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Tech Notes/Known Issue Fixes

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Just a few quick notes regarding the game on some system configs to be aware of:


- On some Symantec (and maybe some other virus scanners), the game .exe may come up as a false positive virus due to the elicense wrapping. More about

it and getting rid of it here: https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/heuradvmlb-how-disable-detections


- The game installer may pause on some systems, appearing to freeze up briefly, especially older Win 7 and 8 systems. It will finish eventually after a few minutes.


- The Full version game does use ELicense, so all the same things apply as with other GD games. Sometimes you may need to run the game as admin for it to work, and the same fixes apply if you have issues.


- If you run the full version of the game and get a circle for a few seconds and nothing, or you get a notice about a missing file - msvcr71.dll mainly - download and run this file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DHDc-xovL8EzO3VR_-Ds4xVcBsJyKDB8

Run the file, wait for it to finish, then the game should run ok. This seems to fix elicense issues, mostly for newer Win10 systems.


More will be added here as needed. Thanks!

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Excited to play this game. Purchased. Installed. Unable to launch game to put in elicense.


Followed technical fixes: turned off DEP for game; ran file as administrator; tried to download the above file and cannot download it.

No results. Does not initiate. 


I'm sure the game is fun. I have WMMA5 and TEW so I am not a stranger to Grey Dog, but this is terrible.

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