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X-Over: The Mod

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In my experience, Comic Book Hero is at its most fun when you're playing with characters that you recognize and have attachment to. While I like the Infinityverse, it has more oomph to me to see Spider-Man get in a fight with Doctor Octopus. With that in mind, this is a mod I've been working on for a while now. While there is still lots of room for expansion, I'm getting to the point where I'm slowing down, so I thought I'd release it.


Essentially, the premise here is the combination of lots of different characters from a variety of media properties, all mashed together more or less at random. At the moment, the mod includes exactly 300 characters; properties represented herein include (but are not limited to):


DC, Marvel, Buffy, Star Wars, James Bond, The Lord of the Rings, and so forth.


This is a mod where Wonder Woman can go back in time and hook up with Conan, where Captain Kirk and Han Solo can team up to fight Xenomorphs, or where the Power Rangers can stop Galactus from destroying the planet.


Some general notes on the mod:

  • All pictures are taken from live action media (at least, that was my intention).
  • Popularity is generally based on scope rather than power. So Superman, who is usually Earth-based, is lower popularity than Darth Vader, who operates on a galactic scale, even though I think most would agree that Superman would probably win in a straight fight between them.
  • Most characters are rated as being bisexual. This is true even where there is no indication of such - who am I to stop people playing out their Superman/Aragorn slash fantasies?
  • I have made no effort to test relationships. That is, there is no guarantee that Superman and Lois Lane can reach any particular relationship level. For similar reasons to the previous bullet point, very few romantic relationships are initially included in the mod.
  • The mod includes six time periods. The Modern Day is the most fleshed out. The Primordial Era and Medieval Times are reasonably populated. If you choose a character from a different period, I would recommend buying Time Traveler with your starting points (or just edit it onto your character).
  • The mod includes 20 pictures specifically for user-created characters - ostensibly 10 males and 10 females. They all start with "user" in the pictures list. Some you may recognize, some maybe not. There are also some pictures for people I never got around to adding - Sailor Moon and Livewire come to mind. There may be others.
  • You may wonder "Why is/isn't so-and-so in the mod?" Likely reasons for the latter are that I don't know them very well, I couldn't find a picture for them, or I just didn't think of or get around to them. For the former, chalk it up to strange taste on my part.
  • The download link includes a README file that gives rough metrics I used to assign statistics to characters. You can use this to add characters of your preference in a way in-keeping with others, or to lambast me here for badly misrepresenting your favorite.
  • If you're looking for a good character to play as, I personally have had a lot of fun with Black Canary. Her popularity is low, but she's got great stats to move up with, she's a member of the Justice League, and she's a leader of the Birds of Prey. So there's a lot of stuff you can do with her. Similar characters, like Daredevil and Batman, also tend to be very strong for their popularity.


Some pictures of the mod in action:


Jean Grey does what she does best:



The world's cutest heroic pairing:



The ultimate showdown of DC vs Marvel:


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