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Has anyone successfully merged the 1933 mod with later historical mods?

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I'm hoping to embark on a long, epic playthrough covering all of wrestling history. In order to accomplish this, my plan is to merge Bizzo2k's 1933 A New Trust mod with the future companies/workers from:


Mammoth's Territory Days (1970-1979)

Genadi's The Big Bang (1980-2013)

Lukkearthur's The Miracle of Bourbon Street (2014 onwards)


The hard part is trying to populate workers between 1933 and 1970. The 1933 mod does have future debuts, but not a enough for my liking. The already debuted" workers from the 1970 mod are going to have to be edited to reflect the their pre-debut state anyway, which also should pad out the long gap. This is quite a task though, and I don't have the skill or time to do it. I was curious if anyone else had undertaken it? Or if anyone would be willing to in exchange for something?

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Would be a nightmare considering different picture packs as well as different naming structures of wrestlers. For example Mammoth might have Triple H to debut under Terra Ryzing, Genadi might have him under Triple H and my mod he may be called Paul Levesque. So you would end up with three different Triple H's. Its definitely possible it would just be a huge undertaking.
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Thank you for the response, I love your mods! I try to take this into consideration by adjusting the start date of each mod, filtering out yet to debut workers, and mass deleting so I'm only pulling workers from a distinct period. If different mods have different debut dates and names for workers there is sometimes still an issue, but this helps.
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