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Starting a new league

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I want to try starting a new league in the C verse I'm not the greatest at this game so I made myself a billionaire and all that lol, also I would like to create a few of my own custom wrestlers to put into my federation. I'd like to start at a cult level whats t he best way to gain popularity in the beginning? I would be a more violent high flying version of the WWE basically.
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You can do several things



1)Create user character

2)Create promotion and assign popularity to it which would make you cult

3)Create workers and put them into your promotion

4)Have your own network right out of the gate so you can compete without worrying




1)Create a promotion and make it easy (pretty sure you will be cult)

2)Create workers in the database and then import and hire them

3)Find a network

4)Read a how-to on how to build at cult


I've never played the CVERSE and have typically always been a National or International promotion so I'm not the greatest at cult.

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