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Racing Game

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Yes, the racing game. It had potential; good solid sim engine, and some good aspects, but a few parts of it bugged me to some degree. I'm not sure what i'm going to do with it.


A UI overhaul and added features might be something I do down the road and it would focus more on the ownership/business/management role, and less on the in-game racing aspect.


And it'll go here for sure if it happens, NOT on Steam. Valve has almost created an anti-small indie environment on Steam now, making it very difficult to get any real traction on there these days. And especially true for 'text sims', which aren't in vogue in many arenas nowadays.

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so it was a take the money and run gag. Unfortunate, but its what I expected.


Well, all I can say is, i've been making indie games since 1999, and always finished what I started, so that simply isn't the case. It's why I took the game off Steam myself.


And also, the game was actually 75% complete at that point, including full simmed races and endless seasons, along with support for custom league setup mods, so it wasn't an incomplete, buggy mess that was just left to float, hardly a 'gag'.

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