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An Observation

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I've been around here now for 12 years, and I've never seen the current level of negativity on the forum. Now I will admit I mainly stay in the TEW sections. But it seems there has been a lot of snark thrown in the diary thread, and in the general discussion as well that just seem like way overblown and unneeded. We are all here because we love at least one of the games Greydog puts out. As for the TEW series we are all here because we all love wrestling and/or the TEW/EWR series. Yes we all have different views of what we like about wrestling and the games and it is good to discuss and debate those things, but when we descend into name calling, unwarranted trash talking, destructive criticism, and other things like this. It just makes the community toxic, and I would hate to see this forum become that way. So hopefully we can take a moment to step back and realize why we are all here to begin with and try and be a bit more positive.
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<p>I'm so sorry to see that. Quite honestly, I was thinking it had approved a bit over the last several months. As a moderator, the best thing I can say in this regard is report posts. Derek has been working hard to log and communicate with frequent negative posters. Obviously everyone wants this to be a fun and positive place to interact with others. </p><p> </p><p>

Feel free to report posts and PM mods any concerns so we can do the best we can to help facilitate a positive culture. When TEW2020, I'm sure traffic on the boards will greatly increase--its important that long-time, veteran posters are setting a great tone to expand the community.</p>

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