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Problems downloading TEW 2016 for Mac

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Hi guys, I used to play TEW a bunch on my older mac using this method, but got it replaced a few months ago. For some reason I decided not to copy over my file when I was moving stuff to my new computer, and decided to just wait until TEW 2020 to play it again. Recently though, I've really wanted to get back into playing the game, but for some reason this method hasn't worked at all for both TEW 2016 and EWR.


I really don't have a strong grasp on wine or anything related, but from what I can tell it is related to the winetricks I think? I haven't been able to get them to install right it seems, as when I try to install ie6 it never pops up a url or anything like that, it just says winetricks installed, but when I try to install any other tricks it gives an error message. Also, it hasn't been popping up messages for installing Gecko and Mono, and I'm not sure how to even do that manually. Can anyone help me with this?

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