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NCAA Dynasty (Part #1) - South Alabama Jaguars Years, The Beginning

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I have been reading some past dynasties, and became interested in firing up and reviving BBCF again (thanks for the recent dynasty posts from Chowderhead that I have recently been following on another forum.


I have always thought BBCF was a great sim. I like the depth of the recruiting aspect, etc...Really have wished on several occasions that Arlie and company would update/upgrade this version to bring it current (new college football style of play, screen resolutions, etc...) This game is still a gem, even 15 years later.


I am going to begin the dynasty in the current real world format of conferences and teams (130 teams) but will start in the year 2000. This is a complete fictional dynasty, so as strange as it may seem to see the likes of South Alabama, Liberty, Coastal Carolina, etc... I want to try and have some space to build stats in the 2000 years and see how long it may take me to catch up to the current year (whenever that may be)


I will be playing out all games and weekly game planning, so it may be a rather slow dynasty, but hopefully in depth.


My plan is to follow a preseason reporting, then a weekly in season, into off season recruiting. The weekly schedule will be a "National Report" of game results, weekly awards, , new polling results, and upcoming preview of next games. The second part of the weekly schedule will be a "Coaches Report" for the local team I will be managing for the weekly game/results, film room and injury report, upcoming game planning, recruiting news, next game preview


Chronicling a dynasty in this measure hopefully keeps it fresh for me and adds immersion while hopefully may be entertaining to anyone else that wants to follow.

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