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Help required 2009

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I am in need of help I am in the middle of creating a 2009 January mod but I have no clue where Mexico was at this time with AAA and CMLL, and any other major promotions..


I need help with rosters for them, tag teams, stables who's heel and baby faces and roles in companies, mask history's..


I will send across any data, for you to help with this and name be included in mod release,

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Would offer to help but my free time isn't so free at this point with some projects of my own going on. I have gotten into lucha recently, in part due to one of those projects. When it comes to disposition, I'm finding its actually not as tough as other types of wrestling to figure out the face / heel dynamics. Generally talent doesn't flip flop from rudo to technico and back too often. So that helps. Between Wikipedia and Cagematch and LuchaWiki, you can sort a lot out. Like if you see on someone's Wiki profile that they have always worked rudo, or had a big rudo turn in 2014... Well, you know the disposition of that worker. And then look at who they teamed with, who they feuded with, etc. You can figure out most of a roster that way.
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