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World Creation details

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Hey all,

The game does include a starting world creator that is simple to use. The instructions are in game's help popup. This feature is only enabled with the full paid version of the game, though you can view the template and sample text files.


Basically, it allows you to create a starting world with 5 crew members. You name them, create their stats, starting salary and first experience level gain. You also can create all 12 streets, their names and their economic conditions and police presence, along with your hidden rival and their stats.


Of course, you can make them any way you want, name them after your favorite gangsters, TV characters, whatever.


It's simple; there's a template included with the game in the main install folder called mcpformat.txt and it spells out the order of things. Just create a text file with that order and load it into the game at the Game Settings screen. That's it.


There's a provided sample called mcpfilesample.mcp that shows you how to set it up. It uses old gangster names and New York street names from the 40's and 50's. I welcome others to post their own ideas too!

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