Arroyo

10 Aviv Gozali

11 Billy Quantanillo

12 Blake Donnelly

13 Carlos Felipe

14 Casey Kenney

15 Chase Hooper

16 Colbey Northcutt

17 Csaba Hocz

18 Da Un Jung

19 Danaa Batgerel

20 David Martinez

21 Ergys Sigeta

22 Giga Chikadze

23 Grigorii Popov

24 Heili Alateng

25 Ibo Aslan

26 Ik Hwan Yang

27 Ignacio Bahamondes

28 Ioannis Arzoumanidis

29 Isabella de Padua F

30 Ivan Bogdanov

31 Jamahal Hill

32 Jun Yong Park

33 Karol Rosa F

34 Kennedy Nzechukwu

35 Kyler Philips

36 Lara Procopio F

37 Lom-Ali Eskijew

38 Makoto Takahashi

39 Mateusz Lazowski

40 Mauro Mastromarini

41 Melissa Gatto F

42 Meng Bo F

43 Min Woo Kim

44 Nate Landwehr

45 Nong Stamp(Fairtex) F

46 Omar Antonio Morales

47 Ode Osbourne

48 Ottman Azaitar

49 Peter Barrett

50 Punahele Soriano

51 Ritu Phogat F

52 Rodrigo Nascimento

53 Roman Dolidze

54 Sergio Giglio

55 Srdjan Marovic

56 T.J. Brown

57 Timo Feucht

58 Tom Aspinall

59 Tony Gravely

60 Tracy Cortez F

61 Tristan Connelly

62 Vadim Shabadash

63 Vanessa Melo F

64 Vitaliy Nemchinov

65 Wellington Turman

66 Zelim Imadaev

*F - Female




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