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American Wrestling Council - Into the future

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AWC Power Hour!


Tuesday Week 1 Febuary 2016 at the AWC Studio

500 people in attendance (Sell Out)

TV Rating: 0.01 (12,550 viewers)

Show Rating: dK53kRq.jpg



Kirk Burton vs. J.T. Rush

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Kirk Burton drew with J.T. Rush in 15:00 when the time limit expired.





The AWC World Heavyweight Kris Phoenix comes down to the interview pit.

Phoenix says that after over a decade of waiting that he is finally in control and that everyone in the AWC is under his thumb.

Phoenix says that he has gathered his “family” and that they will finally get the respect that they rightfully deserve.





Dice comes out to the interview pit flanked by his clients Babyface Reed and the AWC American Champion Trent Victor both wearing their street clothes, and with Victor carrying the AWC American championship on his shoulder.

Dice said that he is currently scouting potential opponents for the champion Trent Victor.




Cromagnon vs. The American Standard

In a decent match, The American Standard defeated Cromagnon in 8:03 when Cromagnon got disqualified after going into an attacking rage.




After the match Cromagnon and Kabuki Takao attacked The American Standard with Kris Phoenix coming out from the curtain and watching the beatdown.

Cromagnon and Kabuki have The American Standard down and when they look at Phoenix, Phoenix gives a thumbs down.

The two monsters in the ring then turn their attention to The American Standard and make it clear that they plan to unmask the wrestling legend.

Like two flashes running out of the back Abraham Moore and Drew Martinez, two military veterans, come to the aid of the American Standard and chase off the two monsters terrorizing the masked patriot.




Iago de Brún saunters out to the interview pit and grabs a mic. He looks into the camera for a long second and then says that he will be in action on the show wrestling next week and that he will show the AWC board of directors that he deserves the next shot at the AWC World Heavyweight championship. He then starts to leave he acts like he is going to hand the mic to the stagehand before flipping it over his shoulder and laughing as he walks to the back.




The Strykers vs. The Soul Brothers

In a poor match, The Strykers defeated The Soul Brothers in 12:10 when Cody Stryker defeated Benny Soul by pinfall.




Skooter Longhorn announces that we will be seeing the following matches during next weeks AWC Power Hour!:



Shay Kinsella vs. Cherokee Warrior



Iago de Brun vs. Biohazard



B.F. Reed vs. Badd News Brewer


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