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No Brand Wrestling: British Wrestling

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No Brand Wrestling is a new wrestling promotion based in Manchester England. NBW aims to be a promotion that showcases the best that UK has to offer. The first event will be # Tuesday Night Graps.


Promotion details

Based: Manchester

Starting Money: £50,000

Starting Size: Small E In Manchester

Style: British Strong style Wrestling



The Roster




Big Guns Joe

Cara Noir

Chris Brookes

Chris Ridgeway

Chuck Mambo

Dan Maloney

David Starr


Gene Munny

Kurtis Chapman

Joe Nelson

Martin Kirby


Robert Sharpe



Young Guns (Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs)

Anti-Fun Police (Damien Dunne and Los Federales Jr)

M&M Maverick Mayhem and Conner Mills

Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm



Bobbi Tyler

Candy Flos


Dani Luna

Jamie Hayter

Lana Austin


Millie McKenzie

Xia Brookside

Zoe Lucas




Tuesday Night Graps 1




Beano Vs Omari Vs Robert Sharpe Vs Dereiss

These four will kick off NBW's first ever show by having the first match. The winner will be in the history books!!


Dani Luna Vs Millie McKenzie

Dani Luna has started to make a name for herself over the last few months and recenly got a big win over Toni storm. Millie McKenzie is one of the UK's biggest female names at the minute and shes only 19!



Young Guns Vs Anti-Fun Police

The Yound Guns are a young team from Manchester, trained by Zack Gibson and James Drake and have a great future. The Anti-Fun police is one of the most over teams and gimmicks in the UK. Can the Anti-Fun Police stop the Fun the Young Guns have been having


Big Joe Vs David Starr

David Starr has spend the last few years making his mark in the UK and making it is home but "Big Gunns" Joe is ready to tackle twitters biggest star!


Main Event

Legend vs the Future

Jonny Storm Vs Joe Nelson


This Main event will be a great encounter as British Wrestling legend Jonny Storm goes against one of the best young talents Joe Nelson.


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The Debut


So Last night We, NBW had our very first event. the last few weeks before myself and the other boys that run the promotion have been heavily promoting via social media and some of the matches announced have been hyped by fans like the Luna vs McKenzie match and our main event.

As everyone arrived to the show everyone seemed to be in high spirits.


Here is what went down on our first show.



Tuesday Night Graps 1

Week 2 November

02 Ritz Manchester

1,209 in attendance

Rating D-




Omari Vs Robert Sharpe Vs Dereiss

This match became a three way as Beano had to drop out. The match itself was a fun match with Robert Sharpe Picking up the win. E+



Dani Luna Vs Millie McKenzie

Both of these young ladies have a big future in front of them and tonight was the start of their futures in No Brand Wrestling. Many people had Millie down as the winner but Dani Luna Showed everyone why she has made a name so fast by defeating Millie McKenzie!! E+



Young Guns Vs Anti-Fun Police

In a match that showcased the best young tag team in Manchester, The Young Guns battled the Anti-Fun Police but sadly came up short as Damien Dunne Pinned Ethan Allen. E+



Big Joe Vs David Starr

the 104 minute man David Starr defeated Big Guns Joe after a good 15 minute match. after that match Starr Praised Big Joe and said he has a bright future. E+



Main Event

Legend vs the Future

Jonny Storm Vs Joe Nelson

The main event was the match we all wanted to see the star of the Original British Wrestling scene in Jonny Storm against 17 year old Joe Nelson.

this proved to be match of of the night and at the end of it, Jonny Storm was the winner!! D-




Overall we have a great response from the crowed and we announced that we would be back at the end of the month for the King Of The North Tournament!!


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No Brand Wrestling's next show will be King Of The North.

At this event 12 wrestlers will battle it out to be win the King Of The North cup!


To start there will be 3 4 way matches.

The winners will move on to the final

The Final will be a Triple threat elimination match.



over the next few days we will introduce the wrestlers taking part.




Ethan Allen is a wrestler from Manchester. Trained By Zack Gibson from NXT UK Ethan has recently become Futureshock Tag Team Champion alongside Luke Jacobs.



Chris Brookes is one of the biggest names currently in the UK. If you have never heard of it check out @SCHADENGRAPS on twitter!! You wont be disappointed.

Quite often during the year Chris tours Japan.



Dan Moloney is a British professional wrestler known internationally for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). His work includes his participation in the 2017 WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament as well as matches seen on episodes of WWE's NXT UK brand.



Damian Dunne is the Chief Officer of the Anti-Fun Police and has made it it goal to stop all the Fun in wrestling!!

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